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Yoga Journal March/April 2019

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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quiet time

My meditation practice is relatively new—about two years old. And I am not the most disciplined practitioner, which is interesting, because I know how powerful the benefits can be. In fact, when I do practice, it almost instantly changes my attitude, interactions, thoughts, perceptions, and anxiety levels. I become a more open and compassionate person. So why is it so hard to commit? Am I afraid of what I’ll find in the dark recesses of my mind? Of losing the stories I’ve held onto so tightly as my identity? Bottom line: sitting still with your thoughts is hard. Enter this issue of Yoga Journal, dedicated to meditation and mindfulness. From Sally Kempton’s brilliant essay on working with your thoughts to Cyndi Lee’s calming (and unpredictable) slow flow sequence, everything about…

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inside the meditation technique some call a “brain orgasm”

“OK, I have to give you a shot, but it’ll only hurt for a second,” my little sister says to me as I lie completely still on her bed. We’re 4 and 6 years old, and playing “doctor” is one of our favorite games. In a few months she’ll become obsessed with dentistry, and our mock physicals will become make-believe oral procedures. I’ll open wide in our cottoncandy-blue bathtub (“the dentist’s chair”) and she’ll carefully count my teeth one by one. Rarely would you find me on the other side of the table, so to speak. Being the administrator of mythological medicine never interested me. Yet being still while my sister “fixed” my feigned ailments relaxed me in a way I could never describe. It was just like the feeling I’d…

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hooray for hemp

1 WILDFLOWER CBD+SOAP & CBD+COOLSTICK Wash away whatever’s ailing you (CBD has been known to treat skin conditions ranging from psoriasis to sunburns) and then find your chill with a targeted pain reliever armed with healing arnica, calming peppermint and hemp-seed oils, and 300 mg CBD, ($30 for pack of 3 soaps, $60 for cooling stick, buywildflower.com). 2 KHUS + KHUS SEN FACE SERUM Reveal radiant, healthy skin with a serum that pulls double duty in the fight against acne and aging. Ruh khus (also known as vetiver) is revered in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to absorb toxins and balance your doshas, while eco-certified hemp extract may encourage cell turnover ($80, khus-khus.com). 3 SUNDAY SCARIES VEGAN AF GUMMIES FOR ANXIETY Just a few cruelty-free candies will satisfy your sweet tooth and calm frazzled nerves.…

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empowered youth

In December 2014, yoga teachers Mychal Mills and Rodney Salomon began leading monthly open mic nights at Kula Cafe in central Asbury Park, New Jersey. Salomon, a youth development specialist, and Mills, who was then working at a local food bank, wanted to bring together all generations of their inner-city community. At their first event, 15 people performed for 70 of their neighbors, sharing poetry, music, and other creative forms of spoken word. “The theme of empowerment kept arising,” Mills says. “Open mic is a platform for openness, vulnerability, and healing—connecting all walks of life from 6 to 70 years old.” Encouraged by the success of the open mics, Mills and Salomon founded the nonprofit Konscious Youth Development & Service (KYDS) to reach more kids. That summer, they hosted a free…

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respect your curves

High school gym class is a vague memory. I do remember my classmates and I often being asked to stand close to a wall, turn around, and then try to flatten our lower backs against it. We all stood around the gym, dutifully pushing our lower backs against the hard surface, while our teacher counted to 20 and then repeated. We were never told the benefits, but the subtext was that this exercise helped our backs. The spine is not a straight line though. I learned this many years later when I studied anatomy in depth. This is true especially when you stand, because the vertebral column bears weight more e_ ciently and more healthily when you allow it to maintain its normal curves. Consider the spine’s shape, relative to the…

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seated poses

Take a Seat You can also bring the principles of Tadasana into the sitting position you use for meditation. I have long practiced and taught that to sit comfortably, you must begin by creating a 120-degree angle between your trunk and femurs (thigh bones). This means you need to sit elevated on the corner (not the edge) of a cushion or small stack of blankets, letting the thighs drop more easily below the rim of the pelvis. If the angle is less than 120 degrees, the pelvis could easily tip back, disturbing the spinal column. If that happens, the lumbar spine is in flexion, and your posture won’t be as stable or comfortable. Sukhasana (Easy Pose) Now try this: Sit on the corner of several stacked blankets and make sure you are high…