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IndigoBlue Magazine June 2021

IndigoBlue Magazine offers content on health, wellness, and personal growth & development from authors sharing their personal perspectives and expertise. Since so many of us are feeling disconnected, the magazine offers an opportunity to feel more connected by seeing our experience through the experience of others. Learn tips and solutions to support your health, mental health, and overall well-being.

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As we enter the summer, many of us will be seeking more connection after a prolonged period of staying apart. But what happens when our friendships do not stand the test of time? In this issue, we share what to do when our friendships do not work out. We also share ways to maintain positive mental health, including the value of keeping our sense of humor and building a practice of using grounded affirmations. Sometimes the smallest shift can bring about the biggest changes We hope you find the tips and solutions you need to improve your life. We remain committed to helping our readers achieve their goals, maintain their health and wellness, and establish lasting, healthy relationships.…

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grounded affirmations: the secret to making affirmations work

In the realm of self-help literature, there is a lot written about the power of affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that an individual must repeat to himself or herself on a regular basis. Affirmations may reflect the state that the person wants to be in. Example, “I am successful and healthy.” Sometimes they indicate what the person wants to achieve. For example, “I live in a beautiful mansion by the sea.” It is believed that by constantly using these affirmations and genuinely believing in them, a person will be able to change his or her mindset, behavior, and consequently his or her reality. Thinkers and authors like Louise Hay have in fact created a science out of the entire concept of affirmations. Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life continues to…

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the art of patience and small steps

If you have a big ambition or goal you may be familiar with the feeling of impatience. You want to achieve it now, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. You might also find that you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time to make it happen. You can wait around forever to have that perfect stretch of time, a day or weekend for a retreat, or you can be more proactive and utilize the small moments which can add up. Sometimes the biggest of ambitions can be achieved in the smallest of steps. Imagine a child getting excited and diving into whatever they want to do, whether it’s transform their room into a fort, or make something out of clay. They don’t wait aroun for the perfect moment. They want…

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dealing with friendship breakups in adulthood

Breaking up with a friend is just as common, serious, and painful as ending a romantic attachment. Many people find it difficult to get support, especially if the friend they broke up with was their go-to person when they had problems. There are no hard and fast rules about the terms of the breakup, so platonic separation becomes even more blurry and painful. Not every friendship gets the chance to have some closure, so it’s also possible to be on a completely different page with your (ex-)friend. Some remain civil afterward and extend holiday greetings now and then, but others block on social media and purposefully avoid the places where they might run into each other. There’s hardly any guide on how to handle feeling untethered from someone who has always been…

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laughter really is the best medicine

I’ve been fired. I’ve been sued. I’ve worked 30 hours in two days. Some people might call these events obstacles, challenges, or misfortunes. I call them “material For 40 years, it was my job to put people to sleep as an anesthesiologist. Nowadays, I wake them up with laughter. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, a doctor who became a stand-up comedian and keynote speaker. I get hired to speak about heavy subjects in a way that makes everyone laugh. I do this because, as screenwriter Anthony McCarten says in his TedxTalk on Laughter, “Seriousness is dangerous.” When we take ourselves too seriously, we become a danger to ourselves and others. Humor helps us reframe inconveniences and persist through life. Laughter won’t necessarily cure what ails you but it does boost your immune system.…

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IndigoBlue Magazine is a product of Imagine Communications, a consulting firm that develops print and online products and material that support the health and wellbeing of clients, organizations, and individuals. The magazine provides online content on health, wellness, and personal growth & development from authors sharing their personal perspectives and expertise. Since so many of us are feeling disconnected, the magazine offers an opportunity to feel more connected and see our experience through the experience of others. If you are interested in submitting an article, access the Editorial Guidelines or reach out to indigobluemagazine@gmail.com.…