October 2020

Join us in honouring India in the October issue as Vogue India celebrates its 13th anniversary. We reached out to 13 thought leaders and industry disruptors, like Isha Ambani Piramal and rapper Divine, for their take on how they view modern India. Focussing on Indian brands and designers, our fashion section pays tribute to the old and new forms of jewellery and takes a look at 35 years of Indian fashion. Anupama Chopra chats with the new stars of entertainment, those who rise from OTT platforms and celebrate diversity. Hasan Minhaj opines about how India is Bollywood and we shine a light upon the faces in the North East. From Ayurveda to artistic eyes to Malayalam literature, it is all about what you identify with.

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editor’s letter

When we launched Vogue in India 13 years ago, the world was a different place. Remember 2007? It was the year when the iPhone launched, when low-rise jeans (and those dreaded peeking thongs) were part of public discourse, when Shilpa Shetty made global headlines on Celebrity Big Brother and when astronaut Sunita Williams set new goals by becoming the first woman to be in space for 195 days. It was so long ago, there was no Instagram, no Swiggy or Zomato, no Uber, Amazon Prime or Disney+ Hotstar. These past 13 years have been built on great memories; Vogue India had a great childhood, a beautiful journey we have documented through our 155 issues (and many supplements). But like any worried parent watching their child enter their teens, this month,…

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my india is global

Yes, Amrit has an exquisite face. There are her features, both fine and full of character, her skin a deep caramel, framed by a slightly wild mane of hair that would make Kali proud. There’s a quiet calm to her beauty that makes you lean towards her, as though she’s whispering and you are straining to hear more. But right now I can’t see her, separated as we are by COVID restrictions and the width of the city of Paris; with Amrit on the other end of a call from the apartment she shares with model colleagues near the Eiffel Tower. That I can’t perceive what is one of the most buzzed-about faces this year is strange, certainly. But I quickly hear that I’m not the only one. Until this year,…

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they mean business

MEENA HARRIS 35, FOUNDER AND CEO, PHENOMENAL SAN FRANCISCO “I often joke that growing up in my family was like the opening scene of Wonder Woman (2017), where a community of strong, brilliant women ran around helping each other succeed...and basically saved the world together,” says Meena Harris. And she’s not exaggerating. The women she is referring to are her late grandmother, Shyamala Gopalan, a breast cancer researcher and civil rights activist; her mother Maya, a civil rights and public policy advocate and lawyer; and her aunt, Kamala—yes, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Harris’s achievements are no less impressive. A lawyer, entrepreneur (she is the founder and CEO of Phenomenal, a grassroots initiative started in 2016 to encourage activism), author (her children’s book, Kamala And…

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get, set, gopro

Clothes, jewellery, food, venue and guests—planning a wedding can be a tedious affair. Of the innumerable duties that you are assigned as a bridesmaid, perhaps your most important job is capturing picture-perfect moments from the couple’s big day. Here’s where a GoPro—a camera that amounts to half the size of your palm comes in handy. Consider investing in GoPro’s newly launched HERO9 Black—a pocket-sized, rugged waterproof, durable camera that comes with a new 23.6MP sensor that delivers crystal clear videos with a resolution of 5K and crisp 20MP photos. While most wedding photographers tend to take months to deliver photos and videos, with the GoPro app you can get professional quality content automagically for your social media. Capture everything from spectacular shots of the wedding and behind-the-scenes videos of the sangeet…

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• A front facing color display and larger rear screen let you frame your wedding selfies perfectly. • A 30 percent longer battery life ensures that you cover all wedding celebrations without the HERO9 Black losing power midway. • HERO9 Black comes with SuperPhoto for capturing incredible stills and SuperView which is great for capturing wide videos. • The MAX lens mod lets you Max out your stabilisation and field of view—combining unbreakable Max HyperSmooth stabilisation with an ultra-wide 155› FOV digital lens. • Horizon lock keeps your videos on the horizontal or vertical axis, even if your camera is mounted off-center or rotates a full 360°. • With Power Tools like HindSight, capture and save up to 30 seconds of video before the shutter button is pressed. • Take screengrabs from a video using the…

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man on a mission

The current pandemic has wreaked havoc on our lives and extracted a heavy toll on our overall well-being. But in the midst of the reigning chaos that’s been fuelled by an increasingly uncertain environment, Mumbai resident Mauris Noronha has emerged as a beacon of hope. A businessman by profession, but philanthropist at heart, Noronha has, since early March, solely dedicated his time to caring for those unable to care for themselves, even forgoing his plans of emigrating to the States. Working with a team of equally dedicated volunteers, Noronha has personally delivered essential food rations, medical supplies, and protective equipment to a number of zero-income families across the city. But perhaps the most commendable bit about Mauris’s mission is the fact that he has relied entirely on his own savings to…