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sea school

Some of my best boating memories were made on charter boats. I saw the British Virgin Islands for the first time from the varnished teak deck of a Trumpy Classic motoryacht. That was a crewed boat, with a competent captain taking us through Sir Francis Drake Channel, a steward to make up the berths in the pristine guest cabins and a cook to create three incredible meals a day. It was a special experience during which guests were asked to do nothing other than sit back and enjoy. While I gained more than a few pounds on that trip, I still regret not having seized the opportunity to acquire a better understanding of that boat and boating in general. The charter experience is one of the best ways to build boating…

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the party starts here

As the Covid-19 pandemic drags on, leaving boaters looking for more ways to get out onto the water safely with family and friends, charter companies are reporting a surge in bookings for multiboat charters in warm, sunny destinations. The Moorings is now receiving 25 percent more requests for charters with at least five boats than during the same time period in 2019, before the pandemic even began, according to Ian Pedersen, senior marketing manager for the company. “This interest has come from many different sources—from families, corporations and event planners looking to put together sailing trips where everyone can be together, but in a private, somewhat secluded setting,” Pedersen says. Raul Bermudez, vice president at Marine-Max Vacations, says he’s now receiving charter bookings for groups wanting as many as eight to 10…

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growth spurt

Kadey-Krogen Yachts and sister company Summit Motoryachts in September announced plans to expand their model ranges by one and two models, respectively. The new designs include the Kadey-Krogen 60 Open and the Summit Motoryachts 54 Coupe and 62 Motoryacht. The announcement was made at the Newport International Boat Show. “Everyone at the Kadey-Krogen organization is excited to kick off the fall show season with so many exciting projects and new models,” said Kadey-Krogen President and CEO Tucker West. “It’s very rewarding to finally share what’s been happening behind the scenes for these last eight months with our customers, friends, and partners. And I promise we’re just getting warmed up.” KADEY-KROGEN YACHTS 60 OPEN As the name suggests, this boat will have an open floorplan between the main salon, galley and pilothouse, building on…

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play by the rules

Sailing outbound from my mooring field on a sailboat without an engine requires passage through a short bottleneck channel with a sandbar to port. Recently, as I sized up the narrow part of the channel, I observed a motorboat inbound, farther out. It appeared that he had slowed, waiting for me to come through. A light breeze was blowing straight in the cut, dictating I steer as close to the wind as possible to clear the bar. This limited maneuverability is exactly the reason a vessel under sail alone has the right of way over a power-driven vessel, according to the Rules of the Road. Suddenly, the inbound motorboat throttled up, rushed across my bow from right to left and then steered hard to port toward us, asserting his position port-to-port…

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what we’re watching

SURF’S UP Few people outside the surfing world have heard of Nazaré, a Portuguese village on the North Atlantic. The town is not particularly unique, though it has a certain bucolic charm. What is remarkable about Nazaré are the monster waves that pile up there each winter at Praia do Norte (North Beach). Powered by a steep off shore drop-off and prevailing off shore winter winds, the surf here can reach heights of more than 80 feet. And yet there are surfers who come here each year to ride the massive waves and get a chance at grabbing the holy grail of surfing: the 100-footer. This year, HBO released a gripping, six-part documentary about the daredevil surfers of Nazaré and the big-wave surfing community as a whole. Shot in ultra-high…

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more salty reads

SEADREAMS The title of this fascinating book is somewhat misleading. Eloquence of the Sardine: Extraordinary Encounters Beneath the Sea is not an ode to the fishy pizza topping but is instead a deep dive into the hidden lives of some of the coolest creatures in the sea, from whales and eels to cod and herring. The author, Bill François, has filled the book’s 192 pages with mythology and modern science, engaging the reader in tales about whale songs and luminescent jellyfish, to name a few. There’s also a good story about herring that nearly caused a military conflict. Voiceless creatures such as lobsters, scallops and seahorses are brought to life with a compelling narrative that takes readers on a dynamic journey into the mysteries of the deep blue ocean. ($27, St.…