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iPhone Life Magazine Vol 6, No 2

The only magazine dedicated to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. Each regular issue is chocked full of reviews of apps, accessories and Apple handhelds. It’s also loaded with tips and how-to’s, user profiles, business solutions, and more. To read it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch download the free “Zinio Newsstand & Reader App” from iTunes App Store

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Thaddeus Computing, Inc.
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editor’s message

The Robots Are Coming!I arrived at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas expecting to see a world of new gadgets and futuristic technology. What else would you expect when over 150,000 tech geeks take over a city for a week? (Besides collapsed Internet access and long lines to the men’s bathroom, of course.)Folks, the future looks bright, and by “bright,” I mean full of robots. Everywhere I turned, I saw glimpses of our eventual overlords—miniature robots that can follow drawn lines (Ozobot, ozobot.com), freakishly friendly iPhone-powered robots that can teach kids how to program (ROMO, romotive.com), and finally, an iPad-powered robot for telecommuters that lets you videoconference and control its movements from afar (Double, doublerobotics.com). Who wouldn’t want a robot rolling around the office like a Segway?We’ve…

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nate adcock

Systems Test Engineer natestera@gmail.com Articles pages 55,86Todd BernhardFounder, No Tie Software todd@toddbernhard.com Articles pages 55,86Paula BostromMedia Broadcaster and Journalist mtnscubagirl@yahoo.com Article page 66Geri CentonzeAvid iPhoneographer gericentonffi@gmail.com Article page 74Steve FlemingSr.UX Strategist steve.fleming@humanractors.com Article page 89DirectorofTechnology at GLAD WORKS adam@gladworks.com Artidepage38Tech Journalist jacqui.frye@gmail.com Article page 80Bloggerand Speech Therapist rebeccaludlum@cox.net Articles pages 42,55iOS Developer and Trainer kevinm@oakleafsd.com Article page 92Web Designer and Writer siua@iphonelife.com Article page 55Writer and Editor santiagark@gmail.com Article page 82Professional Photographer jktoma@gmail.com Article page 70Freelance Writer brittanylynnvincent@gmail.com Article page 78iPhone Life StaffPublisher and CEO david@iphonelife.com Article page 18Associate Editor nina@iphonelife.com Articles pages 35,65Editor in Chief alex@iphonelife.com Articles pages 48,55,77Senior Editor, Founder hal@thaddeus.com Article page 96Online Editor/Columnist jim_karpen@iphonelife.com Article page 26 ■…

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istats, news, and other tidbits

THE NUMBERS2 MILLIONAccording to CEA, the association that organizes the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, this year’s show was the largest ever, covering over two million net square feet of exhibit space.150,000Over 150 thousand industry professionals were in attendance at the 2014 CES, with about 35 thousand coming from outside the United States.27Number of people we personally saw at CES wearing Google Glass—Google’s new futuristic glasses that connect to the internet, let you take pictures and video, and let you send and receive phone calls and emails.#CES2014 Talk Overheard on Twitter@fadoobabaWill #3dprinting enable us to print diamonds? I mean #3dprinting on a molecular level? #CES2014@LorenzoKayo#CES2014 lessons: Wear comfy shoes. Bring a power bar. Schedule ur day loosely. Don’t eat the Chinese food. Bring a Mophie & hand…

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caption contest

"YOUR CAPTION HERE"Send us a clever caption for the cartoon above, and we’ll feature our favorite entries in the next issue. The winner will receive a $20 iTunes Gift Card! Send all captions to comics@iphonelife.com.Mar/Apr 2014 Caption Winner:"Urn... Mom? I thought you said I could have an iPad with no strings attached." Submitted by Charlie PineappleRunners-Up:"Sorry son, the i Pad Air was out last year. Try an iPad Helium... it’s lighter than air!’ Submitted by Gregg Caren"Don’t worry, it comes with "Find My iPad" already enabled!" Submitted by Erby E PerdueThanks to everyone who sent in their funny captions! ■…

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around the iphone life office

How Do You Maintain Work/Life Balance?Donna, Associate Editor: I am a big believer in enabling Airplane Mode. It helps me disconnect and relax for an hour or two after work and still have access to my phone’s basic functions (Clock, Notes, etc.).Raph, CTO: I’ve found an app called Clever Routines ($0.99) that I use to create daily reminders to meditate, go for a run, or take a walk. It’s nice to get regular reminders to do some of the non-tech things that improve my quality of life.Alex, Editor in Chief: Since I work from my laptop, work is always just a few clicks away. To balance my time, I create set work hours and stick to them. This helps me stay away from that dreaded space where you’re not really…

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the post-pc revolution

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010, he famously claimed we were entering the “Post-PC era.” In an interview with tech journalist Walt Mossberg following the announcement, Jobs explained that he thought mobile devices would become our primary computing tools, with PCs only being used under rare circumstances. He went on to say that he didn’t know exactly when the transition was coming or how long it would take, but that smartphones and tablets would inevitably dominate PCs.More than three years after that interview, we are on the verge of realizing his prediction. In 2012, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time. Meanwhile, tablets continue to break sales records. I think that in the next few years, smartphones will not only outsell computers, but they will begin to replace…