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Transfer Snowboard Magazine is the most trusted and respected snowboarding magazine in Australia and New Zealand with the best photography and most insightful editorial.

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i’m not gonna let ’em catch me …

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring. ”- David Bowie Us snowboarders go to extreme lengths to do the thing we love so much. Whether it’s hitting the road after 5pm on a Friday for two days on the mountain, coming up with all manner of sick day excuses to get out there after a big dump, or dropping every commitment in life to score the perfect day, no matter what, we live for the adventure. It’s in our (alcohol-fuelled) blood. This issue is dedicated to bringing you nothing but endless stoke for your season ahead. It’s aimed at sparking the fire of that adventurer inside. For the good days, the bad days and everything in-between – because whatever the conditions, we’ll be snowboarding,…

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A true devotee to the snowboard industry, Alex has done it all. He's worked for various publications, capturing the best of the best content in Australia and New Zealand every season since 2004. Why? Because he genuinely loves everything about snowboarding and his photography and words prove it. Having undergone a massive surgery from a past injury, Alex had to unwillingly press pause for a couple of years. His feature on page 101 was Alex’s first stint heading back to Europe since recovering – shooting and indulging in the incredible scene over there. We are beyond stoked to welcome him back - and to #TeamTransfer. On the cover It was the end of the season and I was hanging to do some freeriding. Rip Curl got in contact with me and asked…

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windloaded get stuffed

Anon – M3 Googles – $329.99 The Anon M3 is the crème de la crème of goggles. The one thing that single-handedly ruins a day on the mountain is shit vision paired with goggle fogging. This goggle has new magnetic tech where you can now swap your lenses out in the click of finger and enjoy perfect vision all day long. Grab a pair of these and enjoy not being that person on the chairlift swearing at his/her goggles hoping that they will somehow come good … they never do ... trust me. Hot tip – run a couple lenses in your top jacket pocket for the perfect day. Northwave – Edge Boot – $399 Live life on the edge with this all-terrain destroyer. Whatever you like to ride, the Edge boot delivers…

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sophie nicholls-austin

Who or what inspires you and why? My twin sister Georgia - she gets it. If I’m ever being too much of a pussy to hit or try something, she’ll hit it first. That will get me pumped up to try it, even if she eats shit. Thanks G. Where will you be in five years? Hopefully snowboarding and still really happy. What fills your time apart from snowboarding? I’ve been doing back-to-back seasons for the past four years now, so not a lot else. Mainly working and eating. Describe your ideal day? It starts with Georgia cooking me breakfast, followed by yoga, spring boarding with a bunch of friends, a few beverages on a patio, Monopoly Deal (or any card game and preferably winning) and eating any other food Georgia feels like cooking that day. Where’s your…

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roland morley-brown

What’s your favourite board of all time? Forum John Jackson pro model, think it was 2009. The one with all the fish hooks over it. I wasn’t really into the graphic, but damn that thing was a weapon. What boards are you riding this season? Bataleon. Freakin’ love them. Triple base tech is so sick in powder, like a spoon through hot soup. Do you have any mods you make to tweak your binding? I’ll put my boots in the bindings and if necessary, adjust the heel cup and toe padding so they are centered under the boot. Then make sure the heel strap is sitting evenly over the ankles, so there’s no weird pressure point. I’ll also tweak the high backs so they are parallel to the heel edge. Do you detune a board before…

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carlos garcia knight

It’s been a stagnant few years in the Southern Hemisphere scene. The big dogs keep getting bigger, the bigger dogs have been dropping off the radar, and there really hasn’t been a fresh blood of sorts to hop on the scene and blow things out of proportion. Meet Carlos Garcia Knight, who is exactly that. Carlos has been hovering around New Zealand the past few years, popping up every now and then. Suddenly, he hit the Olympics, qualifying first in the Big Air and making the final of the men’s slopestyle. In the process, he forced people to pay attention, immediately putting the Southern Hemisphere back on the international radar. So where did this 21-year-old come from and where to next? Transfer hit him up to find out. Carlos! How are you mate?…