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iPad User Magazine Issue 26

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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Right at the heart of what makes the iPad great is its flexibility. It can become a tool to help you do almost anything, from something passive like watching videos to taking on whole projects. That’s what we’re focusing on in this issue of iPad User: tackling cool projects with your iPad, as well as keeping them organised. This ranges from just staying up to date with better use of the Calendar app, to using the app Outline+ to lay out detailed plans for what you want to do, to using the advanced tools of iBooks to research and make notes, to printing out any pages or documents you might need. On the creative side, we’ll show you how you can personlise your iPhone and iPad by making your own ringtone in…

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manage icloud storage

IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to manage your backups, photos and documents so that you stay within the free 5GB iCloud allowance YOU’LL NEED An iPad, an iCloud account and files in iCloud Drive Before you micro-manage your files, you’re better off thinking about getting rid of a big feature Is your iCloud storage running out of space? Apple only offers a parsimonious 5GB of free storage, and if you stick with the regular amount you’ll soon come across the dreaded “Not Enough Storage” alert. It’s a shame because Apple’s iCloud service is incredibly useful. As well as providing Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Safari syncing, it provides an online home for Photos and backs up all of your iOS devices. Not only that, the new iCloud Drive provides online storage for apps across your…

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using the icloud drive app

If you want to take finer control of the files stored in iCloud Drive, then use the iCloud Drive app. Unlike other apps, you don’t get this from the App Store. Open Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and Show on Home Screen. The iCloud Drive app is installed and provides direct access to all your files. Files are automatically saved in folders with the same name as the app, although you can tap Select and New Folder to create folders. Tap Select, highlight the files and folders you want, and tap Move to move the files, or Delete to remove them.…

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print from your ipad

IT WILL TAKE 5-10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to use the built-in AirPrint tools in iOS YOU’LL NEED iPad, iOS 9, an AirPrint compatible printer, or the Print n Share app Print n Share enables you to use any printer attached to your Mac Thanks to the portability of devices like your iPad, you don’t need to carry printouts around to work on the move or show people photos. Sometimes, though, you need a hard copy of something – minutes from a meeting, a photo from your last trip… The solution is a built-in feature called AirPrint, which enables you to print directly from an iOS device to a compatible wireless printer. The list of compatible hardware is ever increasing, and most major printer manufacturers offer AirPrint-compatible models. There’s a list of all AirPrint printers that…

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control your location data

IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to use iOS’s Location Services Settings pane YOU’LL NEED iPhone or iPad, iOS 8 or later Your iphone or iPad use multiple sensors to track your location. By combining data from GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile phone cell towers (though the non-cellular iPad is limited to Wi-Fi), it can create a pretty accurate picture of where you are. But, very reasonably, there may be occasions when you want to keep your location data private. Fortunately, the latest iOS release makes it very easy to give and revoke permission for apps to access location data – and it makes it very clear when your location is being shared, with which apps. The first thing to note is that newly installed apps must ask you for permission if they want to access location…

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advanced ibooks features

IT WILL TAKE An hour YOU WILL LEARN How to make the most of the latest features now included with the iBooks app YOU’LL NEED An iPad running iOS 9.0 or later (iBooks is pre-installed) and some digital books. The latest iBooks release is packed with excellent features Apple’s iBooks was one of the first iPad apps, released alongside the original iPad back in 2010. Since then, the iPad has become about much more than just digital book reading, so iBooks has kind of slipped back under the radar. It’s a mistake to think iBooks is boring and forget about it though; Apple hasn’t rested on its laurels. Every iBooks update has included new features designed to attract students, children (and parents) and regular readers looking for something more than the printed word. The app now includes advanced…