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Stamp Collector December 2020

Stamp Collector gives you all the information, news, expert advice, market insight and inspiration you need to build your stamp collection and get the most from your hobby. Every issue features the latest prices, expert collecting advice, in-depth guides giving you the lowdown on classic stamp sets, new stamps, postal history, first-day covers and much more. Our stamp stories shed light on intriguing stamps and why they were produced, and our stamp sidelines pages provide an insight into postmarks, first-day covers, Cinderellas, Post & Go and Europa stamps.

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this is how the stamp trade works

1 If You want to learn how the stamp trade works, please read on… When I was 15, I did. I wondered if there was some secret source of supply? So, I bought my 1st stamp mixture, (wholesale I thought), broke it into 50 smaller units, advertised it in Stamp Magazine ‘Classifieds’, and waited for the orders to roll in… I’m still waiting, 51 years later!… Wrong Offer ✗ Wrong Price ✗ Wrong Place ✗ (naïve seller) ✓ me but I was only 15 at the time! 2 Three years later, attending my first public stamp auctions I wondered how some bidders seemed to buy everything, paying the highest price? It didn’t occur to me that they were probably Auction Bidding Agents, paid by absent (dealer) bidders to represent them. I wondered why two…

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When we planned our special feature on Covid and collecting (page 35), the article was set to be a review of the historic lockdown we endured in the spring, with one eye looking forward to better times. We’re still looking ahead with optimism, but as I write we’re preparing for lockdown part two. Naturally we’re feeling fatigue and apprehension for the months ahead, but I do hope you will find solace in our hobby and in joining together with fellow collectors via the internet, email and this magazine. As our expert panel eloquently explain, the stamp collecting community responded to the first lockdown incredibly positively and very quickly, and there’s no reason why we can’t do it again over the winter. We’re excited to be launching the first of many Collectors’…

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first collectors’ conference celebrates gb stamps

A special online conference dedicated to collecting classic GB stamps will take place on the popular www.allaboutstamps.co.uk website from 12 to 14 November. Being held in partnership with the Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS), the online event follows the success of the month-long Summer of Stamps, which attracted thousands of collectors from around the world. The three-day conference will give collectors around the world the chance to learn more about British stamps with special talks, webinars and Q&A sessions. The online conference will be free to attend and is set to be the first of an ongoing series of ‘Collectors’ Conference’ events on allaboutstamps.co.uk. Editor Matt Hill said: ‘The Summer of Stamps was a great success and covered all kinds of different subjects. We’ll definitely be returning for a second Summer of…

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in brief

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office recently opened its doors again after a break of about seven months, due to the coronavirus situation, Finland Post announced. Heiko Laubach, Director of Posti’s service point network, said: ‘Although large groups of tourists are still missing from Lapland due to the coronavirus situation, we want to be involved also in Santa Claus’ Village. Santa’s Main Post Office, located in a prominent place, is an important part of the Village’s other activities, and we work closely with other entrepreneurs in the area.’ Reports suggest Santa is also in good health and spirits, with no requirement for him to ‘elf isolate’. Singapore Post have issued a single stamp with a width of 6.4 inches, the widest stamp to have been issued in the country. The stamp, which…

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royal mail launch parcel pick-up service

Royal Mail has launched a parcel pick-up service across the UK, with the move being described as one of the biggest changes to the daily delivery since the launch of the postbox in 1852. The new service, Parcel Collect, means postmen and postwomen can collect a parcel from the customer’s door or nominated safe place for 72p per parcel, in addition to postage costs. Parcel Collect is also available for pre-paid return items at a cost of 60p per item. Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer at Royal Mail, said: ‘Royal Mail Parcel Collect is a fantastic step forward for all of our customers. It makes it easier to use our services than ever before. Whether you’re up against time and working from home, making a return, selling online or sending a gift…

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sinking causes stamps to be postponed

The tragic loss of Tristan da Cunha’s main fishing and factory freezer vessel has prompted the philatelic bureau to postpone a planned set of definitive stamps celebrating modern mailships. The MFV Geo Searcher recently struck a rock off Gough Island and sank. It had 62 crew members on board, including two islanders in the role of Fisheries Observers. Fortunately everyone made it to Gough Island where there is a small South African weather station built to accommodate just a small number of scientists. The SA Agulhas II sailed from Cape Town to rescue the crew. Juliet Warner, of Pobjoy Mint, the stamp-issuing agency for Tristan, said: ‘This tragedy is a great loss to Tristan da Cunha. The Geo Searcher had passenger and cargo capacity and regularly transported mail to and from the…