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The Picture Issue 1919

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

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thorne star!

SEPPO actress Bella Thorne got into the sexy, Italian way of things at the Venice Film festival by freely airing one of her perfect chest LASAGNAS. The 21-year-old star of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip forgot to do up a few of the buttons on her blouse, and wouldn’t you know it, a breeze came along and did the rest. But she probably didn’t mind. She likes a bit of flesh, apparently. “I like sexy. So for me, it’s okay,” she gushed in an interview this year. “I love skin, like I love seeing skin. I like sexy girls, I like sexy guys… I like sexy in general, you know?” WE know. Yeah, it seems like the former Disney child star is letting it all hang out in more ways than one. The self-confessed…

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read all about tit!

EVER wondered what goes into the care and maintenance of a prizewinning pair of tits? Deep tissue massages? Expensive French moisturiser? Regular pep talks from a life coach to make sure they reach their full potential? Nuh. According to expert big boob wrangler Stacey Poole it’s all about giving the snuggly buggers a warm and nurturing environment in which they can flourish. At least that’s what we think she said. We were a bit distracted. “It’s all the swimming to keep them toned,” she informed us, directing our eyes upwards. “Supportive bras to keep them in place, and seeing, as I think of my nipples as eyes, and when they are out and about and looking around they’re super-happy and free.” So that’s why Stacey’s double-G assets look so bloody pleased with themselves! ’Cos at…

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wobbly world

MAJORCA! They used to say that the sun never sets on the British Empire. What that’s got to do with India Reynolds getting topless at sunset on a beach in Spain is anyone’s guess. LAS VEGAS! We’re not sure whether Californian porn star Darcie skips to keep fit for fucking, or fucks to keep fit for skipping. Either way, it looks like a helluva lot of fun. GREECE! Perky blonde Casey, and Oxana – the other one – can often be found together on the internet playing nudey dildo games with each other. They seem to do a lot of that sort of thing. IBIZA! Pommy model Kelly Hall is obsessed with working out yoga and swimming. We’re obsessed with her floaties. BRATISLAVA! Run out of clean undies? Just follow super cute Ukranian babe Kay’s fine example and don’t…

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news flash

CROC FIGHT! TWO of the NT’s biggest, meanest salties have chucked on a memorable stoush for the tourists on the Adelaide River that was 10 times better than that last Jeff Horn fight. The big pair – both about six metres long – were apparently scrapping over a dead chicken hung off a croc-watching boat, but it’s more a matter of establishing who’s the daddy on the stretch of river where they both hang out. At the final bell the judges couldn’t split them and it was declared a tie. See ya next fight night! NICE TO MEAT YOU A PISSED-off West Australian vegan took her neighbours to court to stop them from barbecuing in their own backyard ’cos she reckons the smell was wrecking her life. Cilla Carden, from the Perth suburb…

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LOCALS and visitors alike, everyone was lovin’ the heady combination of burning fuel and smoking rubber at this year’s Red CentreNATS, Alice Springs’ answer to Canberra’s Summernats. Spread out across several venues were the usual events and judging, but all eyes were on the Alice Springs Inland Dragway for the burn-outs, where hundreds of innocent tyres were being cruelly put to death over the three days. And everybody really appreciated it when Darryl Ferguson’s outrageous flatbed truck SMOKNRAT unleashed the smoky fires of hell into the clear Territory sky, as is the time-honoured custom. Asked afterwards if the RAT was the toughest truck in Oz, he thought for a moment and replied: “I would say so.” A man of few words, Darryl, but we think he’s right on the money there.…

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flashin’ show

G’DAY. Giz a plate of caviar sangers and a crate of top shelf French goon? Fuck ya then. Lately, I’ve been slogging my guts out at fashion shows keeping tabs on all the model babes as they ACCIDENTALLY let their tits fall out of the dresses they’re supposed to be wearing. Here’s a tip – MORE BUTTONS, designer blokes! Dead set, it’s not fucken rocket science. But now that I think about it, the tits falling out all over the place really make the fashion scene what it is. ’Cos without the tits, it’d just be a bunch of clothes. I just thank fuck for the finger food and free piss.…