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Stamp Collector April 2021

Stamp Collector gives you all the information, news, expert advice, market insight and inspiration you need to build your stamp collection and get the most from your hobby. Every issue features the latest prices, expert collecting advice, in-depth guides giving you the lowdown on classic stamp sets, new stamps, postal history, first-day covers and much more. Our stamp stories shed light on intriguing stamps and why they were produced, and our stamp sidelines pages provide an insight into postmarks, first-day covers, Cinderellas, Post & Go and Europa stamps.

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this is how the stamp trade works

1▶If You want to learnhow the stamp trade works, please read on… When I was 15, I did. I wondered if there was some secret source of supply? So, I bought my 1st stamp mixture, (wholesale I thought), broke it into 50 smaller units, advertised it in Stamp Magazine ‘Classi. eds’, and waited for the orders to roll in… I’m still waiting, 51 years later!… Wrong Offer ✗ Wrong Price ✗ Wrong Place ✗ (naïve seller) ✓= me but I was only 15 at the time! 2▶Three years later, attending my first public stamp auctions I wondered how some bidders seemed to buy everything, paying the highest price? It didn’t occur to me that they were probably Auction Bidding Agents, paid by absent (dealer) bidders to represent them. I wondered why two collectors sitting…

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CONFERENCE WEBINARS NOW AVAILABLE TO VIEW As I write, we are just bringing our second Collectors’ Conference to a close, after some fantastic webinars, articles and activities over on our website, all with the theme of modern stamps. Our webinars featured Agnieszka Trzaskowska and Emile Espen who both work to promote and organise Europa Stamps; and Master Stamp Engraver Martin Mörck and collector Armagan Ozdinc, who discussed Martin’s life, career and the hundreds of stamps he has engraved and designed over the years. Thanks to the panellists and to everyone who came along and asked questions. We had some great feedback on the webinars. Douglas Nethercleft emailed to say: ‘Great presentation by Armagan Ozdinc featuring some beautiful engraved material by Martin Morck… The icing on the cake was having the live presence of…

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join the ‘stamp for captain tom’ campaign

The team behind the allaboutstamps website and Stamp Collector magazine have launched a campaign to have a charity stamp issued to celebrate the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who sadly passed away this week. Captain Sir Tom Moore has been an inspirational figure in the UK’s fight against Covid19. Following his sad passing earlier this week, we are now asking Royal Mail if they will issue a special charity stamp to honour the man and his inspirational charity work in 2020. A special stamp celebrating his life and his fundraising would be a fitting tribute to both him and the many key workers and fundraisers who have come together to help the fight against this horrible virus. We believe the special stamp should be a charity (or ‘semi-postal’ stamp) with a…

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collectors look forward to virtual stampex

The second virtual version of Stampex is set to take place between 25 and 27 March, and the organisers have revealed further details of the show’s attractions and announced the headline sponsor. Registration for Virtual Stampex is now open at stampex.vfairs.com, and the organisers have revealed new features for the online show including the Collectors Lounge, sponsored by Corinphila and Heinrich Kohler, which will allow collectors to meet, chat and connect. A PTS spokesperson explained that the Lounge will let visitors ‘meet friends, join a relaxed session on collecting from one of the experts and meet the teams who are showing in the booth hall.’ The Spink Auditorium will be home to ten philatelic talks over the 72-hour event, including presentations from NY Collectors Club, FIAP and The Royal Philatelic Society London.…

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guernsey amongst year of rat winners

Guernsey Post’s Year of the Rat stamps were recently awarded seventh place in a global competition organised by The Chinese Shengxiao (Zodiac) Philatelic Society, with Hong Kong coming first in the annual event. Now in its eleventh year, the competition included Year of the Rat stamps issued by sixty postal administrations in late 2019 or early 2020. The winning stamps were selected by members of The Chinese Shengxiao Philatelic Society and a jury of 28 philately experts, who awarded Hong Kong’s stamps the top spot. Designed by Chrissy Lau, Guernsey’s stamp set, Rags to Riches, depicts a rat on each intricately designed stamp, which feature accents of gold reflecting the belief, in Chinese culture, of the rat’s association with wealth, abundance and prosperity, as well as fertility and reproduction. The Chinese symbol…

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exhibition celebrates the british postcard

The Postal Museum have revealed details of a new exhibition planned to open on 1 April, celebrating the role the postcard has played in connecting people for more than a century and a half. The ‘Wish You Were Here’ exhibition was originally scheduled for 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. The British postcard’s history dates back to 1870, when it became an innovation of its time, opening new and faster correspondence for everyone in Britain. Postcards were used to send secret messages of love, to boost morale for soldiers at war and to boast from holidays near and afar. Exhibition highlights will include the first British postcard from 1870, a pre-paid postcard template with a blank front which sparked the public’s obsession for rapid communications; early 20th-century illustrated postcards from…