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International Artist

International Artist

December - January 2020/ No.130

International Artist takes you inside the studios of the world’s best artists. The magazine displays practicing artists describing their approach and work process in all painting mediums.

United States
International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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6 Issues


1 min.

One of the most enjoyable things about being an artist is the relationships you build with other artists. There is nothing better than having a few close friends you can call when you have a question regarding a particular technique or color choice or even which brush to use to complete your painting. It is this insight from fellow artists that helps us all and adds to the work that is created. We thought about this when we decided to move forward with our Art Workshop Guide. These workshops are invaluable experiences for artists around the world. Where else can you get such one-on-one advice from top artists around the world? Where else can you not only watch master artists create their own works but also have them watch you create…

3 min.
people & figures

Donna Slade North Carolina, USA, Aborigines, colored pencil, 14 x 11" Grand Prize is a four-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine Depicting Reality Having a 30-year career in art direction, graphic design and illustration, Donna Slade has what she calls a “straightforward approach” to her contemporary realistic paintings. She observes her subjects closely, paying attention to all the details and aims to “capture and portray the ‘real’ and not the ‘ideal.’” Slade also studied architectural drafting, so her background in pen and ink easily translated to her passion for colored pencils. Painting with colored pencil is a very time-consuming process for Slade, with her larger paintings taking hundreds of hours. She works from her own photographs, often combining and cropping elements from multiple images. Once the composition is ready she begin…

1 min.
kevin grass

Second Prize is a two-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine My Inspiration Young adults today choose to live with their parents for longer than in previous generations because many are not ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Middle-aged parents often find that emotional and financial support for these children exacerbates the problem rather than paving the way to a solution. My Design Process The symbolism and images were developed through many small studies and finalized in a larger, more highly developed drawing that was completed using numerous photographic references. It is important that the mother seems physically trapped in the composition, but that she also seems complicit. Cages are included as obvious symbols of entrapment, but also serve as a physical barrier between the figures and the world outside the window.…

2 min.
arina gordienko

Third Prize is a one-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine My Inspiration This is a portrait of my Gemini friend. The noun sublimation is from the Latin word sublimare, meaning “to raise a higher status”; and I wanted to show in this work that we all can transform/sublimate our often contradictive, unpredictable and even self-destructive inner impulses into something productive and sublime like artworks and become a higher self—creative and free. I addictively observe the reflection of emotions and feelings on people’s faces and I find inspiration in people’s eyes where you can see their soul if you are lucky. I attentively watch if there is light or darkness in those eyes, and I always hope to meet the light. The whole unique world and personal universe is on the…

2 min.
charlie parker

FINALISTS Each receives an Award Certificate and a one-year subscription to International Artist magazine PLUS having their work seen worldwide by international galleries looking for new talent. Finalist My Inspiration I am constantly inspired to represent the many psychological elements that make up human beings. As a result I love to observe people, whether in informal social settings, such as when travelling, walking, reading or talking, or within formal life drawing sessions. It’s often interesting and fun to guess what type of person they may be, or what they may be experiencing at that time. The challenge then is to represent this through the use of pencil of paint. I therefore, spend as much time as possible drawing and painting from life, whether formal life drawing sessions or more informal settings. The choice of…

2 min.
connie lynn reilly

Finalist My Inspiration For as long as I can remember the summer crop of Silver Queen Corn has been a well-loved dish at my family dinner table in the summer. It has been a favorite for generations. I have fond memories of family gatherings with a grand spread of fresh cooked vegetables and lively conversation. Driving through rural areas in Georgia on a summer day one can see the rows and rows of sweet corn standing some 6 feet tall that when harvested makes its way to local produce stands and then to the dinner table. My Southern heritage and traditions were part of what led me to the painting’s message. I met the subject of my painting at a local working farm and was inspired by her simple and wholesome appearance,…