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iPad User Magazine Issue 43

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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The release of iOS 11 late last year brought some fantastic productivity options to the iPad to help you work between apps better. This had always been the biggest weakness of iOS compared to a Windows PC or Mac, since a lot of work tends to require flicking between different windows – browsers, office apps, email and so on – but now you could have multiple apps open together, and even just drag information between them. These new features are easy to get started with, but as with anything in iOS, there’s hidden depth and tricks to using them better. In this issue, we dive right into it, showing you how to use the new app switcher smarter, how to master multiple apps on-screen at once, and even how to power…

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control centre in ios 11

IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to close apps and use and customise Control Centre YOU’LL NEED An iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 The more your iPhone or iPad can do, the more time it can take to find the things you want to do. We’ve all spent ages scrolling to find the right app, opening it and looking for the feature we want. Wouldn’t it be great to have your most-used features right at your fingertips? That’s what Control Centre does. Control Centre has two jobs. The first is to show you what apps you’re running or ran recently, enabling you to quickly find the app you want and switch to it with a tap – or kill it by swiping it up and off the screen, if it’s not responding. And…

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use slide over & split view

IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to use the latest features of Slide Over and Split View in iOS 11 to use several apps at one time YOU’LL NEED iPad with iOS 11 Split View and Slide Over have been around for a while — since iOS 9 in 2015, with compatible apps — but they are now more useful than ever, thanks to the introduction of drag and drop and some new tweaks in iOS 11. As before, Split View displays two apps side-by-side, while Slide Over opens the second app in a floating window over the first. Now, though, you can have the smaller window to the left if you want — previously it could sit only to the right. It is also possible to add apps to Split View and…

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hear who is calling you

Siri interrupts the ringtone for a moment to tell you the caller’s name IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to have Siri announce caller names, depending on your situation YOU’LL NEED iPhone, plus (optionally) Hiya or another caller ID lookup/blocking app Siri does much more than simply answer your queries and tell you jokes. It can also be used to announce who is trying to contact you, interrupting an incoming FaceTime call’s ringtone for a moment to tell you the caller’s name. You can assign different ringtones to your contacts instead, but that requires more effort on your part to ensure each person’s ringtone is set to something that identifies them uniquely, or at least their connection to you. As well as being useful if you have vision problems, having Siri announce a caller’s identity is…

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code with swift playgrounds

IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How fun, friendly and fantastic Swift Playgrounds is YOU’LL NEED An iPad with iOS 11 Swift Playgrounds may be one of the most important apps Apple has ever made. Designed for coding newbies and distributed free to anybody who wants it – including educators – it’s one of the most fun ways to learn the basics of coding. Once you know the basics, you can take that knowledge to any language, not just Swift. The app exports to Xcode but its lessons are universal. Swift Playgrounds works by solving puzzles: here’s your character, Byte, and here’s what you need him to do. The app then takes you very carefully (but not too slowly) through the code you need to perform the action. So for example you’d use moveForward() to…

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use ios notes to scan documents

IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to scan documents into the iPhone Notes app YOU’LL NEED iOS 11 The camera on your iPhone is so good, it can be used as a scanner to capture documents, receipts and other paper-based items so you don’t lose them, they won’t fade, and they’re easier to find and organise (when you need to claim expenses or file your tax return, for example). There are dozens of excellent scanner apps in the Store, but do you need one? Apple has upgraded the Notes app in iOS 11 and it now includes a great scanning feature. This enables you to scan all your paperwork, neatly crop to the edges, and store the images in notes on your phone. With iCloud syncing, you can then access the scans on…