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January - February 2020

Soccer 360 Magazine features the best of the EPL, MLS, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and other big leagues from around the world. Ongoing coverage includes the world’s biggest soccer events including The Champion’s League, Europa League, Women’s Soccer, and so much more. Packed with full throttle Soccer entertainment! Hundreds of full colour photos, great interviews, team, player and coach profiles, stats, fixtures, previews, reviews and so much more. If you’re a fan of soccer and enjoy all aspects of the game than Soccer 360 Magazine is a great magazine for fun, entertaining, informative coverage of the world’s best game.

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soccer 360 magazine

EDITOR Steven Davies EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Rob Paton ASSISTANT EDITOR Nick Calabretta MARKETING DIRECTOR Mario Calabretta ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Bill Asaro GRAPHIC DESIGN Gary Robinson Nick Libertucci SUBSCRIPTION COORDINATOR Tamara Hausner WEB MASTERS Nick Libertucci CONTRIBUTERS Mike Barnes, Susy Campanale, Luca Cetta, Oli Coates, Sean Duffy, Thomas Unsworth, Stephen Donovan, Bradley King, Les Jones, Antonio Labbate, Alasadair Mackenzie, Lauren Maharaj, Alex Mott, Luca Persico, Jerrard Peters, George Rinaldi, Terrance Ross, Aman Sehdev, Andrew Tuft, Cronan Yu, Diego Jokas, Andrea Tallarita, Marco D’Onofrio, Gaby McKay, Livio Caferoglu, Judy Rauliuk PHOTOGRAPHY Les Jones, Covershots Inc., Doug Boufford, Covershots Inc., EPA, Action Images, Getty Images, Dale MacMillan, Richiardi, Sun Media, Goal.com Dawn Westrbrook - Refs Cards, Perform.com INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Dale Evans…

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ghost of football future

The year of 2009 was a very different time for football. Lionel Messi had just won the Ballon d’Or, debates raged over whether he or Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player in the world. Barcelona and Real Madrid were battling it out for the Spanish title and Pep Guardiola was being hailed as the greatest manager on the planet. Ok, maybe not that different then. But as we head into a new decade it’s perhaps worth looking at just what has changed in the 2010s, and the repercussions which will follow into the next decade. On January 1 2010 the notion of clubs being taken over by wealthy foreign investors wasn’t exactly unknown. Manchester City were 18 months into their “project” and Roman Abramovich had transformed Chelsea into an English football…

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best of the best

In all aspects of Messi’s performance, he was in a different league to his fellow attack-minded players.’ FACT FILE MESSI MAKES IT SIX On a Monday evening in December 2018, the Ballon d’Or was bestowed on a new name for the first time in over a decade. After helping Real Madrid to a third straight Champions League success and the Croatia national team to the World Cup final, Luka Modric became the man to finally break the cycle of perpetual dominance by the apparent untouchables, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. With five wins apiece over a 10-year period, football’s most coveted individual award had become an annual battle for supremacy between these two extraordinary talents, the brilliance of one bringing something even more extra special from the other. Modric’s win broke the duopoly and could…

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a history of the ballon d’or

The most prestigious individual award in football was first devised in 1956 by player turned journalist Gabriel Hanot, who also helped to establish the European Cup. Presented by France Football magazine, originally only players from Europe were eligible, with legendary English midfielder Stanley Matthews named as the first ever winner at the age of 41. After the rules were changed in 1995, George Weah became the first non-European, and to date the only African recipient of the award. It took another 12 years for it to be opened up to all players across the world. In 2018, the Ballon d’Or Feminin was finally introduced as an honour for the best performers in women’s football. Each decade brought about a defining new era, and Johan Cruyff became the first man to win the…

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how the winner is chosen

For five decades from its inception in 1956, the winner of the Ballon d’Or was decided solely by the votes of a panel of football journalists assembled by France Football. Little has changed since, but in 2006 the rules were relaxed to allow national team managers and captains to vote, giving at least some inside the game a say in the outcome. The current system sees the editorial team at France Football draw up a shortlist of 30 players, usually announced in late October. A jury of journalists is then put together which represents a large breadth of footballing nations, and each of them are asked to select and rank their top five players from the shortlist, taking several different aspects into consideration. These factors include how each player has performed over…

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best of the best

‘Megan Rapinoe is a leader on the pitch, and off it’ FACT FILE INSPIRATIONAL WINNER Megan Rapinoe is not your ordinary Ballon d’Or winner, and she does everything she can to try not to be. The United States star ended an incredible year by claiming the prestigious award and despite her absence during the ceremony at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, her aura was still inspiring everyone in the room. The leader on and off the pitch had claimed another trophy – probably the biggest individual crown in the game – and made sure she swept up all the honours coming her way in 2019. But it is fair to say that she didn’t only win the award for her abilities with the ball at her feet. Rapinoe has become immensely popular over the last…