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Soundings February 2019

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tough crowd

My early boating education began at a Coast Guard Auxiliary class near Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, New York. I remember the segment on seamanship, because the instructor opened his lecture with well-worn advice: The best way to stay safe in rough seas, he said, is to stay at the dock. The class responded with good-natured groans and eyeball rolling, but everyone knew to take the lesson seriously. Weather can go south quickly, and seas can get dangerous without warning. And yet, there are situations when avoiding rough conditions can be difficult. Nearly every captain—professional and recreational—has a story about the time a thunderstorm or a line of squalls caught him or her unaware. Louisa Beckett, who wrote this month’s feature on how to handle a boat in challenging conditions, is no exception.…

2 min
sabre to launch 58 salon express

LOA: 63’ 9” Beam: 16’ 2” Draft: 4’ 9” Displ. (half load): 63,000 lbs. Fuel: 800 gals. Water: 250 gals. Power: (2) 725-hp Volvo IPS950 pod drives Price: $2.25 million When Sabre Yachts retired its 54-footer in 2017, the company was left with an 18-foot gap between its flagship, the Sabre 66 Dirigo, and the Sabre 48. Since 2011, the Raymond, Maine-based builder of Downeast-style cruisers has built 130 of those 48-footers. Some owners want to move up to a bigger boat, but the 66 might be too big. Now, with the Sabre 58 Salon Express, the gap is about to be bridged. “All models eventually come to an end,” says Bentley Collins, Sabre Yachts vice president for sales and marketing. “The 54 was a great design, but the pressure actually came from the 48, which takes full advantage of…

1 min
seamanship quiz

1. NAVIGATION: When you are steering on a pair of range lights and discover the upper light is to the right of the lower light you should: A. Come right B. Come left C. Stop and wait for alignment D. Continue on course 2. INLAND RULES: A vessel propelled by oars shall have ready to exhibit in time to prevent collision a white lantern or electric torch, or: A. Show a flare B. Show the lights of a power-driven vessel C. Show the lights of a sailing vessel D. Any of the items listed above will meet the requirements 3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: A vessel displaying three red lights in a vertical line is: A. Not under command B. Aground C. Dredging D. Constrained by draft 4. INTERNATIONAL RULES: In fog you see a vessel ahead on radar. You should: A. Turn early to avoid close quarters…

5 min
search for missing sailor reveals advice for all boaters

When Jenell Webster or any of her fellow command duty officers receive a call about a boater in distress, they fill out a quick reference card. Their goal: to collect information they need for input into the U.S. Coast Guard’s data-analysis program, and to have rescue teams searching for the boater within 30 minutes. “Our clock starts when we hang up the phone,” says Webster, a senior chief petty officer with the 5th District Command Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. “The more detail somebody knows, the more we can put into our program and find the optimal place to search.” The idea is to move swiftly and deliberately to the rescue phase of search and rescue, instead of getting stuck on search—an unfortunate reality that happened this past November, in a case…

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moores yachts introduces m30

Jim Moores, founder and president of the Beaufort, North Carolina, restoration and refit company Moores Marine, is launching a new company and boat. The M30, an elegant 30-foot center console with a fantail stern and inverted bow, will be built at the Moores Marine yard under the Moores Yachts nameplate. Construction on the first coldmolded hull is set to begin in January 2019. “The M30’s lines are a tribute to the designers of the prewar era,” Moores stated in a press release. “The ducktail in the transom is inspired by John H. Wells. Known for his fast-running commuters, Wells designed for Consolidated, Defoe and the New York Yacht, Launch and Engine Co. The transom is inspired by the late L. Francis Herreshoff, and the bow is inspired by World War I…

8 min
the eco-point of no return?

The language the United Nations (U.N.) chose when releasing its climate change report could not have been clearer. “There is alarming evidence that important tipping points, leading to irreversible changes in major ecosystems and the planetary climate system, may already have been reached or passed,” the report stated. “Ecosystems as diverse as the Amazon rainforest and the Arctic tundra may be approaching thresholds of dramatic change through warming and drying. Mountain glaciers are in alarming retreat, and the downstream effects of reduced water supply in the driest months will have repercussions that transcend generations.” And, the U.N. report states, there’s only about 10 to 12 years left of being able to live with current-level carbon dioxide emissions, if humanity has any chance of holding the planet to a brief “overshoot” in…