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iPad User Magazine Issue 47

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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welcome to ipad user magazine, helping you to do more with your ipad

We’re near that magical time of year, when Apple releases new software and powers up your iPad (and all its other devices) with great new features. iOS 12 isn’t going to be as radical a change as some updates have been in the past, but I’m really looking forward to the powerful new options it’s bringing. There’s a big focus on having a more healthy relationship with our devices – adding tools for reminding us how long we’ve been staring at Facebook, or for hiding our notifications completely when we’re trying to sleep, so we’re not tempted back onto the slippery slope. Some people see a kind of hypocrisy in Apple providing us the means to have addictive apps, then seemingly encouraging us not to use them, but for me it’s only…

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siri: your shortcut to everything

For now you assign a phrase to a task, but you’ll be able to create custom shortcuts Last year, Apple bought Workflow, a brilliant automation app from a small team led by Ari Weinstein ( twitter.com/ariX ), the former iPhone jailbreaker who also co-created VotePlz, a tech platform that helped first-time voters get to the polls in the 2016 US election. We now know that Workflow will evolve into an official app called Shortcuts, but that’s still in the future. For now, iOS 12 gets automation in the form of suggestions that appear on your Lock screen and in Spotlight searches, generated by your own actions. The ultimate time-saver Siri Shortcuts, for the moment, consist of single tasks that you could carry out in a particular app. A shortcut might do something as simple…

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screen time

Many of us wonder if we’re spending too much time scrolling through stuff on our screens, and today’s kids have 24/7 social media, cyberbullying and addictive game design to contend with. So iOS 12 introduces Screen Time to provide ‘insights and control over how you spend your time’. A weekly activity summary charts apps you’ve used, categorising activity into social networking, entertainment, productivity and so on. (This won’t be so helpful if you access a lot of different content within Safari.) You can see how often you picked up your device and which apps nagged you with the most notifications. Then you can set App Limits, which block an app when you’ve spent your allocated time for the day in it. Of course, you can override this, but your weekly summary…

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apple app amendments

The iBooks app, which handles ebooks, audiobooks and PDFs, is renamed Apple Books, and has a new design that, like the App Store, aims to help you find new content that’s of interest to you. This app is just as much about organising the content you already have, though, and the new Reading Now tab keeps your last book open where you left off, while reminding you of other recent reads. The legendarily inessential Stocks app celebrates its debut on the iPad by integrating business feeds from Apple News. Also coming to bigger screens is Voice Memos, previously a miss for iPad productivity nuts, complete with iCloud syncing so recordings made on one device are available on others. For CarPlay, Apple’s interface for iPhone that’s built in to some vehicles, improvements focus…

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group facetime

iPhone X users can access Animoji so you can converse wearing a lip-synced cartoon head Conference calling has been a much-requested FaceTime feature, and it now arrives belatedly but in style in iOS 12 with up to 32 participants per call. Showing them all on screen obviously presents some interface challenges, especially on iPhones (the feature is also supported on the Mac in Mojave). Apple’s solution is to arrange participants’ live feeds as floating tiles in a sort of 3D cloud, with those who are currently talking enlarging and drifting to the front; less active participants are relegated to the ‘roster’, a band across the bottom which includes your own view. You can also manually bring anyone to the front by double-tapping their tile. A single tap displays the contact’s name, which…

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animoji gets personal

Animoji – cartoon avatars that animate to match your speech and movements – were an instant hit when they launched with the iPhone X. iOS 12 adds four more (ghost, koala, tiger and T-Rex) plus Memoji, a system for generating your very own Animoji. As demonstrated by Apple’s Kelsey Peterson, this feature offers enough attributes, from eye colour to freckles to hairstyles, to make it recognisably you. Once your Memoji is set up, you can record it lip-syncing you to make a video message – a new option shows a live feed with the cartoon head replacing yours – or even use it live in FaceTime. Tongue tracking now makes Animoji stick out their tongues when you do. There are obvious comparisons with Bitmoji, the avatar app that integrates with Snapchat, but…