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International Artist

June - July 2020/ No. 133

International Artist takes you inside the studios of the world’s best artists. The magazine displays practicing artists describing their approach and work process in all painting mediums.

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We have been publishing International Artist for 22 years now and don’t plan on going anywhere at all during this difficult time in history. In fact, not only are we still continuing to publishing this magazine every other month to help all our friends, artists, enthusiasts, art students and collectors, but we are also soliciting articles and demonstration from all over the world at a record pace. Art has such a wonderful way of connecting people. While we are all stuck at home in this moment, the pages of this issue of International Artist magazine will allow you to be transported directly to the art studios of some of the best artists working today. We hope that our magazine warms your own studio during these difficult times and allows you to…

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florals & gardens

Grand Prize Gerry Thompson British Columbia, Canada, Allure, oil, 48 x 96" Grand Prize is a four-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine Detailed Observations Canadian artist Gerry Thompson is often inspired by her own life when painting, which many times reflects the beauty of overlooked or floral objects. Over the past few years, her primary focus has been largescale paintings of peonies. “These have been my most joyous of all of my painting life. I find beauty in life itself, even in difficult times, and I just paint what inspires me,” she says. “There are no political or social messages. The viewers will make their own observations.” When finding subject matter, she often looks for something that tells a different story and has dramatic light and shadow. “It is why I prefer to photograph…

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call for entries

FULL COLOR DIGITAL PRINT-OUTS Use the Official Entry Form over the page ONLINE Visit our website to upload digital files of the images you want to enter and pay for them using our secure server. www.internationalartist.com To upload your entries you need to prepare your image files to be at least 400 pixels at the shortest edge. Once you are in the Official Online Entry page simply select which challenge you wish to enter then follow the prompts and finally pay the entry fee via our secure server. There you can also see other entries received along with past winners of our competitions. CHALLENGE ENTRY FORM SCHEDULE AND CLOSING DATES HINTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR ARTWORK • Set your camera to the highest quality available.• Shoot your paintings dead square on and fill the frame as much as…

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art prize challenge series

ENTER OUR NEW ART COMPETITION CHALLENGE No. 119 Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes See your work published in International Artist magazine and also receive a 4-page Editorial Feature in American Art Collector, the prestigious magazine read by collectors and galleries looking for new art work in the world’s biggest art market. Winners and Finalists in our competitions don’t just win awards to hang on their walls. The real value of entering and being one of the winners is that your work will not only be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide but also by leading galleries and collectors in America, the biggest art market of all. Our Grand Prize Winners receive a 2-page spread in International Artist magazine and a 4-page Editorial Feature in American Art Collector. Publicity at this level is priceless…

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official entry form

For your convenience there are three International Entry Points. You can pay your Entry Fee by Visa or MasterCard. 1 USA / CANADA THE AMERICAS Send your entry and payment of US $9 per entry/picture to: International Artist magazine Challenge No. 119: Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes 7530 East Main Street, Suite 105 Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA Enter your Credit Card details on the Entry Form below or include a Check/Money Order made payable to International Artist. (Checks must be in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank) 2 UNITED KINGDOM / EUROPE AFRICA Send your entry and payment of £5 (or €8) per entry/picture to: International Artist magazine Challenge No. 119: Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes 7530 East Main Street, Suite 105 Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA Enter your Credit Card details on the Entry Form or include a Cheque/Money Order made payable to International Artist. (Cheques…

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what do people think?

Closed questions, such as “Do you like my painting?”, tend to encourage simply yes or no answers. Open questions, however, encourage discussion and often have a more complicated response. Let’s start with some examples of open questions. Permission questions deepen a client’s perception of a problem. » Do you mind if I ask you about the paintings you already own? Best/least questions are used to get a fuller picture. » What’s the best (or worst) thing about owning artwork? Magic wand questions explore wants or desires. » If money was no object, what would stop you from buying that painting? Catchall questions build bridges to the next phase in the process and start the transition to understanding. » Do you mean something like this painting? Fact-finding questions are specific questions with a short response. » How will we deliver your…