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Yachting September 2021

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it’s show time

AS A YACHTING ENTHUSIAST, I MISSED HITTING this past year’s global boat-show circuit, which starts in September and runs into the spring. The virtual events we held—and other events we participated in—during the height of the pandemic helped get the word out about the latest and greatest in all things marine. But the face time with fellow yachtsmen, and getting to see, feel and touch the new models and gear, just wasn’t there. I missed seeing that one yacht that makes my heart race a bit. The one vessel that starts hours of interesting chats with friends and family. The one boat that fills my smartphone photo album and gets me thinking that maybe it’s the yacht going into my slip next season. ¶ Typically, over the course of six…

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thanks for the memories

“50 Years of Family Memories” (July) brings me back to 1975, when I was taking a Maco 22 from Key Largo, Florida, to Eleuthera, the Current, in the Bahamas. Stopped at Chub Cay when it was just a motel. Blackhawk had to wait for high tide to enter. [Spotting that yacht was] a big deal for me, being from Indiana. My folks had just built a house on Eleuthera, which our family still enjoys. ¶ That was the first of three small boats I’ve taken over, over the years—the last being with my three sons, stopping in Bimini and enjoying the Big Game Club and the Hemingway memorabilia before the fire. ¶ Eleuthera really hasn’t changed over the years. ¶ Our youngest son, Ed, is in the “yachting business” [with…

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boat shows are back

NANCY PIFFARD, show director of the Newport International Boat Show, has held that title for 22 years. One of the show’s sales staff has been there 26 years. The partnerships coordinator, 35 years. ¶ “We love our show,” Piffard says. “Skipping it in 2020 was very sad.” ¶ Many yachtsmen who attend boat shows each year felt the same way during the pandemic and are thrilled this fall, as traditional boat shows return. The Newport show is back just in time for its 50th anniversary. The Norwalk Boat Show in Connecticut, a staple for 40-plus years, will run September 23-26. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, held for more than 60 years, is set for October 27-31. ¶ Piffard says there’s no question that boaters are most of all excited…

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playing with light

THE SAME GAMING Technology that mesmerizes kids who don headsets to enter virtual worlds just became a new way for adults to design the lighting aboard yachts. ¶ Italy-based Videoworks, in partnership with California-based Eon Reality, has created a digital tool specific to onboard lighting design. Yacht owners and designers—who previously had static renderings of how lighting would look inside a new-build yacht—can now digitally enter interior spaces and, using a joystick, change the lighting to ensure that it will be spec’d and installed in a way that works best. ¶ “The texture, the materials—they are very real and impressive with these tools,” says Leo Megna, head of comfort and lighting projects at Videoworks. “After 10 seconds with the visor, you completely lose any perception of reality. It seems like…

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unconstrained angling

THE IGUANA X Fisher is an amphibious craft that combines hydraulic, foldaway tracks for crawling over rocks and sand (and inclines as steep as 22 degrees) with up to two 300 hp outboards for top speeds of around 50 knots on the water. The X Fisher accommodates 12 people for angling adventures, and notbale features include a livewell, an insulated fish box, molded rod holders and horizontal rod stowage. A center console provides spray protection, and a sink and prep table help keep the crew satiated. • Whom It’s For: The Iguana X Fisher is for adventure-minded anglers who don’t want to be constrained by marinas, moorings or launch ramps. • Picture This: It’s early fall on Nantucket, Massachusetts, and the striped bass are biting. You and your buddies load…

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clearing the deck

IT HAS HAPPENED TO ME COUNTLESS times, in cruising destinations from the Bahamas to the South Pacific. The yacht is at anchor, and I have ventured off from the swim platform to explore the harbor on a stand-up paddleboard. I’m looking down through the aquamarine water as the sun pierces the surface and spotlights the underwater scene. I see staghorn, brain and other coral shapes, along with fish of every imaginable yellow, red and other hue swimming around the reefs. ¶ And then, the board blocks my view directly below. ¶ Until now, this paddleboard design limitation seemed like a given. Europe-based Loeva is showing that there is another way. ¶ Loeva’s board, called Le StandUp, is made in France from a carbon frame and a nano-structured acrylic glass called…