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iPad User Magazine Issue 48

iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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welcome to ipad user magazine, helping you to do more with your ipad

Every autumn brings a big new update to iPads (as well as iPhones, and Apple’s other products). iOS 12 focuses on speed and stability improvements more than flashy new features, which is great if you use your iPad daily for work (or just as a computer replacement), because it’ll be smoother than ever. But there are still great new features to explore, and we’ve highlighted lots of them this issue. We’ll take a quick overview of the changes to things like the News app, we’ll look at how the Photos app’s search has been made even more powerful, and we’ll take you through using the brand new app Measure – and that’s just a taste! We’ve got some other great guides too, of course. Our guide to the guitar instrument in GarageBand…

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become an ios 12 genius

Apple is known for making software that can be used by people of all ages and technical knowledge levels. There is rarely a learning curve, as is evidenced by the lack of manuals included with the products, and for most people it is a case of jumping in and discovering what the hardware and software has to offer. However, if you take the time to truly understand what each new feature can do in iOS 12, you will get more out of your iPhone and iPad and you can learn how to become an iOS genius in no time. We will guide you through what’s new and highlight the changes to classic iOS apps, some of which are hard to spot at first glance, and we’ll show you how to get…

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understand your usage

Screen Time lets you delve deeper than you normally would into your iPad and iPhone usage. You likely have some idea of how addicted to your devices you are, but here you can back that up with stats and, just like a fitness tracker, you can aim to change your usage over time, if you choose. The amount of data and control on offer is quite astonishing. 1 Enable it When you first open the feature by going to Settings > Screen Time it will enable and start to track your usage of apps immediately. 2 And so it begins The stats will start to build up and you can now spend time diving deep into your usage by app, as well as your overall screen time. 3 Set a limit Tap ‘Add Limit’ in any…

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measure anything in seconds

1 The right space Your iPhone needs to calibrate itself to understand where it is before you can measure objects. It takes seconds. 2 Point and scan Simply point at any object and the Measure app will recognise it and produce immediate data to work with. 3 Tap to capture Tap a marker and the measurement will be displayed ready for you to copy to any other app. 4 Easy conversions You will be shown the measurement in two formats and you can tap once to share with others instantly. 5 Point to point Tap the ‘+’ icon to measure from a new point. You can do this again and again until it is complete. 6 It’s not exact Remember that the measurements are not exact. They are great for general use, but not all technical projects.…

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use the new camera

The hardware is what makes mobile iOS photography so popular and there is no doubt that Apple has put many resources into its development over the years. In iOS 12 there are no large-scale changes in the Camera setup, but there are two useful additions. Some would like to see major changes, but the only way to seriously improve your photos is to take time to improve your own technique with continual practice. 1 Fun effects When you snap a photo in Messages or FaceTime you can now tap ‘Effects’ and take advantage of a host of fun features to add personality. 2 Add a filter The first option, and most obvious change, is to add a filter. There’s a nice selection built into iOS 12, with a preview of each one. 3 Adding stickers iOS…

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understand the improved apps

Some of the standard iOS apps have received an update in iOS 12. What were simplistic apps now have features that will help you to do more with them, and we will show you what is new so that you can explore the benefits. There is nothing technical to learn here, but knowing the changes will help a lot. 1 Interactive stocks The graphs in the Stocks app are now interactive, and when you place your finger on them you can drag to see data for any particular day. 2 The financial news Below the graphs and data, you can also now see full financial articles with just one tap. It links perfectly to Apple News to give you the full picture. 3 A new voice Voice Memos has landed on iPad at last! Tap the…