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iPad User Magazine Issue 36

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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When it comes to creative software on the desktop, it’s often too intimidating to get started with. Even if you just want to have a play around, it can be so complex, with functions often so hidden, that if you’re like me, you just don’t start. But it’s different on the iPad. With the immediacy of a touchscreen, apps tend to be designed to be more obvious. You can just start drawing with a finger (or stylus). In a music app, you can play a facsimile of an instrument you recognise. Movie editing can just mean dragging stuff around for fun until suddenly you hit on something really cool. Even coding apps are usually designed differently, with touchable elements that make them easier to get to grips with. This issue, we’ve got…

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save icloud storage space

IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to stop apps using iCloud storage YOU’LL NEED iOS 10.3 It’s tempting to leave certain settings on your iPhone or iPad on their defaults, not least iCloud Backup – how many times has the importance of backing up been hammered into your brain, after all? That may seem like the safest strategy, but ask yourself whether it’s costing you more money than necessary. While writing this tutorial, we were shocked to discover that iCloud Backup was putting 941MB of data from Tweetbot, and 459MB from Amazon Music online. Neither of those apps stores anything precious, or that we can’t just easily download again when we need it. So, if you’re trying to stay within the 5GB Apple provides for free with all iCloud accounts, we suggest checking the…

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how to reclaim wasted icloud storage

1 Locate iCloud settings In the recent iOS 10.3 software update, Apple consolidated settings that relate to your Apple ID, iCloud, and the iTunes and App Stores in one place, which is conveniently at the top of Settings. Start by tapping that row. 2 iCloud storage usage Tap iCloud near the top of the next page. You’ll see a colour-coded breakdown of what’s using your iCloud storage – not just iCloud Drive, but email and backups, too. Tap that, and then tap Manage Storage. 3 Finer details The next page breaks things down more precisely. Ignore the Documents & Data section lower down, despite it listing how much iCloud storage each of your apps is using. Instead, under Backups, tap the device you’re using. 4 Identify space hogs Under the heading Choose Data to Back Up, tap…

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master split view in safari

IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to open Safari tabs side-by-side, and go back to a single screen when needed YOU’LL NEED iOS 10 or later, supported iPad model Tabbed browsing has changed the way we surf the web, making it easy to quickly switch between web pages. That said, there’s no substitute for being able to view two web pages side-by-side in separate windows, allowing you to easily compare them. That’s easy on your Mac, but the good news is that – armed with a newer iPad – you can do the same in Safari too. Apple has enabled the Split View feature it introduced in iOS 9 to work within Safari in iOS 10. As the step-by-step guide reveals, you can quickly split your window in two from scratch, or split off a web…

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how to invoke split view

1 Open a blank tab In Safari, touch and hold the tab button in the top right-hand corner until a pop-up menu appears. Choose ‘Open Split View’ to split the window in two – your current page on the left, your Safari home page on the right. 2 Open link to Split View If you come across an interesting link on a page you’re browsing that you’d like to look at side-by-side with your original web page, tap and hold on the link, then choose ‘Open in Split View’ from the pop-up menu. 3 Convert tab If you’ve got two tabs open, you can convert them into Split Screen view by tapping and dragging one of the tabs to the right or left of the screen – wait until it splits into a new window…

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how to use pages’ new formatting tools

1 Subscript and superscript There are two ways to apply these to your document. If you’ve not yet typed the character or word, skip to step two; otherwise, you need to select the character or word using Pages’ selection tools. Tap the Format Painter. 2 Apply formatting Tap the three dots (…) underneath the font name to open the Text Styles box. You’ll see both superscript and subscript listed under ‘Baseline’. Tap to apply, but remember to tap again when done to de-select it if you’re typing. 3 Text background colour Select your text, tap the Format Painter button and tap the three dots (…) as before. This time, scroll down to the bottom of the Text Styles box and tap ‘Text Background’ – swipe left and right for more colour options.…