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iPad User Magazine Issue 25

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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The recent launch of Apple’s iPad Pro marks a big departure for the company… in more ways than one. As its name suggests, the Pro – with its massive display – is intended to effectively replace, and perhaps even better, traditional laptop computers. Does it succeed in this? And how important are the two optional accessories launched alongside it, the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard? You can find out in our in-depth reviews this issue.Of course, you don’t need a top-of-the-line iPad Pro to be able to use your tablet to the full. In this issue we’ll show you how to do a variety of things with the latest version of iOS – including a guide to extensions, one of the most useful but perhaps lesser-known recent additions. We’ll also…

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Extensions allow you to add new destinations for sharing things and actions for processing them to the share sheet that appears in many of iOS’s built-in apps and third-party ones, too.Extensions mean you aren’t reliant on Apple adding support for new social networksSKILL LEVELAnyone can do itIT WILL TAKE10 minutesYOU’LL NEEDiPad, iOS 9, an app that provides a Share or Action extensionAlong-standing complaint about iOS is the tight degree of control that Apple exercises over what apps are able to do. Those restrictions have been relaxed in iOS 9 to allow apps to extend the system’s capabilities in carefully defined ways. This means you aren’t reliant on Apple adding support for a particular social network to be able to share something directly to it, and kludgy workarounds such as special…

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express yourself with emoji

It’s really fun to use emoji in your messages and posts on social network, and there are hundreds of them to choose from, organised into categories for easy selection.SKILL LEVELAnyone can do itIT WILL TAKEA couple of minutesYOU’LL NEED iPad, iOS 9Like peppering your Facebook posts, tweets or Messages conversations with smiley faces and other illustrative symbols? If so, you’ll be pleased to see that iOS 9 comes with emoji images built-in.They’re available from an extra keyboard containing hundreds of graphical symbols – everything from straightforward smiley faces to animals, weather symbols, seasonal figures, buildings and various symbols. If you’re struggling to express yourself with words, then take a trip to the emoji keyboard to see if a colourful graphic can better convey your message. (Or if you decide you…

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master the maps app

SKILL LEVELAnyone can do itIT WILL TAKE10 minutesYOU’LL NEEDiPad, iOS 9Before iOS 6, the iPad got its maps from Google by default – but then Apple ditched its rival in favour of its own service, which got off to a shaky start (thanks to some initially inaccurate data and some wonky 3D). However, since then it has steadily improved and now offers some useful features, notably satnav-style turn-by-turn navigation. You still don’t get the Street View feature which is part of Google Maps, but if you want it, you can simply install Google’s own app – it’s a totally free download from the App Store.Here we’ll look at the main features of Apple’s Maps app. One thing to note is that the search functionality is less helpful than that of…

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browse the web with safari

SKILL LEVELAnyone can do itIT WILL TAKE10 minutesYOU’LL NEEDiPad, iOS 9The iPad is a fantastic tool for browsing the web. Its large, high-resolution display makes pages look incredible, and being able to pan around and zoom into pages and open links with your fingers makes for the best web browsing experience available. iOS 9 includes a sleek new version of Apple’s Safari web browser that’s easier and more fun to use than ever before.Instead of separate address and search fields, there’s now a unified ‘Smart Search Field’ at the top of the browser.This is a powerful new way to find resources on the web, from specific pages by address to telling a search engine what you want, searching your personal bookmarks and items in your browsing history, and even looking…

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editing your photos

SKILL LEVELTaking things furtherIT WILL TAKE20 minutes to get startedYOU’LL NEEDiPad, iOS 9, some photos, optionally some apps with photo-editing extensionsYour iPad’s camera can be used to take amazing shots, but the fun doesn’t end in the Camera app: you can apply a variety of adjustments and effects to live up your snaps using iOS 8’s dedicated Photos app.The tools you’re likely to use most often are crop-and-rotate and, for portraits, Remove Red-Eye. The Auto Adjust option is also handy: one tap can improve many images. For more control you’ll want to get to know the new adjustment options. In Photos, you can manually adjust Light and Colour, and create custom mono conversions. There are also a range of photo filter effects, but the real stars of Photos are extensions,…