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IndigoBlue Magazine offers content on health, wellness, and personal growth & development from authors sharing their personal perspectives and expertise. Since so many of us are feeling disconnected, the magazine offers an opportunity to feel more connected by seeing our experience through the experience of others. Learn tips and solutions to support your health, mental health, and overall well-being.

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editor’s note–november 2021 issue

This issue includes a special focus on our relationships, especially within our work life. Whether remote or in-person, our work experiences can offer a chance for us to enforce our boundaries, emphasize our worth, and shift our awareness to grow relationships. Are we experiencing friction or conflict with our coworkers? Are we steadfast in valuing ourselves — and reflecting that to others? Are we in an environment that supports our growth and development? Our authors share firsthand experiences and lessons learned within their personal and work relationships to help us navigate our path a little easier. We hope you find the tips and solutions you need to improve your life. We remain committed to helping our readers achieve their goals, maintain their health and wellness, and establish lasting, healthy relationships.…

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building our success by working with deep focus

When was the last time you were completely absorbed in your work, oblivious to the world around you? Have you experienced the joy of accomplishing a task with undivided attention? We live in a world where the ability to focus is diminishing fast. Ironically, its importance in today’s economy is increasing manifold. Deep Work-Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport highlights how crucial ‘deep work’ is for us today, and what we can do to cultivate this invaluable skill. While there are articles that guide us on how to be more focused and increase our attention span, we sometimes need a complete mindset change in order to truly work with focus. This is the sweet point that “Deep Work” rests at. Newport defines deep work as…

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keeping my relationship a secret meant keeping my heartbreak a secret too

My relationship with Isaiah* wasn’t my first, but it was the first one that made me think “this could be it.” He was kind, and attentive, and had an incredible sense of humor. He was wildly creative, and we shared similar interests. He treated me better than any of the previous men I’d dated, but when you’ve been emotionally and physically abused by men in the past, even the bare minimum is better than the alternative. During the first few weeks of our relationship, it was so easy to overlook the obvious red flags. I was happy, wasn’t I? I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that happiness, even when it meant ignoring the fact that our relationship was primarily built upon a mountain of mistruths. I have a vivid memory of texting…

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how to find a mentor online

When I tell people that I only succeeded in my business after I found a mentor, it’s usually met with disdain. “Ok,” They say, “And how much did you pay her?” While I understand the confusion, this response confuses the concept of mentorship with that of coaching. Coaches charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for career advice, mentors typically don’t charge anything. There’s nothing wrong with paying for a coach. In fact, many executives invest in coaching and training. But it’s not the only way to find mentorship, especially early on in your career. When you’re first starting out, it’s hard to evaluate who to trust. There are many internet gurus who promise big, shiny results to beginners who might not have enough experience to differentiate good advice from nonsense. Buying information is…

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bullies in the boardroom

“You are the weakest person on my team!” I sat there holding back tears, lost in confusion as my manager began her verbal assault on me. Prior to this meeting, I’d been considered a rising star and an asset to my team. I was confused. What had changed in the days leading up to that conversation? I loved my job. I loved my team and I wanted to be the top contributor. If my manger, who I respected very much at the time, said that I was the weakest link, it must be true, I thought. There was only one solution for me: become a better employee. I built my own “personal improvement plan,” started taking continuing education classes on my own dime, and volunteered to do even more projects in an effort to…

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workplace conflict: how to optimize collaboration’s natural resource

In his 21-day Meditation Challenge Energize Your Life, Deepak Chopra discusses how there is a place within us that contains an unlimited source of energy. Energy flows constantly through all parts of our existence; our life is that constant flow of energy. We understand that even our thoughts are energy. In turn, it serves us well to understand conflict as energy. Conflict tends to get a bad rap. For some, the mere thought of it creates discomfort. Often, conflict is seen in such a negative light that some will avoid it at great cost. Prior to dedicating myself to the study and practice of Leadership and Conflict Transformation, I tended toward either avoiding or awkwardly attempting to smooth over workplace conflict. As a result, I hesitated in taking on leadership roles,…