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Selectus Wines January-March 2021

Special places of unique beauty. Gorgeous, well-designed objects that strike the eye. Lands and seas that offer us their good, honest produce. There are those who know how to find these places, appreciate these objects, and enjoy this bounty of the land and sea. Selectus Wines is aimed at these people and the establishments they frequent. Uniqueness, beauty, distinction, finesse and well-being can also be expressed through wine and the vineyards they hail from. We seek out, select and describe these wines for the enjoyment of these discerning consumers. Lugares con belleza singular, que son especiales. Objetos que destacan por su capacidad de atracción y por su diseño, que son llamativos. Tierras y campos, mares y océanos que ofrecen sus más sinceros y honestos productos. Personas que saben encontrar esos lugares, que saben llevar esos objetos, que saben apreciar esas vituallas. Para todos ellos y para los lugares en los que se sienten cómodos, se escribe Selectuswines. La singularidad, la belleza, la distinción, la finura, el bienestar pueden, también, expresarse a través de los vinos y sus parajes. Los descubrimos, los seleccionamos, los bebemos y los describimos para que la gente con sensibilidad los pueda disfrutar.

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light at the end of the tunnel… luz al final del túnel…

We have now come to the end of what has been a disastrous 2020 with a glimmer of hope that we will soon have the vaccine(s) that will eliminate the virus that has wreaked havoc around the world at every level: personal, economic, social,... As we have already commented in previous editorials this year, the appearance of Covid-19 led to the automatic cancellation of many wine fairs and events that are the lifeblood of the sales and marketing activity in our sector. Then, with the subsequent closure of bars, restaurants and hotels, the sale and consumption of wine slowed to almost a trickle and, for several months now, the wineries, distributors and wine stores have been sitting on stock that has hardly budged. Some have been saved from disaster by the fact…

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les 7 champagne depuis 1889 laherte forever à chavot

There is nothing in the world which is not judged by people responding to every object, happening or circumstance in a particular way. This is why some things are considered petty, insignificant and without importance while other people discover in them a treasure greater than El Dorado. Quantum theory holds that an object will be influenced by the fact of being observed, this is known as the observer effect. All this leads to the value of human appreciation, to the conflict in which reality is suddenly different for every person: no-one sees things in the way that others do, because they interpret them in their own way. This is why it would be absurd to talk about the tedium of everyday life as something absolute, as if the situation did…

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lalomba giving purity a name of its own

Lalomba was born of a vision, a vision to produce wines of the greatest authenticity reflecting the characteristics of their different vineyards of origin with absolute honesty. It is the affirmation of the purity of the vineyards. Lalomba is the new “single-vineyard” producer through which Ramón Bilbao presents its most exclusive collection of wines. Lalomba is a collection of three wines from three very unique vineyards: Finca Valhonta on the terraces of Villalba de Rioja (Rioja Alta); and Finca Ladero and Finca Lalinde on the austere slopes of the Sierra de Yerga (Rioja Oriental). Located in Haro (La Rioja), the winery is a shiny new, custom-built facility. Situated adjacent to the parent Ramón Bilbao winery, it has its own personality and own independent team. LALOMBA DAR NOMBRE PROPIO A LA PUREZA El lanzamiento de Lalomba…

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you will find us in…

SPAIN A CORUÑA AC Hotel Palacio del Carmen. Santiago de Compostela ALAVA Restaurante Zaldiarán (Vitoria) Hotel Marqués de Riscal – A Luxury. Elciego Collection Hotel Restaurant Zaldiarán . Vitoria-Gasteiz ALBACETE Rest. Maralba. Almansa ALICANTE Hospes Amerigo AC Hotel Ciutat d´Alcoi. Alcoi Restaurant Quique Dacosta. Dénia Rest. L´Escaleta. Cocentaina ASTURIAS AC Hotel Forum Oviedo. Oviedo Restaurant Casa Marcial. Arriondas Restaurant La Salgar. Gijón Restaurant Auga. Gijón BARCELONA Hotel Mercer Hotel Le Méridien Restaurant Rías de Galicia Restaurant Hofmann Monvínic Restaurant Moments Santa Eulalia Restaurant Xerta Joyería Rabat Joyería Suárez Hotel Majestic Hotel Omm Restaurant Windsor Hotel Palace Celler de Gelida Restaurant La Clara Restaurant Nectari Restaurante Cinc Sentits Arsenal Masculino Four Points by Sheraton Restaurant Via Veneto Restaurant Abac Restaurant L´Oliana Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I Restaurant Gaig AC Hotel Victoria Suites Concesionario Mercedes Cars Barcelona Concesionario Maserati-Ferrari-Bentley Cars Gallery Restaurant Bravo 24 Hotel W Barcelona Club de Golf Sant Cugat. Sant Cugat del Vallés Club de Golf Vallromanes.Vallromanes Restaurant L´Angle. S. Fruitós del Bages Club de Golf Llavaneras. S. Andreu de Llavaneras Restaurant Can Jubany. Calldetenes Restaurant Sala. Olost Rest. Els Casals. Sagàs Golf El Montanyà. El Brull Restaurant L´Estany…

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sotheby's auctions subastas

PRESTIGIOSA COLECCIÓN PRIVADA DE CLÁSICOS FRANCESES French classics in the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions have always enticed the vinous world with their hedonistic properties. Powerful yet elegant, light in body but erupting with extravagant flavors and aromas. These “contradicting” characters seem to coexist in harmony in the best wines and are not difficult to find in this prestigious collection. The collector, a very successful businessman who specializes in the real estate and construction sector, has amassed this collection for over a decade. Utilizing the same business sense to pursue the best bottles he can find in auction houses and wine merchants. It is no secret Bordeaux and Burgundy are favorites. It is evident the collector enjoys and collects the finest vintages such as 1982, 1986, 1990, 2000 and 2005, shown by parcel…

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GARNACHA We continue our journey around the world via its different grape varieties. Today it is one of my favourites, the Garnacha. When wine people talk about “old world” and “new world” countries, they are referring to those countries who were pioneers in the cultivation of the vine and, consequently, in winemaking, versus those who introduced the model without having any previous wine culture or heritage. I would venture to say that the Garnacha perfectly fits the description of an old world variety as it is found in all three countries of the Mediterranean basin: France, Italy and Spain. It is an important grape from the Southern Rhône region through to Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja and extending to Murcia in the Levante region. In Sardinia, it is known as Cannonau, and in Mallorca,…