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iPad User Magazine Issue 24

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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welcome to ipad user magazine, helping you to do more with your ipad

The App Store is one of the greatest strengths of the iPad – turning it from a shiny sheet of glass into… well, just about anything. And yet, a lot of what we do on the iPad happens in iOS itself, or in Apple’s provided apps. In this issue, we’re diving into some of the new and changed features of the iOS 9 update from the end of 2015. We’ll look at how you can search better for things online and on your device using the new Spotlight feature (and its useful Siri proactive suggestions), how to work more fluidly using Handoff and the expanded keyboard features, how to get to grips with the Apple News app, and how to use the powerful new email attachment options. We also look at…

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use spotlight to find things

SKILL LEVEL Anyone can do it IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU’LL NEED iPad, iOS 9 Few features in iOS change the way you use an iPad as radically as learning to use Spotlight, Apple’s one-stop shop for finding anything on your device. Accessing it is easy: to reveal the Spotlight Search bar, just swipe a finger down from the middle of the Home screen (or in practice, from anywhere below the top edge of the screen) or swipe right on the first Home screen of apps on your iPad. You can search for all kinds of things using Spotlight, and it’s the sheer range of options available that makes Spotlight so impressive. As well as the obvious things – Contacts, Music, Mail and Messages – you can also search for apps, videos, notes, events and reminders…

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be more mobile with handoff

SKILL LEVEL Anyone can do it IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU’LL NEED iPad, iOS 9, OS X Yosemite, apps that support Handoff Handoff is one of the ‘Continuity’ features in iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, and it may well be the one you’ll use most often. It enables you to start a task on one device and easily switch to another to finish it. Perhaps you want to take a web page you’re reading, or the email you’re writing on your iPad, and finish it on the larger screen and keyboard of a Mac, or even on your iPhone. There are other ways to do that – in these scenarios, iCloud Tabs and your Drafts mailbox would help – but Handoff makes the process quicker. Devices signed into the same iCloud account, in close…

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master keyboard shortcuts

SKILL LEVEL Anyone can do it IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU’LL NEED iPad, iOS 9 When Apple unveiled the iPad, it was confident users would be able to touch-type on the touchscreen tablet accurately and efficiently. It’s testament to Apple’s keyboard design that many of us have come to use our iPads in place of laptops. Nonetheless, it’s not quite as fast to type on as a standard computer keyboard, and over the years Apple has tweaked the keyboard to make iPad typing easier. There are lots of ways to make typing on your iPad faster. For example, you could ‘split’ the keyboard so the keys fall more naturally under your thumbs and typing is more like using a mobile phone keyboard. Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard and eschew touchscreen typing altogether for a…

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complete guide to apple music

Apple has at last introduced a music streaming service that, for a monthly fee comparable to similar services such as Spotify, gives you access to millions of songs by artists big and small. For £9.99 a month, or £14.99 to allow up to five other family members to use it too, you can explore hundreds of years of musical heritage and hear brand-new releases on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC and Apple Watch – and more recently from your Apple TV, with Android devices to follow suit. Obviously, we’ve focused the majority of our tips on the iPad and iPhone versions (which are almost identical), but the features we describe also apply to iTunes 12.2 on your computer, though there are a few things that are possible only on one…

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get started

When you first open the new Music app on iOS or iTunes 12.2 on a Mac, you’ll be invited to enrol in a three-month trial of Apple Music. This requires that the Apple ID you use to sign into the iTunes Store has a bank card registered for payment, rather than just having credit on your account from iTunes gift cards, so that Apple has a means to take automatic payment for the monthly subscription past that trial period. You don’t have to take up an Apple Music subscription to keep using iTunes on your Mac or the Music app on iOS devices to play your previous iTunes Store purchases or music bought elsewhere. It’s also possible to hide almost all of the service’s features (see page 14). If you later decide…