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Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids February 2019

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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4 min.
doodlebug & dandelion

“IT’S CHINESE NEW Year and 2019 is the Year of the Pig!” Dandelion Pinkley cried out, her voice so excited it sounded almost like a pig’s squeal itself. “And next week there’s a huge parade to celebrate!” Dandelion held up a flashy magazine spread to show her brother Doodlebug and their friends Bog and Tomiko, who were all lounging around the Pinkleys’ den on a rainy afternoon. In the Chinese calendar, Dandelion explained, each year was matched with one of twelve animals. This year it was the pig’s turn! Doodlebug studied the article’s centerfold photo, a gigantic swine wearing a fancy headdress. “So Charles is arriving just in time!” “Let’s put him on a float for the parade!” Tomiko suggested. Everyone hooted with glee at the thought. “We’ll have to get Charles fancied up real…

3 min.
solo on the subway

RASHI WAS GOING solo on the New York subway. “Ready to go?” asked his mom. “Roger, Mission Control,” said Rashi. Rashi’s mother lived in a house in Queens. His father lived and worked in an apartment in Manhattan. Every Saturday his mom took him to Manhattan on the subway. Every Sunday his dad took him back to Queens. Today Rashi was going solo on the subway for the first time. “Like an astronaut going to the moon,” he said. “Well, zip up your spacesuit,” said his mom. “It’s starting to snow outside.” She walked him to the subway stop. “Are you sure about this?” she asked. Was he sure? Rashi had begged for a long time to make the trip alone. Now he shivered as he looked down the long stairs into the dark. He touched…

6 min.
urban birds

THE FALCON SWOOPS down from the ledge. It dives into the canyon at a speed of up to 200 miles per hour as it moves in on its prey. In one swift movement, it hooks the creature with its claws. Back on the ledge, it plucks away the feathers and rips into the meat. What’s for breakfast? A New York City pigeon. Sounds wild, huh? Well, yes and no. Peregrine falcons are no longer listed as an endangered species by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the powerful birds have found a home in New York City and many other cities nationwide. According to Chris Nadareski, a wildlife biologist at the City of New York Department of Environmental Protection, there are now more than fifteen pairs of peregrines in…

1 min.
fabulous facts: subzero sports

My favorite winter sport eez skijoring. I put on my skis and a horse or a dog pulls me around town. Eet eez zee fastest way to get to zee grocery store! —Miro Did you know you can bike in the snow? Some winter cyclists race “fat bikes,” or bikes with extra-large tires, down icy, snowy trails. —Thistle I wanna have a shovel race, where players sit on metal snow shovels and zoom down the nearest hill. — Sam In synchronized skating, ten or more skaters perform graceful dance moves (including jumps and spins!) all at the same time. — Sonya The Japanese game yukigassen is a huge snowball fight with fourteen players. There’s so much flying snow that everyone wears helmets and face shields. —Spider The North Pole Marathon is the coldest race in…

5 min.
the hound and the hidden homework

ALICE RUMMAGED THROUGH her backpack, littering the kitchen table with its contents. “Purple crayon, eraser, spork, kazoo . . . Eeew! A banana peel!” she shrieked. “It’s not here, Mom! I know I did it. Did you recycle it?” “No, Alice.” “Is it in your briefcase?” “NO, Alice!” “Well then, there’s only one explanation. Longfellow ate my homework!” Longfellow stirred, lifting his big gray head from his big gray dog bed. To be fair, he had consumed his share of oddities in the past. There was that pinecone, an entire orange, and a paper towel roll. But those were during his puppy years! Now, he was a mature, distinguished dog well beyond his homework-eating days. “Really, Alice, that’s the oldest trick in the book. Dogs don’t eat homework— not even Longfellow. Now hurry, or we’ll be…

4 min.
nu wa and the yellow clay

THE GODS NU WA and Fu Xi lived long before animals and people inhabited Earth. They lived on the bottom layer of Heaven, along with the sun, moon, and stars. Looking down upon Earth below, they could see the tallest peak of the Kunlun Mountains reaching through the clouds and up into the heavens. “Let’s take a trip to Earth,” Nu Wa said to her husband, Fu Xi. “Why?” he asked. “We’re comfortable right here at home. Why should we travel to Earth?” “It would be an adventure,” she said, her snaky tail swishing excitedly back and forth. “Maybe we’ll see things we’ve never seen before. Aren’t you curious?” He admitted he was, and, picnic basket in hand, they slid down the mountain. At its base, they picnicked on the riverbank, watching the river…