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Watercolor Artist

Splash 2021

Packed with page after gorgeous page of illustrations demonstrating tried-and-true techniques, inspirational ideas and the most up-to-date information about must-have painting tools and materials, watercolorists find everything they need in WATERCOLOR ARTIST to help them create stunning art...from start to finish.

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United States
Peak Media Properties, LLC
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editor’s note

The silence of an empty street. A crisp fall walk with grandchildren. The evening light illuminating a beloved pear tree in the backyard. Two colorfully dressed strangers observed on vacation. A forgotten memory from childhood unearthed on a trip to the grocery store. These everyday moments—some familiar, others unexpected—exemplify the theme of "the creative spark," which inspired the entries in the Splash 22 competition. While every work of art begins with a spark of inspiration, a compelling concept is particularly apparent in the 111 winning works of watermedia art showcased within this contemporary collection. These awardwinning artists take their inspiration along with a passion for the medium—with all of its unique and spontaneous properties—and use this to fuel their artistic processes and choices all the way to the finish. You’ll find three…

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urban life & architecture

“My method involves some degree of risk-taking, but I’m often rewarded with the unexpected magic of watercolor.”– YUKI HALL My process for creating this painting involved first turning on loud music. Then, I moistened the entire sheet of drawing paper with water and immediately began applying paint with a large brush. I went with the rhythm of the music, letting the paint and water mix freely to form. After that, I used flat brushes of different sizes to loosely depict the general details of the scenery. I used reference photos when painting the main building in the center, but the sky, river and background buildings were created from imagination. I hope this kind of painting method not only allows the audience to feel my sense of freedom of artistic creation, but…

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portraits & figures

“To add creative mystery to my work, I try to mix what I see with a little of what I don’t see, whether it’s color, brushwork or value.”– CAROL MCSWEENEY I’ve been thinking about the light for a long time. The sun, so generous in nature, creates warmth and light. We who see the world through this light are the light and universe itself. This kind of thought makes us feel deeply connected with many other Earth-living beings while enjoying a deep connection with ancient times. In Reason of Light—Atom, I painted subjects and objects from everyday life being penetrated with light to depict the metaphorical creation of light. I’ve become more and more charmed with watercolors, which adapt to the nature of paper better than heavily overlapped oils. My ideal workspace…

10 min
land & sea

“What feeds my creative spark is being prepared technically, giving myself over to what’s happening inside of me and facing the encounter between water and color.”– GIORDANO GATTOLIN Driving home after one of my terms as artist-in-residence for the National Park Service, I decided to detour and spend a day in Grand Teton. I stopped to ask a ranger where a wilderness artist should go if they have just one day in the park. She suggested taking the boat across Jenny Lake to hike Cascade Canyon, adding that most people turn around too soon and miss the best views. I hiked through the afternoon, the light turning hazy, and as I came around the corner shown in this painting, the canyon opened up to a magnificent, expansive view. This piece captures…

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meet the honorable mention artists

Amanda Brett (amandabrett.net) is an award-winning internationally recognized en plein air watercolor artist with works held in collections throughout the U.S. as well as Italy, U.K., Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Based in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, Brett spends her annual painting residency in Lucca, Italy, where she also teaches workshops. When in Italy, every morning she heads into the streets of Lucca in search of new and evocative subjects to paint en plein air. In conjunction with her watercolor classes, Brett also leads weeklong painting holiday workshops in Italy for plein air enthusiasts who want an active holiday and want to get to know a destination intimately. Chris Krupinski (chriskrupinski.com) has been drawing and painting all of her life. With an international following, her works have received…

8 min
abstracts & other inspirations

“As visual artists, we hone our skills with our inner and outer eye.”– JEANNIE VODDEN In this painting, I used three transparent-staining colors: Winsor blue green shade, permanent rose and Winsor yellow. My glazing technique is wet-ondry, mingling color and then letting each layer dry to create a translucent glow, as well as adding darker values and neutral tones. I used a combination of reference photos and imagination to create this piece. I drew the various elements, gradually painted them, and stepped back to contemplate all along the way, letting my instincts and my love of the subject guide me as I proceeded. Sometimes someone touches your life so deeply, they spark something in you that begs to be recorded. My sweetheart, Doug, passed away in 2017. He was creative, humorous and a…