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Soundings September 2018

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a note of thanks

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”—Seneca I remember the first time I walked though the door at the Soundings offices in Essex, Connecticut. It was more than four-and-a-half years ago, but I recall taking special note of the moment and reminding myself that even good first days at a new job are hard ones: Which of these people will wind up being friends? Where are office supplies stored? Why isn’t the Internet working? (Turns out that almost everyone at 10 Bokum Road became a friend; the office supplies were downstairs under lock and key, and we still don’t know why the Internet is chronically slow.) Even though I work remotely, I’ve been coming to the office to close each issue, and that’s long enough now to feel the rhythm…

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[mail boat]

Thank you very much for Mario Vittone’s excellent article (May 2018)about registering your DSC radio. I would occasionally look at the little red distress button on my VHF radio and wonder if the dealer had set it up for me. After reading the article, I made a point to check and found that it was not set up. Thanks to Mario’s simple and straightforward explanation and instructions, I now have an MMSI number and my radio registered for DSC. I taught my wife and kids how to use it, and I now feel better about our emergency preparedness. Keep the helpful articles coming! Mike Shepard via email EL MORRO Thought you might appreciate this photo of El Morro, sister ship to the ill-fated El Faro, in drydock for its mandatory Special Survey, a…

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zodiac unveils new open 5.5 rib

A FOILING FIGARO The Figaro Beneteau 3, or FB3, is the world’s first production foiling one-design monohull. Its predecessor, the Figaro 2, launched the careers of many well-known sailors, but that boat was not unique in its design. The Figaro 3, with its new, inward-facing foils is radical, and this 32-foot sailboat should be a game-changer when the first production boats start competing in the Solitaire URGO le Figaro single-handed race and other Figaro circuit races. beneteau.com/us/figaro-beneteau-3 Zodiac-Nautic in June launched its OPEN 5.5 RIB. The 17-foot, 7-inch rigid inflatable hull boat (RIB) is the first in what will be an extensive line of inflatables aimed at active recreational boaters. “With its highly stable hull and tube, the OPEN 5.5 offers comfort and plenty of cargo stowage. Its versatility and performance make this…

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seamanship quiz

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: Flying red over white lights would be proper when A. laying nets B. trawling C. pulling dredge nets D. trolling 2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: when approaching a vessel from astern, at how far abaft the beam would it become an overtaking situation: A. O° B. 11.25° C. 22.5° D. 28° 3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A 40-meter tow-boat towing less than 150 meters astern would show how many lights from the masthead? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 4. The term “spring tides” means tides that: A. have lower lows and higher highs than normal B. have higher lows and lower highs than normal C. are unpredictable D. occur in the spring 5. Which of the following types of fire extinguisher is not normally recharged aboard a boat? A. 2.5-gallon foam B. 2.5-pound dry chemical C. 4-pound carbon dioxide D. soda acid ANSWERS: 1. A, Rule 26, 2. C, Rule 13, B, Rule…

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tragedy leads mother to fight for mandatory boater education for all

The August 2005 crash off Bay Shore, New York, left physical and psychological damage that lingers to this day. Frank and Gina Lieneck were out on a 24-foot Bayliner with three children, including their 11- and 13-year-old daughters. A 25-foot Grady-White slammed into them, with its bow plowing straight into the Bayliner’s starboard side. The Grady-White, according to news reports, had been tearing across the water at full throttle. It hit with such force that it tore a gash through the Bayliner, mounted its gunwale and almost kept going straight over it. The Lienecks were hospitalized with injuries including brain trauma that they still wrestle with today. Their 11-year-old, Brianna, was killed. “We had a canopy that collapsed on Brianna and broke her neck,” Gina Lieneck recalls. “All her organs were damaged.” This past…

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flotsam & jetsam

CLASSIC BOATS GALORE Boats. Lots of boats. Lots of beautiful, classic and antique boats will be on display at the 36th Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival — like the 1923, 62-foot Consolidated Speedway luxury commuter Miss Asia, which was last year’s star. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26 at Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina in Salem, Massachusetts. For more information, or to enter your boat for the judging, go to boatfestival.org LISTENING FOR THE LIGHTHOUSE Someone once wrote that West Quoddy Head in Lubec, Maine, was the place “where they make the fog, at the End of the Earth.” And it may be true. Odds are, you’ll see fog well before you see the West Quoddy Head Light. This sunny photo is more the exception…