Vertical Life

Vertical Life

December 2019 - February 2020

Vertical Life is a climbing magazine in Australasia, available in both digital and print options. Here at Vertical Life we love climbing, be it beanied bouldering, clip-up sportclimbing, old-school daddy-tradding, big-wall suffering, alpine extremism, spandex-clad competition climbing, desperate-times-call-for-desperate-measures buildering, the lot – if it involves monkey business we will cover it.

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The Victorian Climbing Discussion Forum – the main hub of online discussion of Grampians/Gariwerd access – has been subject to hijacking. There has been a lot of heat on the forum recently, not only due to the playing out of internal ructions in the newly-formed Australian Climbing Association Victoria (ACAV), with the committee attempting to remove the president in a move that is, depending on your perspective, either totally justified or totally unjustified. The Victorian Climbing Discussion Forum, formerly the ‘ACAV Discussion Forum’ (its name was changed as some within the ACAV thought the conversation there might reflect badly on the ACAV), has at times seemed to have been manipulated by those more interested in waging culture wars than speaking about climbing access. Amongst the worst posts was one about a controversial…

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the eye of the needle

Danger Darren had bought another boat. His previous one sank off a lonely beach on the northern tip of Flinders Island. Danger, Dave Globull and Duncan Meerding had made a dash across the strait under a full moon that illuminated a chaotic sea. The three Ds made it through the night, but all the rattlesnake charm in the universe couldn’t save the boat. Battered and bruised it began taking on water just past Killiecrankie Bay. Fortunately for them, unlike Captain Hamilton and his crew of Bengali sailors who in the 18th century were shipwrecked nearby on Preservation Island, the three Ds did not have to row to the coast of Victoria and walk 800km to what would become Sydney in order to survive. In terms of Tassie’s pillars, climbers had been…

10 min.
out of hades

Summer in Tasmania – a place for those of us from the mainland who aren’t too keen on slapping sweaty slopers on Taipan Wall. Me and a ragtag group of Geelong bums hit the high seas to venture south. Our first stop was Fortescue Bay and the Totem Pole, but not before a quick trip out to the Paradiso. Along with being amazed by the punchy swell, the crew started flapping around on some of the crag classics. We kept on doodling when in walked some locals. I spotted a familiar face, Roxy Perry, I knew of her from the Lead Nationals a few years back. She knew some of the Geelong crew and joined the conversation. There was a kid behind her, a thin kid who looked a bit…

3 min.
capturing enormous baby steps

‘Could you try to hang on one arm for me, please?’ I jumped on the bar, let go with my left arm and my body started to uncontrollably rotate. ‘This is fucked.’ I thought ‘Not bad,’ Lee said, ‘we just need to make the shoulder stronger and you will be alright.’ In between exercises to rehab my injured shoulder at his clinic in the Blue Mountains, Lee mentioned that Angie ‘The Future’ Scarth-Johnson and he had bolted a few routes on the Newnes Plateau and that it would be rad to get some photos of them. There was immediately enough psych for the job, which would be much more fun than rehab. Though, as always, the crux would be finding a time that worked for all three of us. Almost a year later, Angie,…

10 min.
lord of the rings

For a long time Lord of the Rings was ‘Serious Young Lizards’, the working name given to a project bolted by Kim Carrigan. This project was located on Henry Bolte Wall, better known as ‘Dogger’s Gully’; a most salubrious venue, being home to a bunch of excellent, hard routes to dog, all-day shade, a delightful outlook over the patchwork of paddocks and bumblies toddling up Watchtower Face, not to mention a tiered viewing platform from which spectators, photogs and hecklers can hurl beta, direction and insults – and from where Kim probably first spotted the line. ‘The blank line straight up the middle was obvious just unlikely,’ Kim says, ‘I rapped it and it was obviously a project!’ He bolted the route as an independent line to the right of Slinkin’…