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Inside Soap UK

04 - 2021

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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“New blood is flowing into our favourite soaps” It’s nice to see some new faces freshening up our shows at the moment. Since returning to filming last year, it seemed the soaps were sticking to their core cast a bit more than usual – hardly surprising as everyone had to get used to the new filming techniques, which were very different from the normal. But with the shows having found their feet and gained confidence, new blood is flowing in. Emmerdale’s Charles and Ethan are an interesting new addition – and boy, they have their secrets! We catch up with the actors who play them on p44. Meanwhile, EastEnders has recently returned Chelsea causing no end of problems for Denise (see p8), while Corrie is set to expand one of its…

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the street’s double murder mystery!

The fallout of Abi’s dangerous showdown with Ray raises two very big questions this week: Did she survive the confrontation? And why has Ray suddenly vanished? As the last person to witness the rotter alive, his co-conspirator Debbie has some explaining to do, as the Street’s property plot reaches its stunning conclusion… “Debbie was faced with a very stark dilemma, which was to rescue Abi from Ray, or save their empire by letting Ray’s taped bribery confession die with her,” explains our cobbles spy. “However, the fact that Ray is nowhere to be found implies that Kev’s sister has taken drastic action to solve both problems – and we know how ruthless she can be!” At the beginning of the week, Roy reveals that the chairperson of the planning committee overseeing Ray’s bid…

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home bargain!

The Street’s residents are given the option of buying back their houses this week, though for Shona and David, it’s really not that simple – especially after Tracy Barlow plans to swipe their home from underneath them! “After overhearing David confess to Shona that he spent the sale money from No 8 on paying off their old mortgage, Tracy swoops in and lets Debbie know that she’s interested in buying the place, as David can’t afford to!” explains our informant. “Debbie’s fair and lets David have first refusal, though she makes it clear that she’s after a quick sale. But can he afford it?” As David panics, will the McDonald clan succeed in becoming the new owners of the Platt residence?…

2 min.
chelsea schemes to move in lucas!

Chelsea gives Denise an ultimatum this week, as she asks for Lucas to move back into the Fox household – but is there a darker reason behind her desire to unite her family? Chelsea appears to be plotting against her killer dad, after she took a mystery phone call telling someone else to stop meddling with her plan. And this week, Chelsea puts Denise on the spot and attempts to persuade her to let Lucas back home. Initially, Denise is adamant that there’s no way Lucas will be moving in given his past. However, Denise is knocked for six when Chelsea delivers her mum an ultimatum – if Denise doesn’t want anything to do with Lucas, then Chelsea doesn’t want anything to do with her! “Chelsea needs to keep an eye on…

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who’s that guy?

Eagle eyes will have recognised Chelsea’s associate, newcomer Caleb. He’s played by Ben Freeman, known to soap fans as the Dales’ Scott Windsor, a role he played from 1998 to 2007. Scott was the eldest son of village shopkeeper Viv Winsdor. Over the years, Scott’s eye for the ladies and his dodgy dealing led to all sorts of trouble! An affair with his stepsister, Kelly Windsor, scandalised the village, as did the revelation that he’d fathered a baby with lesbian vet Zoe Tate! Later, Zoe tried to kill Scott, which ended in him taking her and several others (including his own daughter) hostage. Later, Scott dated Debbie – however, when their scheme to scam Rodney went awry, he quit the village. Since the Dales, Ben has enjoyed a career in…

2 min.
manpreet’s huge secret revealed!

Manpreet is forced to revisit a shocking chapter of her life this week, when it transpires that she has history with vicar Charles – but he thinks she died 15 years ago! “Charles just wants an explanation of why ‘Saira’ disappeared!” Even more intriguingly, when bewildered Charles confronts her, he addresses her as ‘Saira’, rather than the name we know her by now. It’s very clear that Manpreet has a lot of explaining to do, and that she’s horrified by the past coming back to haunt her. And Charles is stunned to be face to face with the woman he thought he’d lost forever… “It’s as if he’s seen a ghost, because as far as Charles was concerned, she was dead!” reveals Kevin Mathurin, who plays the Dales newcomer. “Of all the places…