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Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids November/December 2018

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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4 min.
doodlebug & dandelion the gift exchange

“LOOK, TOMIKO!” DANDELION Pinkley said to her best friend. She held up the latest Boyd’z Toyz catalog. Boyd’z was the coolest toy store in town. “It’s the perfect present for Doodlebug!” Splashed across the page in full color was an intricately carved Viking ship. But it wasn’t just a ship. It was actually a cleverly designed display case for an action figure. “He’d love that,” Tomiko agreed. “He could totally show off his Sweyn Forkbeard Viking figure in this,” Dandelion said. “Yeah,” Tomiko snickered. “And he could throw away that dumb shoebox ‘display case’ he made.” Dandelion got up and began counting the cash in her coin purse. “We’re doing our family gift exchange tonight,” she said. “Too bad I’ve only got one dollar and eighty-seven cents left.” She sighed. “We should have done more…

3 min.
frogs on ice

MOST ARCTIC ANIMALS have lots of fur and a thick layer of fat to keep them warm. But there’s one that defies freezing polar winds with its bare skin. What is it? It’s the wood frog, the only North American frog found above the Arctic Circle. Most frogs hibernate in burrows or tunnel into mud at the bottom of ponds for the winter. There they are safe from frost and ice. You’d think the wood frog, living so far north, would find a well-protected place to spend the winter. But all the wood frog needs for a winter blanket is a bit of wood or a few leaves. Gosh, you might say, this animal must be freezing! Well, it is. That’s its secret. The wood frog is one of the few animals…

4 min.
for the first night of kwanzaa

“OH,” KOFI CRIED as he stumbled into Kendra, who dropped the Kwanzaa decorations that she had been holding. Crash! The fruit bowl for the celebration broke into many small pieces. Scowling, Kendra picked up the straw mat and asked Kofi, “Now what will hold the fruit and fit between the ears of corn?” Kofi looked sadly at the broken bowl and whispered to himself, “I’ll paint another bowl for tomorrow night’s celebration—in time for the first night of Kwanzaa.” He crept upstairs and pulled his crumpled dollar from the box under his bed. Then Kofi raced to the festival market on Lenox Avenue where people sat on stools talking and laughing. Musicians strummed or pounded or shook their instruments. Artists painted a mural. Men and women wearing bright robes called out: “Buy this beautiful…

1 min.
twinkling candleholder

LIGHT UP DARK winter nights by crafting a cheery, colorful candleholder. What You’ll Need: dark-colored construction paper colorful tissue paper clean, small glass jar small candle scissors glue stick paper clip or clothespin What to Do: 1. Cut a strip of construction paper so it wraps around the jar with a bit of overlap. You might need to glue on more construction paper to make the strip long enough. 2. Fold the strip in half crosswise. Repeat two more times, and crease the fold well each time. 3. Cut shapes along the folded edges of the paper. Don’t cut on the unfolded edges, and don’t cut all the way through! When you’re done, unfold the paper and admire your shapes. 4. Cut tissue paper into pieces that are a little bit bigger than your cut-out shapes. Spread glue around one of the shapes…

1 min.
reader riots: the best jokes of 2018 by you!

What is black and white and spins around? A zebra in a revolving door! Lucy Austin Phoenix, AZ Knock, knock. Who’s there? Carrot. Carrot who? Don’t you carrot all about me? Ida D., age 8 Petoskey, MI What is a burger’s favorite hairstyle? A bun. Meera S., age 9 Sacramento, CA Why are witch twins so confusing? You can never tell which witch is which. Lucas Kennedy-Farrell, age 5 Evanston, IL Why did the robot cross the road? It was programmed by the chicken! Scarlett H., age 8 Naperville, IL What do you call a unicorn that plays a trumpet? A unihorn! Diana Christy, age 8 Marietta, GA Send your favorite jokes to spider@cricketmedia.com!…

5 min.
the mouse café

EVERY HANUKKAH, MAMA and Papa Fieldmouse put latkes on the menu at the Mouse Café. They were the best latkes around, possibly the best in the world, but Mama always said it’s hard to judge that sort of thing for sure. The Mouse Café had a nice view, good folk, and fine food. It also had a problem—an owl problem. Coming and going after dark had always been tricky business, but the owl danger grew as midwinter approached. “Hungry, he is, what with all the cold,” said one old-timer. “Depressed,” said another. “When I get glum, I eat. So does he.” “I don’t fancy being an owl’s comfort, myself,” said a third. And so as Hanukkah approached, the Mouse Café stood empty. Every window had a menorah waiting to be lit. Every table had dreidels…