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The only magazine dedicated to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Each regular issue is chocked full of reviews of apps, accessories and Apple handhelds. It’s also loaded with tips and how-to’s, user profiles, business solutions, and more. To read it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch download the free “Zinio Newsstand & Reader App” from iTunes App Store

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when entertainment becomes boring

I grew up as an only child in Venezuela until the age of ten, when my first brother was born. At home we had a tiny TV with 4 channels, two of which I always skipped because they never showed any cartoons. We didn’t have a computer, cable TV, or even a phone. I was bored a lot, and I battled the boredom by creating games, puzzles, and challenges for myself. I once made a slingshot out of spare wood left over from the bunk bed my stepdad built. The thing looked like a handheld medieval catapult, and it scared the neighbors. Another time, I used my mom’s typewriter to write my first “book”—a one-page story about a soccer ball that could feel, so it didn’t appreciate getting kicked around.…

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meet our writers

Nate AdcockSystems Test Engineer natestera@gmail.com Article page 58Todd BernhardFounder, No Tie Software todd@toddbernhard.com Article page 61Steve BossRadio Host on KRUU FM 100.1 sboss@me.com Article page 54Jacqui LaneTech Journalist jacqui.frye@gmail.com Article page 49Jonathan MarksProfessional Photographer jonathan@jonathanmarksfneart.com Article page 90Siva OmWeb Designer and Writer sivaom@iphonelife.com Article page 77Dan RasmusStrategist and Industry Analyst dwrasmus@danielwrasmus.com Article page 80Mike RileyAdvanced Computing Professional mike@mikeriley.com Articles pages 68, 72Rebecca SantiagoEditor in Chief Emeritus, The Tufts Daily santiago.rk@gmail.com Article page 74Bryan SchmiedelerProgrammer bryanschmiedeler@appleinfocus.com Article page 22Dain SchroederTech Enthusiast dainschroeder@mac.com Article page 44Randy SiegelSenior VP at Fixmo randy@randysiegel.com Article page 81Mike WewerkaFounder of TechHog.com mike@techhog.com Article page 42Kellie WorrellMath Teacher brainstarsapp@gmail.com Article page 86iPhone Life StaffDavid AverbachPublisher and CEOdavid@iphonelife.com Article page 26Nina BenjaminAssociate Editornina@iphonelife.com Articles pages 28-36, 64Alex CequeaEditor in Chief alex@iphonelife.com Articles pages 28-36, 68Hal GoldsteinSenior Editor, Founder…

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istats, news, stats, tidbits, & more

THE NUMBERS$4 BILLIONA late 2012 study by eMarketer showed that mobile ad spending reached over $4 billion in 2012. This represents a 180% increase from 2011. The figure is higher than previous estimates, which were forecasting an 80% increase, or a total of $2.6 billion for the year. In the report, eMarketer cited Facebook’s mobile news feeds and Twitter’s Promoted Products suite as the main driving forces behind increased mobile ad spending. By the end of 2012, Facebook’s mobile ads alone were generating about $3 million per day. Mobile ads, which include search, display, and messaging-based ads that run on smartphones and tablets, are expected to continue to grow at a steady pace, with total mobile ad spending projected to reach over $20 billion by 2016.99% PAY CUTAt first glance,…

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ask the experts!

Confused With iTunesI love my Apple products, but I’m having trouble with iTunes 11. I went to iTunes and saw that 11 apps needed to be updated. I clicked on the Apps tab and scrolled down to the bottom right to click on the Update All button, like I’ve done a million times before, but there was no button anywhere to update all my apps. I’m old, but I’m not stupid! What happened?-Vickie GeorgesDear Vickie,You’re not alone in your confusion. Apple updated iTunes 11 towards the end of 2012, and it was the most significant overhaul of their software in many years (see article on page 22). You can still update all your apps with one click, but finding the options takes a few steps.When you first connect your iDevice…

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ipad mini

Since its fall 2012 release, the iPad mini has been a big hit. It quickly sold millions and was a top gift item over the holiday season. People love the fact that it’s thin, light, and more portable, yet still offers the same user experience as the full-sized iPad.iPad mini SpecsThe 7.9-inch display gives you a viewing space that’s two-thirds the size of its larger sibling. It has the same screen resolution, 1024 x 768, as the iPad 2, which means, of course, that all current iPad apps work on the iPad mini without needing to be rewritten by developers.It’s about as thick as a pencil—just over a quarter of an inch thick. And it weighs 0.68 lbs—half the weight of the larger iPad. Even though I’d read a lot…

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hands on with itunes 11

In late November 2012, Apple released iTunes 11, and it was the media management software’s most significant interface overhaul ever. Apple almost completely redesigned the user interface, featuring what they call “simplified views of exactly what you want.” You may be in for a shock the first time you open up iTunes 11. But although the visuals have changed, the fundamentals haven’t. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.GOODBYE, LEFT-HAND SIDEBARThe classic left-hand sidebar for accessing your media content, devices, and playlists is gone. Apple has replaced it with what they call an “edge-to-edge” design. A dropdown menu in the left-hand side provides access to different types of content, such as Music and Movies, while a button on the right toggles between the iTunes Store and your Library. Cover Flow…