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Woman's World April 1, 2019

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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fill your week with smiles!

FRIDAY, APRIL 5 NATIONAL DANDELION DAY Reactivate your liver! “This ‘weed’ is actually a healing edible herb, and it’s been used for centuries worldwide as a liver tonic and blood purifier,” says naturalhealth expert Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. “Plus, it’s high in energy-boosting potassium.” Look for fresh dandelion leaves in the produce section at your grocery store, or simply pull them from your yard, wash and mix with other greens as a base for salads, says Gittleman. They can have a bitter flavor, so she suggests looking for small, vibrant green leaves, which are milder-tasting. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3 NATIONAL INSPIRING JOY DAY Share a smile! We’re such big fans of spreading happiness that we created our own holiday! To celebrate the day with us, take and share photos of the things that bring you joy…

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relax and have fun this week

MUSIC Get swept away by new music from singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles! It’s been more than five years since Sara Bareilles released her last studio album, and now the long wait is over with Amidst the Chaos. The Tony-nominated singer promises the new music is a “beautiful adventure,” and fans have already been busy downloading the first singles, “Armor,” a passionate song about female empowerment that Sara considers the centerpiece of the album, and “Fire,” about believing the right guy will come along one day. Hear all 12 songs on April 5 and find more information at SaraBMusic.com. TV: FOOD NETWORK Dive into delish with this Rachael Ray reboot! The show that made Rachael Ray famous is returning to television after a seven-year hiatus, and you’re sure to be saying, “Yum-o!” The revived 30 Minute Meals…

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it happened this week!

● General Hospital premiered in 1963—it set a record in 1981 for the most-watched soap opera episode with the wedding of Luke and Laura! ● Actress Debbie Reynolds was born in 1932. Best-known for her breakout role in the musical Singin’ in the Rain, she actually didn’t know how to dance when cast! ● The Twinkie was invented in Illinois in 1930. Originally filled with banana cream, it was switched to vanilla during World War II. ● The theme to Footloose topped the charts in 1984—the movie was initially called Cheek to Cheek! ● The Eiffel Tower opened in 1889. It was meant to be temporary but was saved to be repurposed as a radio antenna!…

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this week’s best new books

Fiction COZY MYSTERY Murder Once Removed by S.C. Perkins A quirky-meets-clever who-dunnit ensues when genealogist Lucy Lancaster finds a 170-year-old photo and journal that crack a murder case from 1849. But after the 19th-century killer is revealed, Lucy’s former co-worker is murdered while protecting the old photo. Now Lucy is tangled in crimes of past and present, proving that shaking the branches of certain family trees is more dangerous than she imagined. FAMILY SAGA Glory Road by Lauren K. Denton Filled with heart and Southern charm, this moving saga follows 38-year-old Jessie McBride as she returns home to Alabama after a divorce. She’s satisfied with her new living arrangement with her teenage daughter and sassy mom, but the unexpected arrival of two potential suitors makes her question her choices and her future. An endearing and empowering…

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“a little magic can work wonders!”

Checking her Facebook page, Holly Christensen smiled seeing a message from an old friend from nursing school. After graduation, they’d gone in different directions. Rachel Mecham had become a labor and delivery nurse while Holly had specialized in oncology—which, she learned, was why Rachel was reaching out. A lump formed in Holly’s throat as she read that Rachel’s 3-year-old daughter, Lily, was battling cancer. I’m so sorry, Holly typed back, and asked how Lily was handling her chemotherapy treatments. The hardest part was losing her hair, Rachel shared. She has a wig but she doesn’t like to wear it because it’s scratchy. A mother of two little girls herself, Holly’s heart ached for little Lily, and she started searching online for a cute, soft hat that she could send her. But when she…

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harness the power of joy

1 Surround yourself with “Studies show that placing joy-inducing objects—like bright flowers, funny photos of loved ones or colorful objects that trigger happy memories—around your home and workplace can help you sleep better and laugh more,” says designer Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of Joyful. “These items not only improve your mood, they boost your memory!” 2 Take a “smile break”! In a recent study conducted at the University of Kansas and published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers found that smiling for 10 to 15 seconds a few times a day—even if you aren’t feeling particularly happy in that moment—can significantly lower your heart rate and dramatically reduce your production of the stress hormone cortisol. 3 Listen to your favorite Researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that after study participants heard a few seconds…