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3D Art & Design Tips, Tricks & Fixes

3D Art & Design Tips, Tricks & Fixes

3D Art & Design Tips, Tricks & Fixes Volume 2 Revised Edition

To push your creative talents and create the artwork of your dreams, you need to learn the tricks that make everything easier. 3D Art and Design Tips & Tricks provides just that, and with it, you’ll speed up your workflow and produce perfect art without a hitch. Whether it’s fantasy characters or realistic arch vis you want to create, you’ll discover the road to success within these pages. Featuring: 50 tips for a faster workflow - Benefit from the experience of professionals with these steps to adopting a more productive workflow. Master the elements - Learn from the experts with these tricks to designing realistic water, fire, wind and smoke effects. 24 fixes for better lighting - Improve your 3D designs by generating subtle and dynamic light sources and shadows. Develop stunning digital portraits - Practise your techniques for capturing character and personality in digital portraits.

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welcome to 3d art & design

The world of 3D art and design reaches new heights year after year as advancements in technology arise. Whether you‘re an animator, roto artist, video game artist or VFX creator, soon your artwork will only be limited by the boundaries of your imagination. This book will expose the secrets of professionals who spend endless hours navigating the most popular software – including 90 plugins, apps and hacks that'll make your life so much easier (see page 8). From conception to conclusion, 3D Art & Design Tips, Tricks & Fixes will walk you through expert processes and guide you in recreating their stunning artwork. These tutorials are even accompanied by hours of video tuition and a plethora of assets and goodies online so you can continue learning after you've turned the…

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90 plugins, hacks and apps

Ever wish you could quickly and easily create 500,000 objects in a scene but have it remain only 250KB in size? How about Avatar-worthy CG forests, a fully functional complex character rig or your own customised HDRIs for perfect lighting? Well, it’s not just wishful thinking: someone’s developed a solution to all of them. Whether you’re an animator, TD, modeller or texture artist, exploring the world of software scripts, plugins and add-ons is the ultimate way to see an immediate improvement in your workflow. With them, you can cater whatever 3D software you use towards helping you get better at exactly what you do best – and use shortcuts for what you do worst. Some will even help you do things you wouldn’t even know existed. Best of all, most of them…

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model and texture a roman centurion

“Bring a detailed legend to life in just a few steps” Damon Woods takes us through the process of making this complex character a digital reality Learn how to ✓ Mask armour in ZBrush ✓ Create ornate armour designs ✓ Make realistic drapery using Marvelous Designer ✓ Create custom insert brushes in ZBrush ✓ Construct realistic hair using ZBrush FiberMesh ✓ Easily render photorealistic images using KeyShot 5 Source files Tutorial files: ● Scene files ● Tutorial screenshots It can be quite a project to design and create this type of epic character, and in this tutorial we will take you through a typical workflow. This tutorial was written in a way so that it can be easily followed by anyone with at least a basic understanding of 3D software. This means you’ll be able to recreate this realistic figure with relatively little…

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artist showcase

Damon Woods There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than what I’m doing right now. Being a part of this cool little industry gives me a chance to be a part of the magic that entertained and inspired so many. Queen of the Sea ZBrush, Photoshop (2013) I wanted to convey a female character who is both strong and unconventionally beautiful. The main goal was to create a believable person who looked like she had experienced a lot of pain in her life and somehow came out on top. Zombie ZBrush, Keyshot (2014) A ZBrush sculpt that I did after a weekend zombie movie marathon. This decaying monster probably wasn’t too nice of a guy even before he was bitten. This was my first piece rendering in KeyShot as well.…

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create a primal bloodsucking vampire

“Discover how to develop, pose and use render passes to make this master of vampires in ZBrush” James Suret reveals his fantasy design workflow in a number of steps Starting from just a 3D sphere, in this tutorial we will create a posed and detailed character bust by roughing out the bust and then sculpting the organic forms and features. We will also make use of the readily available Insert Mesh feature to build the character. Later we will move on to editing these and then resculpting them so that they fit in to the design. After posing the bust we will use polypainting to create basic materials and textures for the model. Finally, we will take the 3D renders into Photoshop to finish the composition by adding lighting effects and textures. Print…

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artist showcase

James Suret I am currently a full-time web developer and freelance 3D artist. I am constantly developing my portfolio with the aim of working as a concept artist in the games or entertainment industry. My main focus is creating original creatures and illustrations, as below. The Maw of the Sea ZBrush, Photoshop (2014) The last stand against a giant monster. This piece was sculpted in ZBrush and the paint and effects were completed in Photoshop. Victory ZBrush, Photoshop (2014) A female cyborg displays her war banner on the battlefield. The cyborg was sculpted in ZBrush as a digital maquette. Alien Cyborg ZBrush, Photoshop (2013) A 3D character concept of an alien cyborg. This was sculpted in ZBrush with composition and effects done in Photoshop.…