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Soundings January 2019

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a grammy winner with a great eye

Although he grew up in the landlocked town of Hicksville, New York, Billy Joel says he always felt close to the sea. His mother was a single parent, and a boat wasn’t in their budget, but as a teenager, Joel found a way to get out on the water. When he wasn’t playing the piano, he’d head over to nearby Bayville on Long Island’s North Shore and borrow boats sitting at their moorings—without telling the owners. This is just one of the stories the musical legend shares with writer Bill Bleyer in this issue’s cover story (page 42). Bleyer, an avid boater who has written about Joel at least a half dozen times, says the “Piano Man” is one of his favorite people to interview. “I’ve done a lot of maritime stories…

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lexus ly 650 coming soon

LOA: 65’5” Beam: 18’8” Draft: 4’6” Displ.: 71,500 lbs. Standard Power: (2) 900-hp Volvo Penta diesels w/IPS1200s Fuel: 1,000 gals. Water: 225 gals. They’re back. Two years ago, the luxury automaker Lexus partnered with Marquis-Larson Boat Group to create a 42-foot Lexus Sport Yacht concept. It made quite an impression with sleek looks, high-tech features and a carbon-fiber build, but it was a one-off and today is on its way to the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan. Now, the partnership has returned with a 65-foot yacht design, and this one is going into mass production at Marquis-Larson’s facility in Pulaski, Wisconsin. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback and reaction [to the concept boat] from the media and potential retail consumers caused Toyota Motor Corporation’s marine division to explore the likelihood of a boat for production,” said Marquis-Larson Vice President of Marketing…

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water infrastructure act becomes law

In late October, President Trump signed America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 into law. It’s expected to help with the dredging of major ports along the East Coast, the prevention of aquatic invasive species, and the improvement of water quality in South Florida’s boating and fishing areas—including taking a step toward controlling the harmful algal blooms that have plagued parts of the Sunshine State. This law is about authorization, which means telling the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers how money should be allotted. Another law, involving appropriations, still needs to be enacted to provide cash for the plans. “This is Congress saying, ‘OK Army Corps, this is good to go, we’re putting our official stamp on it, but we’re not giving you the money yet,’” says Kellie Ralston, Southeast fisheries policy…

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manned submersible slated to travel to the ocean’s extreme deeps

This is Trieste on the bottom, Challenger Deep. Six three zero zero fathoms. Over.” The year was 1960, and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh was calling in. At some 36,000 feet, he and Swiss oceanographer and engineer Jacques Piccard had just arrived where no one had ever been: our planet’s deepest point, the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. Since then, 12 humans have walked on the moon and hundreds have traveled in space, but only one other person, filmmaker James Cameron, has visited the Challenger Deep. And, each of the two manned submersibles that ventured there—Trieste in 1960 and Deepsea Challenger in 2012—only went once. Now, Triton Submarines of Sebastian, Florida, has created a manned submersible that reportedly can travel to the ocean’s extreme depths again and again. Much like…

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vanquish updates its 26, a dayboat with a downeast vibe

LOA: 26’8” Beam: 8’0” Draft (engines up): 1’7” Displ.: 4,200 lbs. Fuel: 75 gals. Water: 14 gals. Tested Power: (1) 250-hp Mercury Verado outboard Price (w/listed power): $189,800 Vanquish Boats has revealed an updated Doug Zurn-designed center-console that includes a forward cuddy and other improvements. The builder says it is designed for customers who day cruise with family and friends. “We aimed to improve our existing 26 center console with a cuddy and other comfort features,” says Vanquish Boats president Morgan Huntley. “From the thoughtful application of wood trim to the quality and placement of the seating areas, this is an amazingly comfortable boat. The Doug Zurn hull rides like a dream.” Perhaps the most interesting new feature is a cuddy cabin tucked away in the bow. The area is beneath a striking wood hatch with gas-assist struts and a…

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pursuit s 288

LOA: 30’0” Beam: 9’8” Draft (engines up): 2’0” Weight: 8,220 lbs. Fuel: 230 gals. Water: 26 gals. Power: (2) 300-hp Yamaha F300s Price: $230,400 There’s been a sea change in preferences among boat owners. It’s marked by the growing demand for day boats. More people want seaworthy platforms that can cover a lot of nautical miles in a single day and then carry the crew back to the dock in comfort at dusk. As a result, the center console is having its moment in the spotlight. There seem to be more new models than ever before and new companies entering the segment, but it’s also good to see legacy brands that have been producing center consoles for decades continue to build on their success. Pursuit is among the latter. It has been making saltwater fishing boats for 41 years…