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iPad & iPhone User Issue 136

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everything announced at ‘gather round’ event

It’s that time again. Time for Apple to unveil its latest iPhones and get us all excited about the steady march of technological progress. This year, Apple had plenty to cover. There are three new iPhones, all of them with the powerful A12 Bionic processor and TrueDepth camera and Face ID system that was previously exclusive to the £1,000 iPhone X. There’s also a hot new Apple Watch Series 4. Over the following pages we round up all the major announcements made at the September 12 event. Apple Watch Series 4 When Apple introduced the new Series 4 Apple Watch, it said: “Everything about it has been redesigned and re-engineered.” And truly, this is the first Apple Watch to have major, obvious design changes rather than the minor tweaks we’ve seen in previous…

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hands-on with new iphones and apple watch

Sure, there’s ample underground parking and free food, but the biggest attraction at any Apple media event is the chance to get your hands on new Apple products more than a week before they go on sale to the general public. I was there at Apple Park to see (and use) Apple’s latest iPhones and Apple Watch. Here’s what I learned. iPhone X, everywhere A year ago, Apple declared the iPhone X the future of the smartphone. From the perspective of September 2017, this is the future – and the biggest story out of the event is that all of Apple’s new iPhones are a part of the iPhone X family. Every single one of them has glass front and back, with edge-to-edge screens and Face ID. If you buy a 2018-model…

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the five iphone xs features that matter most

At its ‘Gather Round’ event, Apple announced its latest high-end premium phone: the iPhone XS. As the name implies, it’s something of an upgrade to the iPhone X, with a handful of improvements but the same overall design and features. That doesn’t mean it’s a bore. Quite the contrary: for those who found last year’s iPhone X just a little too expensive for what you get, this year’s improvements might be enough to win you over. Here are the five ways the iPhone XS really differs from the iPhone X. 1. It comes in two sizes The iPhone X only came in one size: 5.8 inches. That sounds big, but the taller, narrower aspect ratio enabled by the slim-bezel design and removal of the Home button makes the phone considerably narrower than…

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five reasons why the iphone xr is a worthy upgrade to the iphone x

The iPhone XR is technically Apple’s ‘budget’ phone from this year’s line-up, but you’d have a hard time telling that from specs alone. After all, it’s quite similar in specs to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. At £749, it’s also still relatively pricey, partly because so many of the innards are the same. The differences are mainly exterior, such as its LCD screen, its single rear camera, and its aluminium casing. All of which means that if you want to upgrade to a new iPhone from your iPhone X, you’ll probably be well-served with the iPhone XR when it finally ships on 26 October if you don’t want to go whole hog with the XS. You’ll lose the lovely OLED screen, of course, but you’ll get a lot…

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which of apple’s new iphones should you get?

Just like last year, Apple announced three new iPhone models, but it’s not so easy to tell them apart anymore. Gone is the old-school design with the home button and the giant bezels, and in its place are three new models with iPhone X styling. (But don’t worry, if you really like the old look, you can still buy an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.) If you’re having trouble deciding which model to buy, we feel your indecision. That’s why we created this handy guide to help you sort it all out. Size All three new models of iPhone have Apple’s new ‘all-screen’ design that dispenses of the superfluous space above and below the screen and pushes the display all the way to the edges. It also means you’ll have to deal with…

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meet the new iphone se – the iphone 7

While we had been hearing for months that Apple would be updating its budget 4in iPhone SE (pictured) sometime this year with a new design and screen, it seems that this plan has been scrapped. In fact, any reference to the phone is gone from Apple’s website. Click on the previous landing page for the iPhone SE and you’ll be taken to the general iPhone page, where all mention of the iPhone SE has been scrubbed. In its place at the bottom of the pack is the two-year-old iPhone 7, which now starts at £449 for the 4.7in model with 32GB in black, silver, gold, or rose gold. That’s £100 more than the £349 iPhone SE, but you’re also getting a bigger screen, newer chip (A10 Fusion vs A9), better rear camera…