Southern Living November 2018

SOUTHERN LIVING celebrates the legendary food, gracious homes, lush gardens, and distinct places that make the South unique. In every edition you’ll find dozens of recipes prepared in our famous test kitchens, guides to the best travel experiences, decorating ideas and inspiration, and gardening tips tailored specifically to your climate.

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smile! it’s thanksgiving

THERE ARE FEW things more awkward than trying to take a big family photo, but that hasn’t stopped my wife’s Aunt Laura from making it happen every chance she gets, usually at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This goes back about 10 years, and it has gotten only more complicated and hilarious as our family has grown. Who gets in the front? Who’s in the back? Do we have to put down our drinks? (The answer is yes.) And what are we going to do with Scout, the Chihuahua? Aunt Laura, who’s a retired school-teacher, patiently directs us as if we were an unruly sixth-grade class, requesting 20-plus people to take their positions and pay attention. Squirming kids are asked to sit still, smiles are held for what seems like an eternity,…

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let’s get personal

TRADITIONAL DINNER RELAXED CLASSIC Fancy wax seals and velvet ribbon add elegant flair “THERE’S NOTHING better than getting an invitation with a wax seal in the mail,” says Senior Style Editor Rachael Burrow. She re-created that excitement on a table inspired by blue-and-white ginger jars. MAKE THE PLACE CARD Start out with a rectangle of light blue card stock and a monogrammed wax seal. (Try for personalized seals.) Place a piece of ribbon (Dusty Blue Double Face Velvet Ribbon; at the top center of the card. Squeeze a quarter-size amount of wax on the bottom of the ribbon, and stamp with the seal. (We used sticks of gold sealing wax, which work in a glue gun, from Paper Source.) Let the wax dry. Write the name under the seal. Snip a triangle from…

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the good guest

EVERY FOURTH Thursday in November, we all sit down to share a lovingly prepared meal of turkey and dressing with our friends and family. Often, the gathering takes place under someone else’s roof, and quite frequently, many of us travel to spend time with far-flung relatives. Grateful for such invitations, we ask for the grace to be polite guests no matter what happens. Here’s how we have handled the tricky situations that will inevitably confront you while sleeping under someone else’s roof. ETIQUETTE RULE NO. 1 Look Like You’re Having a Good Time “Let’s play charades!” “Let’s go on a hike!” The archetypal camp-director hostess is blinded by the need to organize, but a sensitive one will pick up on your discomfort and provide you with an immediate out. “I bet you would…

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at your service

1 Thirstystone Pie Server in Gold Slice and deliver desserts with flair. The sleek, gold-plated finish and slim handle set this piece apart from standard servers. $31; 2 Blue Pheasant Halette Flatware Serving Set in Natural/Natural Complement your table’s silverware with this elegant and versatile duo made of bone and horn. $84; 3 Leaf Carving Set Handcrafted from stainless steel and pewter, this traditional turkey-carving pair feels sturdy in hand, cleans easily, and resists tarnishing. $136; 4 Hampstead Gravy Ladle Combine the sophistication of a century-old silver pattern with the convenience of dishwasher-safe stainless steel. $30; 5 Aladdin Brilliant Ivory Small Spreader Dress up a simple appetizer plate or butter dish with this petite knife that has a shimmery, pearlized acrylic handle. $16; 6 Sir Madam Solid Brass Ice Cream Scoop Sink into rock-solid pints of…

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an eye for design

Not only is Venus Williams one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, but she’s also an ace in another field: design. After founding her own West Palm Beach-based interior design firm, V Starr Interiors, Williams proved she had a clear focus on and off the court. “Outside of sports, design has always been a passion of mine,” Williams says. “I believe the key to success as a designer is to always be authentic and to have your own point of view. That fuels my desire to be included in every aspect of the design process, from start to finish.” After being diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome in 2011, Williams experienced dry eye, which impacted her vision-heavy careers; luckily, though, dry eye symptoms are no longer a match for…

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the grumpy gardener

FEEL THE BURN › I have a pecan tree that did not produce for 15 years, so I set it on fire in an attempt to kill it. After the burn, it shot up and is producing lots of pecans, but they are full of fat, white worms. How do I get rid of them? —YVONNE » The worms in the pecans are larvae of an insect called the pecan weevil. It emerges from the ground in August and September, climbs up the trunk, and then lays its eggs in the pecans. There are several things you can do to control them. First, collect all infested nuts that drop to the ground and throw them out with the trash. Second, next August, spread a band of a sticky product called Tree Tanglefoot Insect…