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VOGUE India December 2020

Taapsee Pannu espouses balmy weather and longer days as Vogue India's May/June Issue's cover star. Summertime is in full swing; if you're intending to escape, this edition comprises classics that will never fail. Take your pick: a sunshiny beach or an invigorating mountain—our curated jewellery and shops pages will allow you to seamlessly switch between the two moods. Engineering a staycation at home? No worries there—our three mini trends will keep you looking crisp and vivacious as you remain up-to-date on the season's most exclusive brands. Wearable wellness is one of the most significant fitness trends of 2021 and we turn our focus on alternative healing—tech and tradition come together as one. A guide to biohacking will leave you beautiful, inside and out. Take on the journey of a survivor as Shormishta Mukherjee tells all about her battle with cancer. Enter the world of Farah Fadd while the age of the illustrator dawns upon us. South Asians rewriting Hollywood find their spot in the sun as do clean foods from around the world.

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get to know...

MIKE ROSENTHAL Rosenthal is a photographer with a background in cinema. The Los Angeles-based artiste has worked with notable celebrities including Halle Berry, Robert De Niro and Marion Cotillard. For this issue, he photographs Mindy Kaling at home. Page 120 MARK GRGURICH Cataloguing life on the road ignited Grgurich’s love of visual, narrative storytelling. His eye and intuitive understanding of lighting, composition and form has distinguished him as a rare talent in his field. The New York-based artist shoots model Madhulika Sharma for this issue. Page 49 ISHETA SALGAOCAR For Salgaocar—a writer, wildlife photographer, programme advisor and patron of Sunaparanta Goa Centre of the Arts—naming just one seminal Bharti Kher work is next to impossible. She converses with the British-Indian contemporary artist about her fascination with everyday objects (in this case, handbags). Page 92 DIKSHA BASU Basu…

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editor’s letter

Whatever lessons you may have learnt from your coronavirus confinement, the universal realisation has been that there is no place like home. For most of us, this nine-month period has been a time to rethink, re-evaluate and revitalise our familiar surroundings. And with this focus, we dedicate our year-ender to the home, truly the centre of our lives this year. Of course, nine months is long enough to actualise a new life, as we learn from our cover girl, the irrepressible Mindy Kaling, a new parent in the pandemic. In this issue, she welcomes us into her Los Angeles abode, where she has been sequestering with her three-year-old daughter and newborn. The cheerful house in Hancock Park is filled with cherished pieces inherited from her parents. Take the guest room (pictured…

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flip it. fold it. flaunt it

“I love the design. It means the screen’s protected and I can actually fit my phone into my handbags and my pockets.”JESS ALEXANDER, ACTOR “It’s incredible to have a phone that makes it so easy to talk about my work and get it out there to people.”HARRIS REED, FASHION DESIGNER Suffice it to say, this year has been a rollercoaster; but, in a surprising plus, 2020 has pushed us to change the way we interact. Over the course of the year, we’ve gotten increasingly inventive with technology, experimenting with cool ways to stay in touch and celebrate special moments with loved ones despite the distance. In fact, you could say that 2020’s greatest gift to us has been the way it has propelled us to get creative with our smartphones to…

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the vogue gift guide 2020

FOR THE FASHION FIEND TWO’S COMPANY All good things come in pairs COUCH SURFING Stay at home, but make it fashion BRIGHT SPARK Baubles for every occasion FOR THE TECHIE FOR THE EXPERIENCE JUNKIE FOR THE WELLNESS WARRIOR FOR THE CREATIVE SOUL FOR THE DISCERNING GOURMAND FOR THE NEW MAMMA So she can wear her little one’s initials close to her heart or on her wrist! FOR THE BABIES Customised to add just the right touch FOR THE CONSCIOUS CRUSADER CHARLES NEGRE, PRODUCTION: MORGANE BEDEL…

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party starters

KNITTING DREAMS The new belle of the ball is less sequin-spangled and more cosy-cool, making the cardigan a socially acceptable staple WEAR WITH The ’90s purse DENIM REDONE We’re part of a generation that believes blue jeans maketh a party outfit. Spruce yours up with prints DATE NIGHT GAME NIGHT GIRLS NIGHT IN GREAT LENGTHS Long live the maxi—beyond the couch and well into cocktail hour WEAR WITH Charm jewellery TIED AND TRUE Tie-dye patterns take a modern turn to last long after lockdown. Pair them with party staples for a twist SEQUINNED PANTS MIDI SKIRT SLIP DRESS NEXT STEPS Every year has its cult item. This year’s leggings look like an ’80s redux. Channel Christy Turlington’s Versace vibe CODE BLUE LOOK-AT-ME ACCESSORIES KAFTAN COMFORTS Embroidered, animal printed and gilded in gold, the kaftan leaves behind its sleepwear connotations WEAR WITH Tie-up sandals Hair: Izumi Sato/87 ArtistsMakeup: Chichi Saito/Art DepartmentManicurist: Noriko Yamanaka/Artlist AgencyPhotographer’s agency: Bryan Bantry…

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the house dress

STYLE TIP A creamy neutral showcases details like bow ties, gauzy layers, delicate prints and accented footwear Print-on-print and off colours elevate a simple silhouette Embrace your Indie side with traditional prints and chunky tribal silver When the pattern and silhouette is so arresting, less is more when it comes to add-ons When paired with cigarette pants, it is a great option for more intimate festive occasions Tonal hues equal maximum impact with minimal effort Dress waist-up for Zoom with a graphic print, a soothing hue and a dose of whimsy…