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June 2021
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We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi everyone, The D'Amelio sisters are back on our cover this month simply because we love them so much! We've also been busy meeting a whole bunch of cool people that do all sorts of different things. We hung out with Hoppo, a lifeguard from Bondi Rescue, caught up with author, Tanya Hennessy and chatted with actress, Akira Akbar who you may recognise from the Netflix film, We Can Be Heroes. Three people with very different jobs, but all amazing in their own way. That's one of the things I love about this job - being able to meet all sorts of interesting and inspirational people. Lastly, I'm so excited to be able to tell you that our 2021 Fujifilm instax Cover Star photo shoot happened this month and it was…

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it girl mailbox

Dear IG, In the next Tech Head can you please tell us more apps that are good for putting filters on photos? I hope you read my letter. I love your mag! ZARLEE, 10, ORMOND, VIC Hello It GiRL, I'm only allowed to get your magazine every now and then, but when I do I make sure to read every word because I love it so much. OPHELIA, 9, RUNAWAY BAY, QLD Hi It GiRL, I loved the last issue with Sabrina Carpenter on the cover! I especially liked the ‘Strike a Pose’ story. I didn't realise it but I always pose with one hand on the hip when I take a photo, too - just like Taylor! I can't wait until the next issue. MARIA, 12, VIA EMAIL Hi It GiRL, I name is Claudine and I…

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10 fast facts about... chocolate!

one Hershey’s Kisses got their name from the kissing sound the machine that deposits the chocolate on the conveyor belt makes. two White chocolate isn’t actually chocolate as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. three In celebration of its100th birthday, UK chocolate company, Thorntons, created the world’s largest chocolate bar. It weighed a record breaking 5,792.50 kilograms. Wow! 4 THE FIRST CHOCOLATE BAR WAS INVENTED IN 1847 BY JOSEPH FRY. five The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie, Ruth Wakefield, sold her cookie recipe to Nestlé in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. 6 The Freddo Frog was created in 1930 and was originally going to be a mouse, not a frog! seven About 70 percent of the world’s cocoa is grown in Africa. 8 IT TAKES FIVE YEARS FOR A COCOA TREE TO…

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it girl hot stuff

COLLECT IT DISNEY DOORABLES SERIES 5 MINI PEEK PACK, $15 AND MULTI PEEK PACK, $18, BIGW.COM.AU Bigger and bolder than ever, you’re going to love the new look Disney Doorables Series 5! There are 41 new characters to collect and the new peek packaging means there are lots of layers to peel and secrets to reveal. So fun! LOVE IT BARBIE EXTRA MAKEART, $25, BIGW.COM.AU Barbie EXTRA makeART is a must-have for instant makeovers! Each pack comes with virtual makeup tutorials from YouTube star, Grace’s World, face gem sheets, beauty face tattoo sheets and face glitter palettes which are all safe to use and easy to apply! WANT IT WINNER’S STABLE SHOW UP ‘N STYLE SET, $39, BIGW.COM.AU The Winner’s Stable range is perfect for horse lovers and the Show Up ‘N Style Set is a must for…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

DRAMATIC EXIT My little sister was having a birthday party with all her friends and Mum let me invite two of my friends to the party too. While my sister and all her guests were playing party games, my friends and I decided to play on the jumping castle. W e were having a competition with each other to see who could jump the highest when I suddenly jumped too high and went over the castle wall! Luckily I managed to grab onto the jumping castle which kind of br oke my fall, but I still landed on har d grass and hurt myself. My friends couldn’t stop laughing. It was so embarrassing! MICHELLE, 11, NSW WRONG MUM It was parent-teacher night at school and I was hanging out in the playground with some…

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it girl of the month

MEET: Marie AGE: 9 NICKNAME: Riri SIBLINGS: a little brother, Ricky PETS: a bunny called, Coco FAVE COLOUR: Purple FAVE MOVIES: Soul and Yes Day FAVE ANIMALS: Rabbits and sloths FAVE SINGERS: Sabrina Carpenter, BlackPink and Taylor Swift FUN FACTS: • My favourite chore is setting the table for dinner • I accidentally swallowed the first two teeth that I lost • I love being silly with my brother • I’m allergic to bananas • My favourite time of the year is Christmas. I love it so much • I don’t like Halloween and never celebrate it All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS seeing all my friends. My least favourite thing is the fact that I lose my hat all the time. When I do I have to spend…