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Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids October 2019

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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4 min.
doodlebug & dandelion ghost walk

THE SIX PINKLEY cousins stood in the hushed darkness beyond Old Barnacle Bridge waiting for the Halloween Ghost Walk to begin. One by one, each kid would enter the covered bridge, alone. No one knew what would happen in there on the way to the other end. “I hate dark shadowy places,” Doodlebug Pinkley said, shuffling nervously. His sister Dandelion shivered. “The dark doesn’t scare me, but there could be hideous spiders in that old Barnacle Bridge. Some could even drop into your hair!” Cousin Punky scoffed. “No Ghost Walk’s gonna faze me!” he bragged. The twins, Mo and Bo, stood together looking tense. Rudyard, the youngest of them all, was definitely afraid. Of ghosts especially. The full moon hung above like a huge grapefruit, shedding eerie pink light on the crowd of kids…

1 min.
pumpkin pockets

What You’ll Need: ½ cup raisins¾ cup canned pumpkin¹/ ³ cup brown sugar2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice pinch of saltchilled, prepackaged pie doughice watersugar What to Do: 1. Put raisins in a cup with 2 tablespoons tap water to soak for ½ hour. 2. Preheat the oven to 400°F. 3. Drain raisins and mix with the pumpkin, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and salt in a saucepan. Ask an adult to cook mixture over low heat, stirring all the time until the brown sugar melts completely, there are no more lumps, and the mixture just begins to bubble. 4. Using a cookie cutter or the rim of a glass, cut 3-inch circles in the pie dough as close together as possible. 5. With an adult’s help, put a small spoonful of filling in the middle of each…

4 min.
the ugliest pumpkin

(SETTING: A magical pumpkin patch.) FARMER: There were once three pumpkins growing side by side in the same pumpkin patch. Each of the pumpkins was the best at something. I don’t know how it happened or why. Maybe it was something in the soil. Maybe they got too much sunlight or too little water. Whatever the reason, these pumpkins were special. ROUNDEST: I’m the roundest pumpkin in the entire world. My radius is radiant. My diameter is dynamic. I’m a perfect sphere! ORANGEST: No other pumpkin in the world is as orange as me! A pumpkin is just not a pumpkin unless it’s shiny and orange. Look at how I gleam in the sunlight. ROUNDEST: You’re crazy. Round is the only shape for a pumpkin. ORANGEST: Round is the only shape for a pie! If…

5 min.
the very wicked witch and the village play

THE VERY WICKED Witch sat at her gnarled breakfast table and chuckled. At least, she made a sound that she thought was a chuckle. To you or me it would have sounded like sandpaper scraping on a rock. But the Very Wicked Witch had not earned her status as the wickedest witch in all of England by worrying about how her chuckle sounded. She had earned it by devising wicked plans. Very wicked plans. And she had a new one. The Very Wicked Witch had a problem. Every time she went out, people ran away screaming. It was her black hat, pointy nose, and warty green face. They gave her away. It made her plans very hard to put into practice. One day, the Very Wicked Witch got a leaflet…

2 min.
the epic world of puppet theater

A DRAGON EMERGES from a foggy lake. A monkey army helps a prince rescue the princess. A knight in gold armor battles a giant. People have gathered to watch these scenes for thousands of years, long before movies or special effects. How? With puppets! Puppets have long been used to tell myths, legends, and epics that would be hard for human actors to perform on stage. Here are some of the traditional puppet shows you can still see around the world today. Wayang Kulit, Indonesia Wayang kulit means shadow puppets. These flat puppets are cut out of leather with intricate holes for light to shine through. The audience watches shadows cast on a lit screen. Want to get a better look? Viewers are allowed to peek behind the sheet and watch the puppet…

2 min.
the fable of the three cats

A LONG TIME AGO, when the ancient landscape of Japan was dotted with hundreds of castles and the country was ruled by the sword, there was a great samurai warrior who was pestered by a large rat. Not only did the rat get into the warrior’s food, it also gnawed through the floorboards of his house and even shredded some of his clothes and belongings. The warrior tried to catch the rat, but it was too clever and swift for his traps and his sword. So the warrior decided to get a cat. He chose one that was both strong and quick, but the rodent proved to be faster than the cat. The cat could not even get within a foot of the rat, and it just looked foolish trying. The warrior…