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Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids January 2019

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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3 min.
doodlebug & dandelion taming selkirk

“THIS IS GOING to be the best winter vacation ever!” Dandelion Pinkley said as she climbed into the old jalopy, her brother Doodlebug right behind her. “We can swim every day!” “Yeah, and eat weird prickly fruits from palm trees!” Doodlebug added. “Nonstop chill time,” promised their good friend Boggington Bogsworth the Third. Bog turned to his Uncle Bongo Bogsworth the Fifth, who was driving. “Right, Uncle B?” Uncle Bongo had invited them down to spend the week in a whole new country—without their parents! “Fun times ahead, mis amigos!” he said, his eyes twinkling. “And I think you’re going to like the little villa we’ve rented right near the seashore.” They drove along past palm trees and skittering lizards, Dandelion enjoying the salty sea breeze. But something was missing. “Where’s Aunt Selina?” she asked. Selina…

2 min.
the child with your name

ONCE THERE WAS a child with your name. Though it wasn’t you. The child had hair about your length and your color eyes. But this is probably a coincidence! Because this child was about to go on an adventure. You don’t like to go on adventures, do you? Oh, you do? Perhaps it was you. The child with your name put on your puffy coat, grabbed the ancient map from your bookshelf, and headed outside. Wait. You don’t have an ancient map on your bookshelf? Maybe you should look more closely next time (on the bottom shelf in the far back). A red line appeared on the map. The line began at your house, twisted through the enchanted woods, and ended at a star. Below the star were the words DANGER, HELP, and WATCH…

4 min.
galileo’s starry night

O N A WARM June evening in 1609, Galileo Galilei, a 45-year-old Italian mathematics teacher and father of three, listened as a friend described the latest invention to hit Europe: a long tube containing two glass lenses, called a spyglass. “It makes faraway things appear close! We could use one of those here in Italy,” the friend said. “Perhaps you could try to build one, if you’re interested.” Was he ever! Galileo loved trying to figure out how the world and the things in it worked. That very night he leaped into the project with gusto. In a short time, he not only figured out how to construct a spyglass, he improved upon the existing model as well. When he later presented his device to the rulers of Venice, they marveled at how…

4 min.
a poetry contest at spellzany castle

MARY STEPPED OUT of her carriage in front of Spellzany Castle, admiring as usual its towers topped in huge, colorful marble crowns, wizards’ hats, and jesters’ caps. Her aunt, Queen Ursula, robed in ink-bottle patterned blue silk, ran out and hugged her. “Auntie, thanks for inviting me!” “Thank you for traveling across the kingdom to be here! You love poetry, so I knew you’d want to see me present my Royal Rhyming Poem Contest prize.” “You aren’t nervous about . . .?” “Not a bit,” said the queen brightly as they strolled through the castle’s carved doors. “I’m sure the party will go smoothly.” Mary didn’t feel so certain. Spellzany Castle’s name sprang from its history of attracting zany magic spells. If a frost fairy’s too-strong charm covered a throne room’s floor with ice; if…

1 min.
i think that i’m a dragon

I think that I’m a dragon, I’ve suspected for a while. I wake up feeling dragon-ish, I have a dragon smile. My feet and hands and fingers are all purple, brown, and green. My tail? Well, it’s the nicest tail that I have ever seen. I think that I’m a dragon, there is little room for doubt. It’s time I faced the facts square on, and stopped to look about. I have great piles of gold and jewels; at least a dozen swords. I got them when I vanquished all the local royal lords. I think that I’m a dragon, I no longer can ignore. It’s funny how I never really noticed it before. I belch great clouds of dragon smoke, my scales are iron-plated. It never really dawned on me, these things could be…

5 min.
the warnings of shinpai

LONG AGO ON a mountaintop in a distant corner of the world lived a dragon named Shinpai (sheen-PIE). From his high perch, Shinpai could see across the sea in one direction and down to the valley in another. Whenever danger was near, he shouted a warning to the people below. “A wave is about to flood the village!” he would call out. “Quickly, up the mountain!” Or, “Invading warriors are marching this way! Prepare to defend yourselves!” The people of the village trusted Shinpai. They did as he commanded, rushing to higher ground or readying their weapons. Centuries passed. The village was safe. Then one day the earth began to shake. It knocked down many homes and swallowed others whole. The people blamed Shinpai for not protecting them, although there are some things that…