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iPad User Magazine Issue 39

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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Every year, Apple updates its devices with a new operating system, improving and building on what’s come before with new features and options. Last year, with iOS 10, iPad users may have felt a little forgotten, though – there were pretty much no new features specifically for the iPad. But that’s definitely not the case with iOS 11, which adds some killer new stuff.You can read all about the new features starting on page 5. I’m really excited about them – they’re focused on productivity and multitasking, and go a long way towards making the iPad better for some of the more complex tasks people still go to their PC and Mac for. The only downside is that not all iPads will get these new features, since they require some…

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your guide to ios 11

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) delivered a quartet of stunning software updates that are coming to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV this fall. Here, we’ll focus on the changes coming to your iPad and iPhone.Of Apple’s four operating systems, it’s iOS 11 we’re most excited about. It offers refinements to make things you already do quicker and easier to accomplish, includes creative and fun new things to do with photos and videos, and looks set to introduce a whole new class of apps and games through augmented reality.The biggest changes are on iPad, with huge improvements to multitasking, and newly added support for drag and drop between apps that make things much more like using a desktop computer. On the bigger screens of the iPad Pros especially,…

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control centre for iphone

Admittedly, Control Centre is busy but it’s now smartly divided into logical groups. Using 3D Touch on the brightness slider reveals a switch for Night Shift. At last, you can toggle Personal Hotspot from the Lock screen. Press on the audio group to find the control for where sound is sent. ■…

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make fun videos with clips

The interface, as you’d expect from an Apple app, feels very at home on an iOS deviceIT WILL TAKE15 minutesYOU WILL LEARNHow to record and import videos in the Clips app, and add text and stickers to themYOU’LL NEED64-bit iOS device running iOS 10.3 or later, Clips app.Clips is a fun video app released for free by Apple earlier this year, in which you can create short video messages in the Instagram Stories or Snapchat mould to send via iMessage or social media platforms. It’s not part of the default iOS app set when you first activate your iPad or iPhone, but you can find it easily on the App Store.The interface, as you’d expect from an Apple app, feels very at home on an iOS device, with well thought-out…

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turn garageband up to 11

Audio Units are impressive enough on the Mac, but to have them in an iPad is astonishingIT WILL TAKE30 minutesYOU WILL LEARNHow to add instruments, effects and apps to GarageBandYOU’LL NEEDGarageBand, third party audio unitsGarageBand is a fantastic music app, easy enough for absolute beginners but more than capable of taking on complex projects. And it’s expandable too, thanks to something called Audio Units.Audio Units have been on the Mac for years, and they enable you to add instruments or features to apps such as Logic Pro or GarageBand on macOS with ease: they work just like Safari Extensions, adding new powers to the software you already have. Those powers could be guitar amps or specialist synthesisers, drum machines or digitally modelled rooms, compressors or cool sound generators. If they’re…

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make a photo shine

Affinity’s interface has been reworked to be much more friendly to touchIT WILL TAKE10 minutesYOU WILL LEARNHow to quickly fix up a photo in Affinity Photo, brightening and sharpening the imageYOU’LL NEED iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad 5th-gen, Affinity Photo appAs leaps of the imagination go, it’s not too much to expect that anyone who’s gone to the trouble of paying for and installing an image editing app such as Affinity Photo on their iPad is going to want to edit some images.With Affinity currently being the only pro-grade photo editing app on the App Store, at least until Adobe inevitably gets into gear with its touch-based versions of Photoshop, we’re going beyond the realms of simple one-click filters and automatic fixes, pushing into territory previously only held by desktop…