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The PictureThe Picture

The Picture Issue 1911

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

Bauer Media Pty Ltd
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₹ 145.12
₹ 1,698.70
26 Issues


1 min.
still the champ!

CHALLENGERS come and go, but megamammed Chelsea Charms reckons she’s still QUEEN OF THE TITTIES. The 43-year-old Seppo stripper and model’s num-nums are now so big they make our brains hurt – a tad over two metres around, weighing 18kg EACH, cup size off the charts… Christ, we need a fucken drink! And they keep on getting bigger, due to the weird surgical string they were stuffed with that keeps them expanding like the UNIVERSE ITSELF. While fellow Seppo Maxxi Mounds and German model Beshine have both put in claims as having the world’s biggest bolt-ons, we’re going with Chelsea and her tits, which she calls Itsy and Bitsy. She continues to tour and delight her many fans with her SUPER-SIZED SUCKBAGS, but one day she’ll have to have the string removed before they…

1 min.
she’s all class!

AFTER more than 10 years in the norks-out modelling business, Emma Frain has done it all. Page 3, men’s mags, TV – she even dated a Pommy soccer player for a while, which is almost compulsory for glamour models over there. But what we DIDN’T know is that she’s also a bit of a brainiac, with a degree in sports science from the UK’s Chester University (yeah, we checked it out and it does exist). So she’s not just a pretty face and a pair of fantastic F-cup folderols, Emma’s also got some edyou… edyew – she really KNOWS STUFF. Which makes us think that when she packs in the modelling – she’s 31 now so who knows how much longer she’ll be doing it – she’d make a top-notch TEACHER. In fact, we reckon…

1 min.
wobbly world

LOS ANGELES! Porn veteran Cassidy Banks knows that good nutrition is essential to keep her juices flowing. She lets her tits pick out some nutritious goodies from the supermarket. RIO! She’s made a living out of rubbing her bean on camera, but Janessa Brazil doesn’t dodge doing the hard yards in the gym to make sure her smoo is SNAPPIN’ FRESH. ODESSA! There are so many hot babes in Ukraine, Irishka barely rates a mention if she strips off and cartwheels on the bar. Oh, and she also knows how to rock some boots. LATVIA! She loves a bit of classy stonemasonry, does Sereka. Slate, granite, sandstone, she’s into it all. Those Latvian babes, they all love a good trowelling. LATVIA! Russian lezzo porn star model Katya Clover can’t stand airline food so she brings her own TIT-BITS. She’s…

2 min.
news flash

FACE THE MUSIC SPOOF is a perfectly legitimate facial treatment, according to London-based beauty expert Chelsee Lewis. Lewis, who has treated Hollywood celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Suki Waterhouse, reckons jizz contains something called spermine, an antioxidant that can help reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin and prevent acne. So not only should your missus happily cop your load on her face, she should fucking PAY YOU FOR IT. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! AN AUSSIE family found a gold nugget worth $37,000 while walking their dog – called ‘Lucky’ – near Bendigo in Victoria. They were taking the fleabag on a piss-and-sniff expedition when one of the family kicked a rock, which turned out to be 624 grams of the shiny stuff. Now they plan to go back and pan in the area. Two…

1 min.
mr digits!

IT SEEMS amazing that Devendra Suthar, a man born with SEVEN FINGERS on each hand, should go into carpentry and, years later, still have all fourteen digits. But yeah, at the age of 46 and after all those years of fucking about with saws and shit, he can still count to fourteen without taking off his shoes and socks. Not that he’s short in that department, either – fuck us if he doesn’t have seven toes on each FOOT as well! Devvy, from Gujarat, in western India is the world’s most DIGITISED BLOKE, with 28 all up, and says the main drawbacks to having the extras are finding shoes to fit and the constant fear of nailing one to a plank. Still, if he ever wanted to take up the piano……

1 min.
licensed to spill!

YOU know a Hollywood actress is big time when she already has her own CATEGORY on porn sites. So new Bond chick Ana De Armas is ahead of the game. Not that she’s ever done porn, but even her NON-PORN stuff is so horny she helps rack up lots of FREQUENT WANKER miles on some of those sites. So that bodes well for the next Bondy in the series, the 25th. ’Cos the smokin’ hot Cuban has already been seen BOUNCIN’ HER TIT-TAYS all over the screen in such mainstream-but-hot-enough-for-porn classics as Blade Runner 2049, Blind Alley, Sex, Party And Lies and Knock Knock. So it shouldn’t be too much to ask her to get ’em out again when they start filming the new Bond flick in Jamaica soon. It doesn’t have to…