June 2020

The June issue of Vogue is one of many firsts - starting with our cover. On our first-ever illustrated cover, internationally acclaimed artist Takashi Murakami gives us his interpretation of a world coming together to fight this unprecedented crisis. In other highlights, this is also our first no-production issue, where our fashion story was shot remotely, with contributions coming from across the world. In shops, we feature a collection of all things that make us cheerful, and pieces you can borrow from your partner's closet. Beauty highlights the health and wellness heroes to emerge from the lockdown. Plus a round table, conducted on Zoom, sees fashion designers discussing the future of the business.

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get to know...

PRIYA RAMANI Writer, ‘On the frontline’, page 108 “While interviewing a mix of nurses from Ladakh to Kerala, one thing struck me about most of them: they weren’t scared of COVID-19. Even those who were infected were ready to go back to work as soon as they got better. Everyone I spoke to for my story in this issue made me feel like we urgently need to give nursing the respect it deserves.” NILANJANA ROY Writer, ‘Inside story’ (Writer’s retreat), page 118 “I’ve never been more sharply aware of how lucky I am to be at home. Any adjustments you might have to make during the lockdown are minor in the face of the migrant crisis. For me, writing was hard at first; it was difficult to concentrate. But it steadily turned into something that…

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editor’s letter

This time last year, I was at Disneyland Paris, living in the moment with my eight-year-old as he took his ÿrst roller-coaster ride and chased cartoon characters for selfies. This June has been its antithesis. Unable to live in the moment as I juggle homeschooling with #WFH, I’m actively seeking the future to see what it holds. But what will be the way forward? For journalists, will it be conducting interviews from home? For photographers, chasing light through computer screens? For fashion designers, looking homewards in the face of uncertainty? This ‘new normal’ upended our editorial calendar, rejigged our line-up, and forced us to put together a no-production, no-human-touch issue. Under our #WFH mandate, my team became a testament to the #InThisTogether philosophy that runs across this issue. They found creative…

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what’s in it for you?

1 With sourcing, manufacturing and retail done within a contained radius, small enterprises drive home-grown industry and employment. Also, with your AHA/ BHA toner not crisscrossing continents to reach you, the carbon footprint is lower. 2 You will be showing some love to someone who is doing what they love, while giving back to a community that has nurtured you. 3 A real person, not an algorithm, will remember what you like. Enjoy your flat white just so? The barista will keep that in mind. Like your shirts two sizes bigger? The attendant will sort you out. 4 By supporting artisans, you are also preserving their crafts. Plus, you get a one-off piece that will mark you from the herd. 5 Small establishments lend communities charm and colour. No one wants a neighbourhood dominated…

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what we heart this month loves small is the new big

RETURN ON INVESTMENT “I call this the two-minute sari. With its pre-stitched pallu,it’s perfect for the woman on the go”—MASABA GUPTA “It’s a timeless piece touched by the hands of various craftspeople”—ANEETH ARORA, PÉRO We’re turning the old new again. Two designers bring back archival pieces that are now up for grabs. Here’s how to give these blasts from the past a 2020 update. GAME, SET, MATCH We’re heading back to the boardroom, but we’re taking the effortless ease of our bedrooms with us. These understated co-ord sets from sustainable clothing labels will elevate your look for your first day back at work. V IS FOR VINTAGE Much-loved fashion items no longer need to stay relegated to our memory This vintage Chanel necklace was made in 1985 and comes with the manufacturing date stamped on the back.…

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spark joy

1 FLORALS The summer dress is the home of the garden party 2 PEARLS Whether Baroque drops or perfect orbs, deep-dive into pearls for waist-up elegance 3 ELEVATED LOUNGEWEAR Couch potato, but spiffy as ever 4 PUFF SLEEVES Be the heroine of your own Jane Austen drama 5 POLKA DOTS Adding sparkle to polka dots takes it out of Minnie Mouse territory 6 POINTY PUMPS Cotton slingbacks are the antidote to flannel-slipper days 7 BOWS A gift that keeps on giving 8 FRILLS Daytime ruffles now come in stripes and grids 9 JUST HEART Sometimes, a little irreverence is necessary 10 DRAPES Part soap opera diva, part Greek goddess—what’s not to love? 11 SORBET SHADES Four ways to keep it sweet LADYLIKE The quintessential day dress returns for some heavy lifting GEEK Salted caramel and a hint of pistachio to ace those Zoom meetings SPORTY Lavender and strawberry to love all GLAM Scallop trims and clear heels for an…

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house rules

THE ONESIE As we navigate eat, sleep, Zoom, repeat, our go-to OOTD is a jumpsuit that is workwear on top and bedtime below. SUMMER KURTA While sweats may be tempting, swap them for a soft-to-the-touch kurta. THROW-OVER The most comfortable spot on the couch has our name on it. Now all we need is a free-movement shrug for maximum snuggles. THE OVERSIZED DRESS It’s a simple correlation: hotter the weather, more diaphanous the dress. THE MAN SHIRT Here’s to looking on the bright side. SLIP DRESS When you’re sequestering, but in style. RIBBED CO-ORDS The benefits of matching your look? Less thinking time equals more downtime. SLEEP SHIRT One part corporate, two parts comfortable, this shirt is the stuff of waist-up dressing dreams. THE PJ SET There’s morning PJs and then there’s after-shower PJs. Let these be the latter. THE KAFTAN A cheery printed kaftan is the perfect (virtual)…