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iPad User Magazine Issue 32

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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The more we play with iOS 10, the more there is to discover and the more we like it. We’re still finding plenty of little tweaks and subtle improvements that generally mean we can get things done more efficiently. Take the changes to Lock screen… with the addition of the Today view and richer notifications, you can get a lot done on your iPad without ever unlocking it! iOS 10 has brought improvements across the board and, again, what may seem like minor tweaks at first, will suddenly be revealed as quite transformative in use. Real-time collaboration in iWork makes a significant difference to project work, and we now, finally, have a Music app that’s a genuine pleasure to navigate! In addition to tutorials on these iOS 10 refinements, we’ve picked out…

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learn ios 10’s lock screen

You can wake recent models of iPhone by raising them, just like an Apple Watch IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to access and customise all the features available when your iOS device is locked YOU’LL NEED An iOS device, iOS 10 In iOS 10, Apple has revamped the Lock screen that appears when you wake your device, giving you access to a variety of features when you swipe inwards from any of the edges of your device’s screen. It has also added a third, even simpler way to wake an iPhone SE, 6s/6s Plus, or 7/7Plus. On all devices, the Sleep/Wake button wakes it to the Lock screen, as always, as does pressing the Home button. However, the new method for waking your device doesn’t require you to press a button at all, as…

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stay informed about events

In iOS 10, you’ll jump out of the app you’re using to attend to notifications far less often IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to keep track of and attend to events and communications, and filter out things that can safely wait. YOU’LL NEED iOS 10 There are several ways to keep up to date with what’s been happening while you’re working in apps or when you haven’t been looking at your device at all. The basics of notifications haven’t changed a great deal in iOS 10. They still appear for a moment in a strip across the top of the screen when your device is unlocked, accumulate in Notification Centre and shown on the Lock screen so you can attend to any you might have ignored or missed from one place later on,…

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pay for things more easily

With Sierra and iOS 10, payments online are as simple as using Apple Pay in shops IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, and then use it to make online payments in Safari on Mac and iOS YOU’LL NEED An iPhone with a Touch ID sensor, a Mac with Sierra, or a device with iOS 10 If you’ve used a bank card that features contactless payment, you‘ll already be aware of how quickly it enables you to pay for small transactions. Apple Pay makes the process even more convenient by eliminating the need to dig around for your bank card. Instead, you only have to reach out with the wrist on which you’re wearing your Apple Watch or do the same with your iPhone, either of which…

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manage your apple pay devices

If you’re going to sell or pass on a device you’ve set up to use Apple Pay, you can remove the card from Wallet as part of cleaning down the device – whether that’s a full erase or, if your kids will use the device, perhaps just signing out of services such as iCloud. However, if you forget to do this, or you lose a device, you can rescind authorisation by signing in at iCloud.com. Click Settings and look under My Devices; any on which Apple Pay is active will have the service’s badge below them. Click the image for one of these to find an option to cancel that status.…

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master ios 10’s music app

You can tell iOS 10’s Music app to keep a minimum quantity of tracks around at all times IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to navigate and get the most from the redesigned Music app YOU’LL NEED iOS 10 From the reception given to Apple Music’s integration with iOS 9’s Music app, you may have wondered how the company behind the wildly popular iPod could also be responsible for something so confusing. Apple listened and has cleaned up the app in iOS 10, refining how you work with your own music and the massive selection available through its subscription service. However, among the changes is one that may require you to think a bit harder at first, because devices without 3D Touch make use of a gesture that’s rarely found in Apple’s own iOS apps.…