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iPad User Magazine Issue 30

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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Every year, our iPads get even better. Apple’s annual iOS upgrades add new features and enable new types of app to be developed, and iOS 10, which will be released in September, looks like it’s going to be a great update. You can find the full run-down starting on page 4, but there are huge changes to everything from Messages to Maps, to the Lock screen, to notifications. They don’t all look like ground-breaking, history-making new features at first, but they add up to mean that iOS 10 is actually the biggest change to how you’ll use your iPad since iOS 7 three years ago. And apps will be able to work in all-new ways as well, including special versions of apps that run within the Messages and Maps apps, which…

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lock screen & widgets

One big feature we wanted to see in iOS 10 is a more useful Lock screen, and that’s exactly what we’re getting. You’ll be able to 3D Touch notifications to access more instant options – so you can press on one from Messages to see the larger conversation and reply, or press on an event invitation to see your calendar for the day and accept or decline, all without unlocking your device or opening the full version of the app. Having this extra information and quick options to hand can really help you get meaningful things done fast. These capabilities only work with 3D Touch devices in the developer beta, but they’ll come to other devices too. Apple’s changing a few other things about how the Lock screen works: you’ll swipe…

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maps comes of age

When you open the Maps app, you’ll see more of the map, with just a search bar to get you started. Apple has added proactive suggestions from Siri, so if there’s an event with a location in your calendar, it’ll suggest directions to it – or it might tell you what the traffic’s like on your route to work, or where the nearest shops are. In turn-by-turn navigation, you can easily take a detour to amenities without breaking your overall route, with a live traffic view the whole way. Another feature places a pin at your car’s location when you get out of it. The really big news is developers can create apps that run inside Maps, enabling you to book a table based on searches, or call for a ride-sharing…

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Apple’s changes to the Photos app in iOS and macOS this year are focused around organisation. Expanding on facial recognition technology, the Photos app on both platforms will now scan your photos, using ‘machine learning’ (the same kind of rudimentary AI Google uses for its Google Photos platform) to identify not just who is in your photos, but what else is: objects and animals can be identified, and even types of places, such as a beach. This will make your library searchable in new ways: location, people, dates, or anything vague you remember. Want to find that photo of you, your dad and the dog in London? You can now search for any of those things. The identification is done on your device, too – Apple doesn’t need all your photos…

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camera and editing improvements

When it comes to taking and editing photos, updates are fairly low-key. The Camera app will open faster, so you’ll be able to grab pics you might have missed otherwise, and it has a new interface on iPad. The Photos app has a new adjustment slider for Brilliance, and the auto-enhance feature has been improved. Live Photos are improved with stabilisation to make them a bit smoother to view, and you’ll also be able to edit them and apply Live Filters.…

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The Messages app is getting a huge boost in iOS 10, turning it into a truly modern chat app. Here we highlight all the great additions, but the key thing to know is that the app is getting much more fun and interactive. Conversations shown as simple, coloured speech bubbles decorated with emoji will be a thing of the past. Sadly, at the time of writing, Messages for macOS is only able to view these new features, not create them – though that may well change by Sierra’s release. Interaction You can now ‘Like’ a message with a thumbs-up (or others, including a heart). You can also add a blur effect, which the recipient must wipe away to see the message, giving things a dramatic flair. Animations You can make a message bubble appear…