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February 2021

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Happy New Year everyone! We've dedicated this issue to making sure we have loads of fun in what is left of the summer school holidays. On page 26 you'll find a cool guide to anti-boredom, as well as some quizzes, puzzles, and DIY projects to keep you busy! Apart from making TikTok videos and playing with my dog on the beach, I also like to go shopping, watch movies and just chill out with my family and friends during the holidays. If I'm lucky, Mum and Dad will organise a family getaway somewhere fun, too! What do you like to do during the summer break? Drop me a line and fill me in on all the fun things you get up to. Here's to a great year ahead... and a much…

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it girl mailbox

Dear IG, Thank you for making such a cool magazine! I always used to buy It GiRL when I went to the shops with my Mum on the weekend, but I got a subscription for my birthday so now I get it delivered to my house. It's pretty cool. MICHAELA, 10, ROBINA, QLD Hi It GiRL mag, I went to the library to borrow some books and I ended up finding a copy of It GiRL there! Magazines couldn't be borrowed and taken home so I just read the whole thing before I left. I loved it and will definitely buy the next issue! INDI, 9, TOORAK, VIC Dear It GiRL team, I love reading your mag. It always cheers me up when I'm unhappy. I like to read it by flicking through the pages and reading…

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10 things to do before you turn 13!

one Be inspired by The Baby-Sitters Club, and start a club of your own or join an existing one! two Ride a rollercoaster. Convince your parents, siblings or friends to go with you... and make sure to hold on tight! three See your fave singer or band live in concert. four WRITE A LETTER TO IT GIRLOR THE LOCAL PAPER ABOUT SOMETHING YOU FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT. YOU MIGHT JUST GET PUBLISHED! five Go on a shopping spree for some new, fresh clothes. Look in magazines or online for some inspo before you hit the shops. six Read the Harry Potter series of books and then watch the movies! seven Think about what you would like to be when you grow up. eight EAT A FOOD YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE. YOU WILL WAKE UP YOUR TASTE BUDS - AND YOU MAY JUST FIND A NEW…

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hot stuff

DESIGN IT COOL MAKER HOLLYWOOD HAIR EXTENSION MAKER, $34, KMART.COM.AU Unleash your inner designer and create your very own hair extensions with this awesome hair extensions maker! This DIY studio comes with everything you need to customise and style 12 hair extensions that you can really wear! PLAY IT FROZEN 2 MONOPOLY, $40, TOYMATE.COM.AU Celebrate Anna and Elsa’s journey through Arendelle and beyond! In this version of the classic game, players travel around the board buying up magical locations inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie, and all properties are scenes from the film. Pretty cool! LOVE IT STUFF-A-LOONS MAKER STATION, $39, TOYSRUS.COM.AU Stuff-A-Loons is the new and coolest way of creating your very own stuffed balloons! The kit includes 12 clear balloons and reusable clips so you’ll be able to surprise your friends and family on their…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

SLEEPY STUDENT It was a Friday after noon at school and I was really tired. Everyone was quiet and we were listening to each other take turns reading. I thought I might be able to close my eyes while the teacher wasn’t watching, but I must have dozed off to sleep and started dreaming because just as I was waking up, I yelled out really loudly in front of the whole class! Everyone turned and looked and I got in trouble. Now my friends call me Moaning Myrtle like the ghost in Harry Potter! INDIA, 11, NSW BUS SLIDE I was riding the bus on the way home from school one day and it was really crowded. I was standing up and holding on to the railings on the seats. I was talking to…

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it girl of the month

MEET: Finnlay FACT FILE AGE: 11 NICKNAMES: Finny, Lay Lay SIBLINGS: none PETS: a cat called Jellybean FAVE COLOUR: Yellow FAVE SINGERS: Delta Goodrem, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry FAVE ANIMAL: Cats FAVE BOOK: the Harry Potter series FUN FACTS: I rarely eat the pizza base, only just the toppings • Rainy days at home are my favourite kind of days • I make lots of TikTok videos but I never post them • I asked my best friend to describe me and she said I’m the kindest weirdo she knows • I like to do small good deeds just to make others happy All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS choir. I really enjoy singing and always look forward to choir practice. I TAKE SINGING LESSONS AND PLAY NETBALL. I love my…