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Kids & Teens
Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids May/June 2019

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

United States
Cricket Media, Inc.
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9 Issues

In this issue

5 min.
doodlebug & dandelion scary-hausen

“WELCOME TO SCARY-HAUSEN Adventure Park!” Principal Hogwobble boomed as the Pine Nut Elementary School students tumbled off the bus. The trip was the students’ reward for putting up with Principal Hogwobble’s April Fool’s joke the month before. Scary-Hausen was like no other amusement park in the world. Inside you had to face strange mechanical beasts that could scare your socks off. As Doodlebug Pinkley, his sister Dandelion, and their cousin Rudyard rushed inside, Dandelion glanced at her mood ring. It was glowing bright pink, showing she was eager but a little nervous. That was for sure! They’d wanted to visit Scary-Hausen practically their whole lives and had read up on how to deal with each beastie. Now which freaky adventure should they go for first? To duel with She-Fang the four-armed snake,…

5 min.
the diary of a pet stinkbug

In previous Spider stories “Too Many Dragons” (March 2017) and “Too Many Stinkbugs” (July/ August 2018), you may have read about Skoki and Charlie. Skoki is a girl from another world who loves stinkbugs. In her world, dragons are everywhere and stinkbugs are a myth. Charlie is a dragon-loving boy from Chicago. His home is full of stinkbugs! Skoki, Charlie, and their pets visit each other by jumping through a magic puddle. June 21: It’s Officially Summer! Hooray! This morning was so busy. I ate a red pepper. I crawled up a window. I watched Skoki’s mother water the thirsty garden dragons. I flew into the window seven times, just for fun. Then I rested in Skoki’s pocket while she discussed our summer plans. There will be Camp Dragon, dragon-riding classes, and visits…

3 min.
move over, cats and dogs-it , s raining fish and frogs!

YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Thankfully, our furry friends don’t actually fall from the sky. But what about other animals? Believe it or not, animal rain is a real thing. In 1870, snails fell on Chester, Pennsylvania. A town in Tennessee reported snakes slithering in the streets after a rainstorm in 1877. Frogs rained on ancient Greece and modern-day Siberia. Fishy Forecasts Fish are the most common kind of animal rain. Fish rain fell two hundred miles from the coast in Australia in 2010. In Sri Lanka in 2014, over one hundred pounds of small fish were collected from roofs and roadways after a storm. The villagers didn’t have to think about dinner that night! Fish rain has been reported in the United States, too. Small fish were found…

1 min.
make your own “glass” flower

What You’ll Need: several sheets of wax paper scissors crayon shavings iron small bowl pipe cleaner What to Do: ✿ Cut sheets of wax paper into two large, two medium, and two small circles. ✿ Place some of the crayon shavings between a set of the cutouts. With an adult’s help, run a warm iron over the papers until the shavings melt. ✿ While still warm, tuck the circle into a small bowl, so the paper curves. Do this for each set of circles to form the petals. ✿ When all are hard and cool, poke a tiny hole through the center of each circle. ✿ Gently thread one pipe cleaner through the large, then medium, and then small circles, so they rest on each other. Squeeze the top of the pipe cleaner into a ball to form the f lower’s center.…

2 min.
a nigerian folk tale

IN THE BEGINNING, the sky was close to the earth, and the people didn’t have to work for their food. All they had to do was cut away a piece of sky to eat. It tasted delicious, like meat or corn or honey or anything else they felt like eating. Since they didn’t have to hunt for their food, all they did was weave and carve and tell stories all day. When the great King Oba wanted to give a party, his servants would cut out pieces of the sky and shape them into wonderful forms—animals, diamonds, leaves, or flowers. But as time went on, the people forgot to appreciate the sky. They took their food for granted, and they became wasteful. They cut far more sky than they needed and threw…

4 min.
domino sundays

SUNDAY IS DOMINO day for my abuelo and his friends. I watch them play at the corner park. One day, maybe I’ll join the game. Abuelo knocks on my bedroom door. “Ready, Yolanda?” he asks. “Si!” I say. Abuelo hands me the long, wooden box that holds the fichas, the domino tiles. “Today is a special day. I have a new partner.” “Who?” I ask. “You’ll see.” I wonder who Abuelo’s new partner is as we walk along the shady sidewalk. Abuelo has been teaching me to play. Could it be me? Our neighbors are starting their days, too. Salsa music flows from open windows. I smell bread and imagine it pressed flat in a plancha, like Mami makes for me. From someone’s yard, a rooster steps out in front of us. Papi complains about the roosters.…