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editor’s note–august 2021 issue

Perfection and failure. Two sides of the same coin. Can we always be the perfect leader, employee, spouse, friend, partner, etc.? Where does failure fit into the equation when we are striving for perfection and self-improvement? Our authors show us how failure is just a piece of the puzzle to creating a cohesive whole. In this issue we hear first-hand accounts of failure and the internal voice that seems to whisper incessantly that we need to achieve more. This issue shows us how we can grapple with our perfectionism, embrace failure, and see how everything comes around full circle. We are not our achievements but something more, something unshakeable. We can find our voice, find the value of failure, and make small changes to keep us on track. Self-care is what…

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how to find your voice as an introverted leader

“This product will help our client improve their H-cap scores,” explained the chief of customer experience. I absently nodded my head even though I’d lost the thread of the conversation 20 minutes earlier. This was my first meeting as the newly hired HR manager at a healthcare tech company. After working in banking for 14 years, I was excited about changing industries. However, when I listened to the rest of the C-Suite drop meaningless acronyms and discuss consulting approaches that I didn’t understand — I couldn’t help but wonder if I was in over my head. Towards the end of the meeting, the chief of customer experience asked for any contributions from the team. A few of my colleagues energetically spilled out their thoughts. I had some questions to ask but I…

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confronting your perfectionism is a form of self-care

Growing up, we are taught to strive for perfection. It starts with chasing the elusive, perfect grades and then continues later in life — both in our performance at work and in our relationships. To a certain extent, striving for perfection can be a valuable pursuit in that it drives us to produce high-quality work and maintain healthy relationships. In that sense, perfectionism — or the obsession with setting and working towards exceedingly high standards, attention to detail, and conscientiousness — can be fruitful. After all, anything that prevents the delivery of subpar work or half-hearted commitments is a good thing, right? Maybe not. For a long time, perfectionism was viewed as a positive trait. It was a way of praising your abilities without sounding too braggy. Perfectionism was the foolproof…

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eating to live…. not living to eat: is diet the ‘medicine’ we ignore?

At the ripe, not-so-old age of 65 years, Dr. Michael Greger’s grandmother, a cardiac patient, was told that she had a few weeks to live. However, she lived right up to the age of 96. What was remarkable about this ‘miracle’ was that it was not any medical intervention that helped her. What she did was change her diet and lifestyle. Having witnessed this magic firsthand, it should not be surprising that Dr. Greger decided to probe deeper into the role of nutrition to not only prevent, but also reverse lifestyle diseases. His book, How Not to Die presents his research results and talks about the life changing magic of nutrition. A significant number of lifestyle diseases can be traced back to improper and inadequate diet. According to Dr. Greger, these diseases…

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is it ok to expose your failures on linkedin?

I’ve been debating (with myself mostly) quite a lot these days about LinkedIn and how it can promote an unhealthy idea of success—and how the whole idea of success can be problematic. Pretty much every post I see on LinkedIn is from someone celebrating a new job, a milestone reached, or to give some motivational tips to those who are struggling to “get there.” But is quite rare to see someone complaining about not being able to “get there” (yet?) or simply listing and exposing their flaws and failures. Sure, sometimes you see someone sharing about a barrier they had to cross, or difficulties along the way, but I’d say that even though there are no filters like on Instagram, LinkedIn can sometimes look very fake. Why do I have this opinion?…

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embracing rounds of failure: realizing the importance of circles

I never thought I would find comfort in a circle. Shapes have never particularly caught my interest very much. I never really cared for geometry and I’m not an artist, so I can’t say I have ever paid much attention to the significance of a shape. But developing a deeper understanding of the significance of circles has brought me some solace over the past 16 months. I am currently in the process of packing up all of my belongings and turning 180 degrees to complete a full circle and move back to my childhood home. Almost 1,000 miles for the fourth time in a year and a half. That’s a lot of miles in a short amount of time. This is very much a déjà vu moment. I did the same thing…