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Selectus Wines April-June 2021

Special places of unique beauty. Gorgeous, well-designed objects that strike the eye. Lands and seas that offer us their good, honest produce. There are those who know how to find these places, appreciate these objects, and enjoy this bounty of the land and sea. Selectus Wines is aimed at these people and the establishments they frequent. Uniqueness, beauty, distinction, finesse and well-being can also be expressed through wine and the vineyards they hail from. We seek out, select and describe these wines for the enjoyment of these discerning consumers. Lugares con belleza singular, que son especiales. Objetos que destacan por su capacidad de atracción y por su diseño, que son llamativos. Tierras y campos, mares y océanos que ofrecen sus más sinceros y honestos productos. Personas que saben encontrar esos lugares, que saben llevar esos objetos, que saben apreciar esas vituallas. Para todos ellos y para los lugares en los que se sienten cómodos, se escribe Selectuswines. La singularidad, la belleza, la distinción, la finura, el bienestar pueden, también, expresarse a través de los vinos y sus parajes. Los descubrimos, los seleccionamos, los bebemos y los describimos para que la gente con sensibilidad los pueda disfrutar.

Selectus Wines S.L.
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hope is still on the horizon

NO HAY QUE PERDER LA ESPERANZA 2020 was a very tough year for everyone and survival in many industries has required courage, a determination to stay afloat, and a fair bit of “echao pa´lante” (‘just keep on going’) spirit! The arrival of the first vaccines at the end of 2020 gave us a new horizon on which we could spy a certain return to the pre-pandemic situation. We now know that it will still be some time before we can return to our former way of life. In the wine industry, we are gradually recovering from the wounds inflicted upon us by "the bug" but, if the Covid-19 situation continues to improve, it seems that happier times may indeed lie ahead (so long as we don’t consider the "war" to be over and…

6 min
inniskilin ice wine gold vidal

Over the centuries, many songs and poems have been written with romantic descriptions of great white blankets of snow and crystalline sheets of ice... But, as well as gifting us their beauty, snow and ice also induce feelings of solitude and melancholy, the very thought of the piercing cold instantly drawing us back to the warmth of a crackling fireplace... No words, just a shared understanding. Whims of nature; perceived as ephemeral events that only last a few moments, a few hours, a few days... their impact causes the landscape to shudder while endowing it with extra soul and life. Snow and ice have that strange feeling of immediacy about them. The moment they arrive, they're gone. And you never know when you will see them again... So, the day it snows…

10 min
"the best is yet to come"

"LO MEJOR ESTÁ POR LLEGAR” “El Montecillo” is a beautiful place in Fuenmayor, in the heart of La Rioja, that many years ago lent its name to this winery that symbolizes a calling and a personality: the vineyard is the origin and foundation of everything. It just celebrated its 150th anniversary. It is the third-oldest winery in DOCa Rioja, and its name is Bodegas Montecillo. In 1870, Celestino Navajas Matute, whose family was from the town of Fuenmayor, founded his winery after inheriting vineyards from his mother-in-law six years earlier. A true visionary, he sent his son Alejandro (second generation) to study in Bordeaux, and upon his return, the latter purchased an estate that would become the centre of the family business. This was in the late 19th century (1880). By the 20th…

4 min
you will find us in…

Nos encontrarán en… SPAIN A CORUÑA AC Hotel Palacio del Carmen. Santiago de Compostela ALAVA Restaurante Zaldiarán (Vitoria) Hotel Marqués de Riscal – A Luxury. Elciego Collection Hotel Restaurant Zaldiarán . Vitoria-Gasteiz ALBACETE Rest. Maralba. Almansa ALICANTE Hospes Amerigo AC Hotel Ciutat d´Alcoi. Alcoi Restaurant Quique Dacosta. Dénia Rest. L´Escaleta. Cocentaina ASTURIAS AC Hotel Forum Oviedo. Oviedo Restaurant Casa Marcial. Arriondas Restaurant La Salgar. Gijón Restaurant Auga. Gijón BARCELONA Hotel Mercer Hotel Le Méridien Restaurant Rías de Galicia Restaurant Hofmann Monvínic Restaurant Moments Santa Eulalia Restaurant Xerta Joyería Rabat Joyería Suárez Hotel Majestic Hotel Omm Restaurant Windsor Hotel Palace Celler de Gelida Restaurant La Clara Restaurant Nectari Restaurante Cinc Sentits Arsenal Masculino Four Points by Sheraton Restaurant Via Veneto Restaurant Abac Restaurant L´Oliana Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I Restaurant Gaig AC Hotel Victoria Suites Concesionario Mercedes Cars Barcelona Concesionario Maserati-Ferrari-Bentley Cars Gallery Restaurant Bravo 24 Hotel W Barcelona Club…

14 min
the reinvention of cava

LA REINVENCIÓN DEL CAVA The leading Spanish wine in international markets despite the pandemic, in 2021 Cava restructured in order to meet new demands and provide guarantees of origin and quality. Javier Pagés, President of the D.O. Cava Regulatory Board, took us through the strategy. Resilience Resilience. Apparently, Cava bubbles also have resilience. That is what they demonstrated throughout the hardest year, 2020. The latest news proves just that: despite the effects of the COVID 19 crisis, the Spanish sparkling wine showed its muscle, demonstrating that it is still the most popular Spanish wine in international markets, with a volume of 152 million bottles sold. That figure represents just a 7.92% drop compared to a “normal” year like 2019. Of course, in some markets they have been popping open even more bottles of Cava…

18 min
pinot noir

PINOT NOIR When we hear the name “Pinot Noir”, different sensations come to mind — all enjoyable — and we think back to the last time we drank a wine produced from that varietal. Subtlety, elegance, trajectory, and flavour are some of the words summoned up by the wines produced with this grape. In terms of geography, our minds are transported to Burgundy, the region between Lyon and Dijon, although this varietal is planted in many other Old World regions. Perhaps the most important is in Germany, where it is known as Spatburgunder. It is also found in New World countries such as the United States, Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa. Pinot is the queen of French reds, specifically in the vineyards found near the town of Beaune and extending towards…