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Indianapolis Monthly December 2016

Indianapolis Monthly has become central Indiana’s premier general-interest publication—the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new, what’s news, and what people are talking about. Whether covering crime, politics, business, sports, or arts and entertainment, Indianapolis Monthly sets the standard for editorial excellence in the state.

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Indiana BrideOur annual Indiana Bride section is filled with ideas for your gown, flowers, jewelry, and other accents on your big day, as well as a detailed list of the best ceremony and reception venues around the city.How ToGet tips on finding the right HVAC company, shoppping for a mattress, or choosing an orthodontist from industry insiders who help you navigate the landscape and avoid any pitfalls. ■…

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editor’s note

Parental GuidanceAs a parent, I have zero tolerance for my kind—particularly anyone who has ever chimed in with overly personal inquiries during the Q&A portion of a school open house, coached a youth sport with the zeal of Bob Knight, or posted hourly Facebook updates on the advances of a bug’s blitzkrieg through the household digestive tract. These people are the worst; so, too, is the mother I recently spied at a high school band concert, where she practically cat-called during a drumline encore—an unbridled display of enthusiasm customarily followed by undergarments fl ung onto a stage.I sense most types like this suff er from the same defi ciency: a life of their own. Yet, some parents don’t have to look too far for a donor: Their kids are a…

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worst of indy

Our streets are an embarrassment. Meridian-Kessler is full of $500,000 houses, but the pavement there looks like the surface of the moon.The Colts.Jessica “Figgy” Figuero, originally from Indy, was an early breakout star on the current season of Survivor—but only because she hooked up with one of her tribemates and immediately became a target. That’s terrible gameplay. Plus, neither had brushed their teeth in days.The serpentine line at the TJ Maxx in Castleton. Overheard: “I want to hit these people with a LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE sign.”Given how cool the INLightIN digitalprojection festival turned out in August, the promotion seemed lacking. We didn’t hear about it until a week before. While word did get out and the crowd was bigger than any since Super Bowl XLVI, organizers dropped the ball.The guy…

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Suzanne KrowiakFor someone who considers herself knowledgeable about the people and places making things happen in Indianapolis, freelance writer Suzanne Krowiak marveled at the depth of the underthe-radar talent she discovered while researching “Best of Indy” (p. 73). “Entrepreneurs and artists are now building their lives in town,” she says. “That makes this place more interesting for the rest of us.”Jon WertheimAs Sports Illustrated’s executive editor and a Tennis Channel commentator, Hoosier Jon Wertheim doesn’t cheer in the press box, but makes an exception for Carmel’s Rajeev Ram (“Tennis, Anyone? Anyone?,” p. 96). “His game is a marriage of Pete Sampras’s serve, Roger Federer’s sweeping one-handed backhand, and Stefan Edberg’s attacking instincts,” he says.Kim SchneiderFreelance writer Kim Schneider came late to the sport of skiing, taking it up as an…

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Tom French’s September feature about growing up in a Frank Lloyd Wright home brought architecture devotees out of the woodwork.“As a former guide at Falling Water and two Usonian homes, I spent some of the most powerful moments of my life in Frank Lloyd Wright homes. I can relate.” —GEORGE BARTLEY via Indianapolis Monthly.com“‘A car is not a horse and it doesn’t need a barn’ and other insights by Frank Lloyd Wright.” —DAYNA BATEMAN via Twitter“That was probably one of the best articles I’ve ever read.” —PEYTON STEURER via Facebook“This is a lovely piece regarding Tom’s experiences and the history of an interesting and important house.” —CINDY LEMASTER via Indianapolis Monthly.comThe IM PollWOULD YOU RAISE YOUR FAMILY IN A FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOUSE?43% Are you kidding? Everyone should be so…

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Indy artist Manuja Waldia is the talent behind sharp new Shakespeare covers coming soon to a bookstore near you, p. 20Straight No ChaserTHE GROUP STARTED HARMONIZING WHILE STUDENTS AT IU. David Roberts, Steve Morgan, and Randy Stine, all founding members of Straight No Chaser in 1996, still perform with the group today. Stine got “the call” from the CEO of Atlantic Records in 2008, and that’s when things really took off .ITS NAME IS TAKEN FROM THE 1967 THELONIOUS MONK ALBUM. “But it also represents what we do,” says Roberts. “We’re on stage, giving it to the audience straight. There are no fi ll tracks, no instruments—just our voices.”HONESTLY? THERE ARE CERTAIN HOLIDAY SONGS THEY NEVER WANT TO HEAR AGAIN. For Roberts, that would be Mariah Carey’s warbling of “All…