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Issue 13

The Biscuit is RSPCA’s magazine for animal lovers. Beautifully designed and photographed, it’s full of animal news, rescue stories, pet advice, and information about our native wildlife. A great read for the whole family! 100% of the profits go towards helping animals in need.

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A tough start to the new decade Like the majority of Australians, these past few months have been quite overwhelming. I’m sure as an animal lover, you too have felt helpless, angry and emotionally drained with the recent bushfire crisis impacting Australia. It’s a terrible situation for our native wildlife along with the loss of human, pet and livestock lives. We felt it was only fitting to feature our native wildlife in this issue, and talk about the efforts going on behind the scenes to secure their future in light of these disasters. There are positives, although they may not always be easy to see. In this issue you’ll also be able to read more heartwarming RSPCA animal rescue stories, interesting cat facts, pet care advice, and community interviews. If you’re like me and…

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the biscuit

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life-saving canine receives rspca queensland animal hero award!

ANIMAL HERO On October 11 last year, Shaune was struck by a car while walking Max. She suffered horrific head and facial injuries and had severe fractures to her arm, neck, pelvis and hip. She spent 27 days in a coma in Intensive Care at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, before spending another 44 days in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit. Shaune is now back at home, but still under a strict rehabilitation program for a number of months. She underwent 11 hours of facial surgery as her face was completely broken, as well as having a number of other complications with her brain during her time in ICU. According to Shaune and her fiancé David Symes, she would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the bravery of their dog Max. According…

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rspca news & updates

POP UP ADOPTION For the sixth year, RSPCA’s Pop Up Adoption at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre was a huge success with 213 pets finding new homes on January 18. Pop Up Adoption is all about bringing RSPCA pets to the people, in one central location. Pets from regional RSPCA shelters right across Queensland travelled into the city. The event not only gives extra exposure to pets that may have been waiting a long time for a new home at the RSPCA, but also helps to break down the adoption barrier that may be in place for people that are reluctant to visit an animal shelter. We are thrilled to see thousands of people attending the event each year and eager to adopt. LIVE EXPORT UPDATE Once again, the welfare of sheep…

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a life saving wonder cat

Five years ago, beautiful Penny was rescued from the the streets of Adelaide and brought into RSPCA South Australia’s Lonsdale shelter as a tiny stray. Young Alex had been begging his mother Sarah for a kitten in the lead up to his fifth birthday. “I took my son to Lonsdale and he instantly fell in love with Penny. He would not even look at any other cats,” Sarah grinned. Penny was swiftly adopted by Sarah and Alex, who welcomed the lucky kitty into their family with loving arms. As adorable as Penny was as a kitten, Sarah recalled that she had a soft and needy side to her, and was a little reserved and shy at first. Sarah joked that Penny was a ‘meowy little sook’, but lucky for her, feline sister Ruby helped…

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staying put for pepper

Pepper’s story starts off as one of sadness, but like other stories at our shelter, ends in a happily furever after. When Pepper’s owner got sick, it was a hard decision to find a new place for Pepper to call home. The family needed to move interstate and unfortunately, Pepper could no longer go with them. We see many animals at the ACT shelter for a variety of reasons, and Pepper was one that melted our hearts instantly. Pepper was a beautiful blue and white mixed breed dog, with warm eyes and a big, smiley face. She was a larger dog and was often overlooked by potential owners. We knew how special Pepper was and it was so important for us to find her the perfect match. Our volunteers would spend their…