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September/October 2019

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We loved the concept of the next generation because it inherently references the past while looking toward the future. It’s all about building on something that came before with the tools we have today to make it function better now. That goes for everything from training techniques and gear to ourselves, our lifestyles, and our tri heroes. We highlighted the most exciting developments in the sport on all of those fronts in these pages—in ways we hope you’ll find surprising and fun. Take our coverman, Parker Spencer. This young, entrepreneurial coach created his triathlon dream job—twice—and is now helming a USAT initiative to develop our country’s next male Olympic superstars. The best part? He’s already ahead of schedule with an unexpected podium finish under his belt. It’s a double whammy of…

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from your fellow triathletes

RE: A NEW EFFORT TO MAKE NEW-BIE-ONLY TRIS Newbie-only races are a great idea. My first tri offered a “last wave” option for anyone who didn’t want to fear an aggressive pack of swimmers behind them in their assigned wave. While waiting to start, we all jokingly said to each other, “Please don’t touch me!” If it weren’t for that option, I doubt I’d have ever done another tri, let alone an Ironman in 2012. Sue Clinard Jacobs via Facebook I would also venture a guess that the overall (perceived) price tag drives people away. It *is* possible to be a competitive age-group athlete on a modified entry-level road bike and spend less than $1,000 per season on race expenses and equipment (mainly running shoes) combined. Emily Yosh via Facebook Check out our spread of…

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this month at triathlete.com

FIND ALL THESE STORIES AND MORE AT TRIATHLETE.COM/MAGAZINE ALOHA! We’re headed to the Big Island to bring you up close with the top pro contenders, share stories of your fellow age groupers, and take you inside triathlon’s biggest race. We’ll feature coverage from the Kona Underpants Run, bike check-in, race day, and more. You Can Qualify For Kona Does a starting spot at the Ironman World Championship feel like a distant dream? Coach Lance Watson shares a plan to help you bag that long-course PR. Unique Ways to Get in a Brick Our bodies need to learn how to go from one sport to the next—these sessions will accomplish that in an hour or less. 5 Reasons You Should Eat More Fish With the abundance of health benefits, it’s time to give fish another try. Long Ride Checklist Don’t leave…

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IF YOU COULD INVENT ONE GADGET TO REVOLUTIONIZE TRI, WHAT WOULD IT BE? EDITORIAL A (lightweight!) iron stomach A wetsuit that makes you swim with perfect form A robot that swims for me! Elect ronic gear shifting powered by thoughts alone Editor-in-Chief Erin Beresini Senior Editor Chris Foster Senior Digital Editor Liz Hichens Managing Editor Emma-Kate Lidbury Contributing Writers Jonathan Blyer, Jess Cera, Adam Chase, Marilyn Chychota, Brad Culp, Freya Drohan, Sarah Wassner Flynn, Matthew Kadey, Susan Lacke, Casey Maguire, Sara McLarty, Kelly O’Mara, A.C. Shilton Online Writers Meredith Atwood, Brad Culp, Sarah Wassner Flynn, Kristin Goett, Susan Lacke ART Art Director David Allen Photography Director Brad Kaminski Contributing Artists & Photographers Rocky Arroyo, Oliver Baker, Matt Collins, Hannah DeWitt, Brad Kaminski, Tom Pennington, Carel du Plessis, Mike Plant, Julia Vandenoever MEDIA Director of Production + Circulation Heather Arnold Digital Director, Strategy + Operations Anna Horsch Director of Marketing + Audience Development…

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next gen athletes have better nutrition

Why is it that one friend is always faster than you, despite the fact that you guys train together? Is it genetics or something else? Most experts agree that genetics play a small role in athletic performance but that the real key to increased performance is lifestyle and nutrition. Cyclists have long sought ways to improve their performance through nutritional supplements and “creative training strategies.” Some have gone as far as using synthetic drugs and blood doping to gain an advantage. However, thanks to recent advances in sports nutrition, next gen athletes have found a legal solution to the EPO problem. EPO stands for Erythropoietin, a hormone that gives blood a greater capacity for carrying oxygen. Doctors first used EPO to counter red blood cell loss that resulted from chemotherapy treatment…

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radka kahlefeldt

Czech superstar Radka Kahlefeldt (née Vodicková) returned to racing last year just 11 weeks after the birth of her daughter Ruby—and ever since she’s been in indomitable form with a second-place finish at The Challenge Championship and a third-place finish at the 70.3 European Championships. The 34-year-old professional says she is driven by her love of training, racing, and traveling all over the world—even with a new toddler in tow. “I was 15 when a triathlon coach in my home town of Jablonec, in the Czech Republic, asked me if I’d like to give triathlon a go. It seemed like a fun idea, so I joined the team and discovered there were lots of good-looking boys there, which was mostly why I kept going.” “I started racing sprint and Olympic distance back…