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Wallpaper August 2020

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editor’s letter

Welcome to the August issue, where we introduce Wallpaper* Re-Made – our new flagship project and an evolution of Wallpaper* Handmade, our decade-long initiative connecting designers, creatives, makers and manufacturers. We have pushed ourselves and our creative collaborators to absorb the lessons of decades of activism, environmentalism and innovation, and to focus more sharply on inspiration and intent. Last April marked the tenth anniversary of Handmade, and after 587 projects and 1,085 collaborators, we had already started planning its evolution. Many times during the past year – whether visiting ‘Broken Nature’ at Milan’s Triennale, re-reading Victor Papanek’s Design for the Real World (over 20 years since I studied it at university), or talking with contributors and members of the team, I’ve realised the urgent role that we have to play. It struck…

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re- made

Wallpaper* Re-Made is where we bring together the best and the brightest – designers, architects, artists, technologists, scientists, makers and manufacturers – to re-think the possible. It’s a space to imagine ways of making and doing that are kinder, smarter, cleaner, and less exploitative of people and resources. It’s been a long time in the making. For the last ten years, this issue has been a celebration of the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition. A showcase for creative collaborations, high craft and smart engineering, Handmade had a great run and we are proud of what it achieved. But we knew it was time to push that model in a new direction and set new challenges. Re-Made is an ideas lab intent on tackling fundamental problems: fixing our broken relationship with the things we buy…

2 min.
light installation

When we approached Timon & Melchior Grau to create a device that would alleviate seasonal affective disorder, we expected a lamp. Instead, the brothers went beyond the call of duty to propose an installation at our upcoming Milan exhibition, exploring the emotive and therapeutic qualities of light. Timon and Melchior are the sons of designer Tobias Grau, founder of the eponymous German lighting label. Taking the creative reins of the family business in 2017, they’ve since reinvented its visual identity and picked up a Wallpaper* Design Award for their first lighting design, the cordless ‘Parrot’ lamp (W*250). But they’re also an artist duo in their own right, and recently participated in a group show organised by the Berlin gallerist Robert Grunenberg. ‘Our art practice reflects a lot on the influence of…

4 min.
modular sofa

For a small fashion brand, Kassl Editions has big ideas. Launched in 2017 – by fashion agent Bart Ramakers and colleague Charlotte Schreuder, Antwerp concept store Graanmarkt 13 founders Tim Van Geloven and Ilse Cornelissens, and former Delvaux CEO Christian Salez – the label embraces the ethos of ‘doing one thing and doing it well’. Since their first piece, minimalist outerwear inspired by an old fisherman’s coat, the founders have been experimenting with oiled cotton canvas, each season creating variations on a theme. Then they introduced padded bags made in an oil-coated cotton from Italian textile weaver Limonta, left over from the production of coats (the bags are now so successful, some fabric also has to be ordered in to supplement the supply). The bags became the starting point for Kassl…

4 min.
water fountain

If you know anything about hempcrete, it’s probably because of Yasmin Bawa. The Berlin-based artist and designer has become a sort of spokesperson for the hemp-based composite material, demonstrating its potential in a quiet but appealing way. Bawa discovered hempcrete a few years ago and was instantly hooked. The former accessories designer had left her job at fashion brand Acne in 2015 to pursue personal creative projects, moving from Stockholm to Berlin. ‘I used this time to research what I wanted to create. What inspired me was this grey zone between art, sculpture and functional design, creating objects that fit both the physical and poetic needs of the user.’ She started looking into alternative materials for sculpting, and discovered hempcrete while researching house construction online (‘I have larger dreams of building a…

1 min.
beauty kitchen

When Doshi Levien first thought up its Beauty Kitchen concept, we weren’t using our homes half as much we have been over the past months during Covid-19. The London design studio was keen to re-think chemically boosted skincare wrapped in excess packaging, and investigate how we can use natural ingredients to cut, smash and grind our own. ‘The idea is more relevant than it was when we first proposed it for Re-Made,’ says Jonathan Levien when we talk on Skype. ‘People are doing more activities at home, and getting creative with the resources they have. Gardening, in particular, has seen a boom.’ Inspired by Ayurvedic treatments, Nipa Doshi has been devising recipes and formulas that use items like chickpea flour, turmeric, milk and lemon to create face masks and scrubs.…