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Inside Soap UK

Inside Soap UK

3 - 2020

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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1 min.

“Emmerdale is good, clean, murder fun!” Whodunnits are a soap favourite, where a character is bumped off by a mystery assassin, normally after several other characters have snarled, “I’ll kill ’em!” through gritted teeth. This is followed by several weeks of shifty behaviour and several red herrings, before the killer is finally unmasked, sometimes to gasps of astonishment, but quite often to groans of slight disappointment after all that time we’ve spent waiting for the truth. Plus, we rarely get to see the killer doing the deed, just an explanation after the fact. That’s why I approve of Emmerdale this week – it’s less of a ‘whodunnit?’ and more of a ‘whoduzzit?’. We still get the big arguments and vows of revenge from each suspect, but on the last episode of the…

8 min.
who kills graham?

“He’s always had it in for me, and I don’t care. But my family? That’s different. First Debbie, then Noah and now Ryan… He hurt my children. Now watch me hurt him.” Someone turns killer this week in Emmerdale, as Graham Foster is savagely murdered. He’s been gathering enemies at quite a rate over the past few months, but this week, he finally pushes someone too far… “He once stood by me when everyone else walked away… But now he’s betrayed me, and there’s no coming back from that. That can never be forgiven.” “It’s only fitting that Graham goes out with a bang!” teases Emmerdale’s series producer Laura Shaw. “There are not many characters you can play a big ‘whodunnit?’ story with, so we felt we needed to take advantage of that.…

1 min.
or could it be...

Soap ‘whodunnit?’ storylines have taught us that the killer culprit doesn’t always turn out to be on the main suspects list. Here are a few wildcards that might do for Graham… RHONA Poor Rhona thinks she’s finally found her hero. But if the vet finds out the dirty tricks Graham has pulled to secure their escape to France, will it cause Rhona to snap? JOE TATE What a twist it would be if Joe stepped out of the shadows as his manservant’s assassin! Charity did conveniently remind us recently that Graham broke Joe and ruined his life… KILLER KIDS! Walford’s Bobby Beale is living proof that soap’s younger generation should never be ruled out! Perhaps the likes of April, Noah, or even young Millie, have clocked Graham being mean to their parents……

2 min.
sharon learns the truth!

Sharon is left shocked this week as a drunk Linda reveals the truth about what happened to Keanu on Christmas Day. And as the Mitchells carry on shutting her out, she soon decides to use this information to devastating effect… Sharon has presumed the worst about her ex-lover, ever since he disappeared after their affair went public. And her doubts over Keanu’s safety were exacerbated when she found out that Louise had played a key role in a plot to have him murdered! But with no proof of exactly what happened next, Sharon has been forced to keep her concerns to herself… “Sharon has been very worried that Phil and Ben are quite capable of arranging an execution,” says our Walford insider. “Even though the two men were sitting in the Vic…

1 min.
my two men!

While Sharon schemes against Phil, Letitia Dean, who plays her, hopes there might be a second chance for the pair… some day! “I reckon that Sharon will always love Phil,” she muses. “So I personally hope they reunite – but I don’t think it will happen at the moment!” The past 12 months have certainly been a trial for Sharon, but Letitia has loved the latest twist in her alter ego’s life. “What we’ve just done is great,” she says. “The Christmas Day scene with Steve McFadden [who plays Phil] was really charged, and working with him – as I have for decades – is always a joy.” But the story has also given Letitia the chance to get close to some new co-stars… “I loved working with Danny Walters [Keanu] – it was…

2 min.
fiz’s attack on wicked jade!

Raging Fiz has a violent confrontation with Jade this week, as Hope disappears and Fiz becomes convinced that Jade has taken her. After her daughter goes missing, distraught Fiz is shocked to come across Jade in her kitchen and lashes out at her. However, when Jade is left motionless and bleeding on the floor, what will be the consequences of Fiz’s rash actions? “Fiz can’t control her fury – she picks up a chopping board and smashes it over Jade’s head, knocking her out cold,” reveals our cobbles insider. “After everything John Stape’s daughter has put her through, Fiz reaches the end of her tether and explodes. All she wants is Hope safely home, but Jade won’t tell her where her daughter is.” “Fiz smashes a chopping board over Jade’s head!” Ironically, the dramatic…