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The Picture Issue 1918

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

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miley high club

SPARKY songstress Miley Cyrus has overcome great adversity in her life – a dad with a shockin’ mullet for starters – to become a world-beater in her profession. Now she’s facing another personal setback – busting up with long-time boyfriend/short-time hubby, Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth. But is she sitting around feeling sorry for herself, sobbing into her Malibu and lemonade? Well, yeah, probably, but at least she’s doing it in style, hangin’ out in ritzy Fendi, Italy, with chick buddy Kaitlynn Carter, who’s also just had a marriage bust-up. And really, how could Miles stay miserable when she’s got Kaitlynn’s peachy arse to use for a pillow while she gets her lovely norks out and works on her tan? Apparently the two have been seen smooching and tangling tonsils, but whether that’s anything SECKSHUAL or…

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bappy snaps!

WE NORMALLY hate people who take selfies all the time, but in Sammy Brady’s case we totally understand. ’Cos if you had an award-winning pair of tits like the Pommy glamour model’s righteous rack, how could you resist banging off snap after horny snap of them? Sammy loves to take selfies featuring her all-natural F-cup funbags, which look just as perky today as they did back in 2006, when she started in the tits-out caper at the age of 22. Yeah, that’s right – she’s 34! Amazing. But she’s holding up pretty well, eh. And beautly, she doesn’t keep these lovely piccies to herself – she bungs them out there on her social media accounts so everyone can enjoy them. That’s one big-hearted babe! Sammy has consistently resisted the many offers to go pants-off, or –…

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wobbly world

CALIFORNIA! Billions of blokes would roll naked through a 15km trench full of razor wire just to go hiking with 22-year-old Angel here. BIRMINGHAM! For some reason, big-titted porn goddess Liz seems overjoyed to find herself next to a dinged car. Maybe she can panel-beat it with her beaut double-Ds! NEVADA! Eortic model Alyssa Weiber, 21, disproves the theory that nothing grows in the desert by flashing her blossoming double-D norks on her morning run. Refreshing! PRAGUE! Czech porn star Marry Queen is just too hot for words. Those freckles, that landing strip, those all-natural D-cups – if she were a breakfast cereal she be called Spunko Pops! MOSCOW! Ukrainian porn star Kortney is always working. Even while having a picnic on her day off she still can’t resist getting her beaut cans out when a fan asks her…

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news flash

WHERE’S FATSO? THAILAND’s favourite lard-arsed monkey has gone MISSING. Uncle Fatty was a fixture at a temple in Bangkok frequently visited by touritsts, who fed him heaps of choccies and other crap, causing him to CHUB UP something fierce. He was sent away to monkey fat camp to slim down, but soon stacked on the kilos again when he came back. Now Uncle Fatty has disappeared, and his fans are afraid he’s crawled off to die. Maybe he just heard about a really good all-you-can-eat buffet at another temple . You never know. SHEEP ON DRUGS! A PRIZE-winning lamb at a Seppo fair has been disqualified for being ON THE DRUGS. Judges at the Logan County Fair in Ohio found that the grand champion lamb tested positive to a performance-enhancing diuretic, which made…

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50 CENT In June 1994, Mr Cent – aka Curtis Jackson – was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover cop. He really should’ve known better – he’d been selling gear since he was 12! ROBERT DOWNEY JR. In 1999, after his third arrest while still on probation for possession of heroin, cocaine and an unloaded .357 Magnum while speeding in LA, he got three years in the clink. Sounds fair. CONOR MCGREGOR The UFC giant was arrested Miami in March this year for smashing the phone of a guy who tried to take his picture outside a nightclub. We reckon the bloke got off lightly. CHARLIE SHEEN Arrested for assaulting his wife Brooke Mueller in 2009, Charlie copped 30 days in rehab, 30 days of probation, and 36 hours of anger management. So at least he…

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the a to z of tits-out babes!

ALICE GOODWIN Remember her mams from a recent cover of Peoplemag? We sure as heck do! A is for Australian kiss Like a French kiss, but (snerk!) DOWN UNDER; oral sex. BETH LILY Our stunning covergirl from #1479. You know, the one with the REALLY BIG TITS. Bis for Brickie’s thumbs Large, erect, beaut nipples. As in, “those nips looked like brickie’s thumbs.” See also footy studs. CLAUDIA DEAN The Pom model is so hot she could melt the polar ice caps. So THAT’S what’s doing it! C is for Cuntox A person lower than a snake’s arse; special term of abuse reserved for arseholes who root your missus, take your last beer from the fridge, or get you barred from the pub. DAISY WATTS Run out of Viagra? Just look at Daisy’s arse. Dis for Draw an ace The last…